This review I found of this Cooler Master product.

This review I found of this Cooler Master product.

meant for a cup inside the computer


What? Don't you cool your hot beverages inside of your computer with the cooler?

I'm doing it for years and it's working like a charm!

Hah. One of the commenters is called S. Lee. Stan Lee confirmed

It really does work great for fevers tried and tested

That first reply is worthy of his name or should I say "bhen ke lode". Some of you on this sub will get it :D

Lol.. Caught the name when you said it. XD

Shouldn't that be obvious?

Oh, nevermind. Forgot that I'm working in the IT business and have to deal with layer8 problems all the time, so I should've known better. ;)

you forgot a /s

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