This put a smile on my face

That look on her face when she did not get the first puck was so sad :(

Was so happy to see her finally get a puck and see her beautiful happy smile and her cute dance!!


Kudos to the player for continuing to try to get her a puck.

She’s a good person. No complaining or demanding or entitlement — she was sad, but was just accepting it. And then her happiness was so pure and genuine. This is definitely eyebleach.


Or beaten down by her sexist, 19th-century values father who gives the pucks to his number 1 and 2 sons when clearly from square one the player only intended to give one puck and only intended to give it to the girl.

I don't even follow hockey, and I like this guy.

That dad clearly already has his allegiances fully figured out.

That's 8 minutes of your life

More like kind hockey player. The dad did not know the hockey player would give them extra pucks.

Brett Connolly, for those who want to know.

I’m an instant fan.

Knew how to get all the kids a puck.