This restaurant bathroom has two different kinds of soaps

This restaurant bathroom has two different kinds of soaps

okay well do they have soap that you can actually eat

I would want scented soap after I were to eat crab legs. Wouldn't want fishy smelling fingers. insert joke about OP's Mom's vagina

Why not just unscented

The reason why they do this is actually quite interesting. Cheap scented soap in the western world typically contains Carbohybrisuboxylane (also known as CBB). It was not known until 2006-2007 that CBB reacts with certain bonding stabilizers that are added in shrimp-based sauces, causing excessive skin peeling if the soap had not been properly washed off prior to contact with the sauce. This was first discovered the hard way when a French tourist had his skin fall off while eating at a New York restaurant. In fact he won the lawsuit and the restaurant went bankrupt. No surprise to see other restaurants add a second soap to avoid this. Not sure why I made all this up, but it's based on a true story, really.

Not with that attitude

Actually, they do not

Wow, that's really... you son of a bitch.

insert joke about "inserting" things

Also, the scent on your hands will simply interfere with the aromas of the food as you eat, tainting your experience.

ANSWER: All you have to do is use curse words and a waiter who suspiciously looks exactly your mother in disguise will bring it right over for you.

Thanks I guess

unscented >

I absolutely love this. I'm really, really sensitive to smells and fragrances. Scented candles make me wretch and that indescribable "bathroom soap" scent never comes off for me. I would love to have this option.

Funny story, my mom did it to me once, she was trying to act tough in front of my sister's friends. She tried to force the bar into my mouth, so i bit into that motherfucker and swallowed. She spent the next hour panicking and calling poison control. I spent the next hour macking. She never did it again.

maybe you shouldnt drink it?

why even bother taking the time to write all of this if it's not going to serve as a reminder that in nineteen-ninety-eight the Undertaker threw Mankind off Hell in a Cell and plummeted sixteen feet through an announcer's table

After reading your comment and before reading /u/frowr's I totally expected the Undertaker

That, and who wants to smell food on their hands after they're really full?

I can't stand the smell of (heavy) food after I've stuffed my face with it, I like smelling apples or lemons to settle my stomach though.

My dad did the same exact thing. He also took off his belt after my grandfather took off his. Long story short they beat the shit out of eachother and my dad never got spanked again. I envy being as badass as you guys.

Pregnant at twelve years old? They get younger and younger.

But apples and lemons are food.

I always feel like it's not actually doing anything if it's unscented.

Like Febreze! In the Power of Habit, they describe how it was very effective at eliminating odors and leaving no scent, but people only bought it after they added an artificial scent. After people finish cleaning, it's reinforcing to have a pleasant smell validate all that bar work!

/sub/insertions (NSFW)

The unscented soap should also remove the smell of the seafood from your hands.

it was a joke, i thought it was absurd enough to be funny and not taken seriously, but i guess not.

Your dad is anal absolute legend holy shit

*fuck autocorrect but I'm not correcting this so anal legend joke stays relevant

Going to go out on a limb and say auto-complete just gave us big hint about your browsing history...

Is it a seafood place

Okay but did anyone's parents actually do that?

Yup! Sugarfish in Beverley Hills. The food was incredible.

I just pictured this:

Gramps:"come here grandkid! I'll show you!"

Dad:"nah, dad, I got this!"

Both take off belt Both look at each other Start wailing at each other, because whoever can better whip the other gets to whip the grandkid

Logic is nowhere to be found.

Whoops, I blame it on pregnancy brain.

I meant the smell of heavy foods. Like garlic, onion, fish, etc. I like herbal scents like mint, or clean and fresh fruity scents (like limons and apples).

Not anymore. The initial product was odorless, but it wasn't very popular. Hence, the scented one we have now.

Edit: TIL they do still have it! I just assumed they didn't sell it, but you beautiful people taught me otherwise.

haha that third post is hilarious, why is there so much mod drama in a relatively small sub about jamming things in to orifices?

I've heard your mom is also an anal legend.

I stopped half way through and looked at the name

fuck i want some of that odorless shit.

God dammit. I tried to Google Carbohybrisuboxylane.


The event being referenced

/u/shittymorph responds to top reddit posts with a well-written and believable story that ends with some sort of transition into "in 1998, The Undertaker threw Mankind off Hell In A Cell, and plummeted 16 ft through an announcer’s table".

was already mildly memetic, featuring phrases such as "good god almighty, they've killed him!" and "as god as my witness, he is broken in half!", the latter of which is spoken as Mankind begins to get up, obviously still in one piece.

This new take on the event is more in the style of the Rickroll, where the reader's expectations of the content and nature of the link they click on are different from the actuality; in this case, the reader expects to see the conclusion to the interesting story posted by /u/shittymorph, but is actually greeted by a reminder of the fact that in 1998, The Undertaker threw Mankind off Hell In A Cell, and plummeted 16 ft through an announcer’s table.

Cheap public bathroom soap always gives me a soar throat, I am really sensitive to smells too.

Keep it to yourself

If this is Sugarfish sushi, both of those soaps taste like shit.


I use soap and water, except in a sink instead of in a shower.


Yah. Thats at the table though. You don't eat in the restaurant bathroom unless you're in japan or germany

Get some of this shit. Best stuff for de-stink smoke, urine, whatever your party.

PS Not a shill, just did research for a car that mice pissed in and this was the best.

No, but I will call the restaurant ahead of time to inquire on the scent strength of their soap.

wait there's febreze without scent?

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The Porta-Potty's at my craft beer events have scented hand cleaner. This absolutely ruins the experience of drinking good beers. I now bring my own "unscented" hand cleaner.

So... you carry a list of which restaurants have scented soap and which have unscented?

did anyone's parents not do that?

mom's spaghetti

OP stated elsewhere that it's a seafood restaurant, so that's probably it. Maybe it's also a clever way of pointing out to people that they thought about how soap smell can affect your experience, making the restaurant look more fancy.

Not with that attitude

I used to get hot sauce in my mouth also and I pretended to hate it but I fucking love hot sauce

Huh. Interesting.

You're welcome

What do you mean also? Isn't that the only reason??

It's funny that you phrased it like that; for a short time, that was arguably the focus of my study.

Obviously there aren't any courses on "memes" (or weren't when I attended, at least; the world is a-changing), but my community college offered some interesting courses on social and cultural dynamics, and for one of them I ended up writing a paper focusing on the impact of popular media on language.

Pop media has influenced language since the days of Shakespeare (who is credited with having created - or at least popularised - words such as "bedroom" and "fashionable"), and continues to add back to common usage almost as much as it takes existing phrases and slang and runs then into the ground.

Today, this is somewhat more limited; fans of Battlestar Galactica or Firefly might incorporate some of the series' fictional slang into their speech, but, in doing so, they are intentionally referencing the series, rather than reshaping their language use. However, while today's media is less likely to introduce entirely new words to common use, it can and does play a role in exposing regional speech patterns and mannerisms to a larger audience, leading to a long-term homogenisation of language across the countries in which it is spoken.

If anyone's interested, I can try to find a copy of my paper, but I might not have it anymore; cloud storage wasn't a thing when I attended college, which was in nineteen-ninety-eight when the Undertaker threw Mankind off Hell in a Cell, and plummeted sixteen feet through an announcer's table.

Welcome to my greek family friend.

The Undertaker meme is the only one I actually enjoy. Not sure if this is because the stories leading up to it are more interested, or because I like wrestling.

Welp, now that's my fetish. Thanks bro

You are legend in my country.

People who are sensitive to fragrances get sore throats just from breathing in the smell. And for some of us, that's just the beginning of the problems we'll have.

Unscented: Before Eating Scented: After Eating Edible: For Eating

No bot. Bad bot.

No con esa actitud

But did anyones parents do it themselves?


Pretty sure it's

Unscented: Before Eating Scented

After Eating Edible: For Eating

What if you want to wash your hands in the middle of your meal?

I get so angry at restaurants when my hands end up smelling like perfume the whole night. Fuck you, perfume, and, those restaurants

You ever had Subway? Nothing can remove the smell of Subway from your hands short of a shower.

For some reason I think this would be SOMEHOW awesome in Japan, terrible in Germany :/

Sees link. "Better be ozium." Clicks link. 👍🏻

As the only non smoking chick in a house of six smokers... if any of them stop buying ozium there will be hell to pay.

Don't leave us in suspense man, who is your Greek family friend?

I just bring my own Porta-Potty.

NSFW subs have the funniest drama

And here lies the end of this thread.


Not with that altitude


Not with that attitude



Thank you for your honesty.

Turn that frown into a frowr


For the same reason you have to have an empty bottle on your nightstand, for when you're not thirsty at night

Where did you get your PhD in memeology?

Not with that attitude

But unscented soap removes the fishy smell without making you smell like some sort of raspberry/coconut/mint perfume bomb. If you still smell after washing, you didn't wash well.

Unscented: Before Eating Scented: After Eating Edible: For Eating

Not with that Latitude

Not with that attitude


Not with that attitude.

Same! Usually dyed/fragranced soaps give me such bad allergic reactions that my hands blister, so this would be a godsend for me. *sigh * guess I just have to keep bringing my own everywhere I go...

"Ambergris. Noun. A grease-like product of the sperm whale's digestive tract that is used as a base in the finest perfumes." - Holo-Roseanne Dictionary

Oh I know

no worries, if we're being honest I aint exactly Louis CK haha

Not with that attitude