This puppy is why I never have a bad day. Reddit, meet Bentley.

This puppy is why I never have a bad day. Reddit, meet Bentley.

Wait til he reaches his rebellious stage... I'm only kidding. Half kidding.

Yesterday I lost a gift card, a shoe, a roll of hand towel and a few socks to the mouth of devil puppy!

But he's so cute :)


edit: I am an idiot

Bentley seems to be a very lively pup!

Haven't had a bad day in about a month. Not bad.

Seriously. Puppies are little a-holes. I love them, but jimminy crickets they are big-time jerks.

It's been a life of struggle as a human named Bentley.

Bentley = good name for a dog, not so much for a human (I've seen it)

Jokes on him the gift card was to Petco

gasp a gift carddd!!!??? :( that's tragic. I would be so sad. I know i'd hold onto that thing for 2 years never knowing what to buy but still man.

Ah, the Continental GT phase.

My labradoodle steals my socks and sits on the couch staring at me until I come over and take it away

Well that's a more...suggestive pose than I was expecting.

Bentley won number one handsome boy.

Yep, my puppy is the cause of many bad days, I'm just hoping it will pay off soon.

That's a pretty bold statement about an animal you've had for 2 weeks.

What breed is he?

She usually puts her paws up like this and tries to stop me from taking the sock

Super Saiyan Goku.

Well you're technically not wrong.

I loved my puppy, for some reason he'd never touch my shoes or anything, he'd just take one sock of mine to bed with him. He ate all my ex's sandals without fail though.

Of course, there was the one time he decided the middle of the wall looked appetizing....Left a tangerine sized ditch in the drywall

The rebellious stage is no joke. RIP to all of my phone chargers over the course of a week.

This puppy looks young.

This puppy is the reason you never had a bad day. For a month or two.

Haha I was going to say. How long could you have possibly had him to claim you never have a bad day. Puppy can't be more than 8-10 weeks old.

It does, hang in there. I call it puppy boot camp. The first 1.5 years or so, depending on breed, are rough but the payoff is amazing.

I just unexpectedly lost my best friend of almost 7 years right before Christmas and it still hurts every day. Cherish the time you have with your fur friend. They love you more than you can ever know.

Just wait for the Continental GT Speed phase.

10+ years on Reddit. I've only seen that a couple of times, and it's always someone with a basic username, like without underscores or numbers

Looks like chocolate lab, border collie mix

I have a golden named Bentley and my coworker has a wife named Bentley... I like to purposefully say things about Bentley around him that can be said about a human or a dog

My ex girlfriend judged people based on dogs. How someone treats dogs, how dogs treat said person. She dated me for a few months but left me between semesters.

Probably should've listened to my dog instead of hers.

"...but he loves you" George Carlin


I like having a dog, I like playing with other people's puppies at their houses where they can't get to my stuff.

Special Super Gay. It's a military term.

This times 1000x. I was so worried about getting a dog, mostly that I wouldn't want to do all the things you HAVE to do (pick up poop, walks/play every day, etc) and I'd feel guilty about it. I love having just me time and nothing to do.

Cut to having puppy. Constant struggle cleaning up accidents, doing training, etc. first couple months I couldn't believe I was convinced by my wife.

2 years later, the best part of my day is coming home and seeing how happy the doggo is that I'm home. I have to do all the stuff I was worried about, but I love it. I can't imagine life without her, she's made mine so much better.

Please tell me he always sits that like when he waits for you to grab the sock.

I originally typed "what kind is he" but figured someone on here would do this exact thing haha. Thanks for stating the obvious ­čśČ

Ah, the good ol' continentalaroo.

This is why I have a cat. He's only sort of an asshole, but extremely consistent about it.

Hold my shift stick I'm going in!

Had a SSG named Bentley. He was a cross fit firefighter who deployed with a bunch of pencil pushers and acted like he was the absolute shit all of the time.

Imagine Brently as a human name. Teen mom as fuck.

Why the heck would you think he deserves it?

A crossfit firefighter does seem like the background for some dude in a gay porn

My favourite pair of flats that were super cheap and durable?

Hello, teething.

From the thumbnail I though he was making a heroic leap.

Appropriately enough Bentley appears to be parked in the driveway.


HE DID?! That was today?!

Well you're most certainly going to have at least one bad day then.

Spelt Brentleigh.

The best kind of....not wrong

NO ONE TOLD ME THIS BEFORE I GOT MY PUPPY. She's past that stage for the most part now.

7 years ago, I rescued a 5-6mo old full breed shitzu pup that was given up for your exact reason. Destroyed several expensive MacBook chargers over a few weeks. Instead of not leaving their shit on the floor, they gave their beautiful 5mo old pup to me. Even though I always left nothing on the floor, she managed to grab a 100 pack of long fire lighting matchsticks that were in a ziplock bag and she DESTROYED them all into tiny pieces of tinder all about our 800ft apt. They very next week, it was the the entire newspaper advert section, shredded..everywhere. The last puppy chewing gem that she gave us was she ate the whole first 3 chapters a of a copy of 'The Power of Posiitive Dog Training'. No joke. Shredded at well. Luckily she grew out of it a few months later, but I lost of a ton of books and shoes before she fully stopped teething. Awesome little girl to this day. I never cared what and how much she destroyed bc it was ultimately my fault that she some how got her ferret like ass to the item. I thought she deserved the reward for how hard she worked for them. 7 years later, she is THE most loyal pup to my fam and kids, cheese nothing but toys and treats but tends to try to steal a poopy diapers every now and then. Gross little shit.

Edit: wine words.

oh my god, my heart.

That's too precious.

I like to think he's down there, screaming up at us.