This piece of art by my Uncle hurts my head.

Here is some bonus mindfuckery for you all:

Venetian Blind Spot. If you look closely at this one, you’ll notice the outside image is actually painted on the blinds and not in the gaps. This one is seriously painful to try and get your head around.

EDIT: Front page! Please know that Neil and Heather read all your amazing comments and I’ll try and get him to reply to some (he doesn’t do internet things though). If anyone wants to check out his website: Neil Simone

EDIT 2: A lot of people not seeing the illusion. Take a look at the alternative angle above. If that doesn’t help, look at the paintbrush on the left. Notice how it looks like it’s hanging off a shelf? It’s painted on, along with everything else on a single flat surface.

Your uncle is Bob Ross on LSD. I mean that in the most genuine way possible.

Hahaha, he’ll honestly like that compliment. I’ll let him know!

Once I saw it, it stuck

It’s the paintbrush sitting on the edge of the easel that got me. Awesome

When I initially clicked I watched the gif and didn't understand what I was suppose to be looking at. I thought maybe the art on the wall of the window was some sort of continuation. Then I watched the different angle and wondered why I'm a blind idiot.

I don't get it

He’s got a couple of these. He has another with a pencil instead of a paintbrush and I genuinely tried to pick it up once and felt very silly. I think it’s the shadow that gives it the amazing effect.

Wasn't he more into happy little ... trees?

Fucking hell your uncle is God damn incredible. Does he have a website? Is he selling?

Not only that, but everything you see is painted. Even the wood effect on the front has been painted to look like wood.

I'm not seeing it either. Can someone explain?

Here you go!

Look at the brush "sitting" on the corner. The entire piece is flat. Pretty funky, I like it!

Bob Ross wasn’t on LSD?

I feel it too. Ouch. But man, that is cool! The one in the background looking out of window looks like it's potentially just as cool too.

Mate there's no eisel

Hell I only noticed after you wrote that. At first I was just like ‚yeah, thats some cool art with the pictures pieced together like that‘. Now I noticed, mindboggeling.

Ah good spot. He pays a company to maintain his site I believe so I’ll let him know, thank you!

I still don't see it.

Checking myself into a care facility tomorrow because apparently I'm retarded.

Impressive stuff. Is he aware that there's lorem ipsum text in the 'About this product' sections though?

That took me entirely too long to notice.

Ouch. Well I'm happy he's getting recognition but I sure as hell ain't buying any originals any time soon. I'm saving this for when I have that kinda money though.

Is nobody going to point out that there’s a beautiful lawn indoors?


I still have the screenshot

The whole thing is a painting. Even the easel

Let him know it hurts soo good! =)

Do I exist, or am I also part of the painting?

Hahah! That was my aunt’s idea and she is very proud of it. I’ll let her know you like it!

this is my website now

comedy gold

ever single one of my 10 fingers and toes

Oh my

10 fingers and toes


Glad you saved it. Good chuckle.

Fuck. Thank you.

Probably this one from 6 months ago where OP nearly got lynched until he got a picture of his uncle for proof

Probably this one from 6 months ago where OP nearly got lynched until he

Yeah you’re not wrong! It’s the kind of work that you could stare at for hours. Look through my post history, I’ve posted some more of his work previously.

You can see some more of his stuff here

Your Uncle is extremely talented.

LSD without weed just isn’t as good. He probably had both.

The “Venetian Blind Spot” one is easy to understand if you look at the shadows on the wall

I thought that until I had a panic attack while tripping high. Now I just do one or the other and I can barely smoke anymore.

It’s flat. There’s no easel. It’s all one painting.

I'd buy one or two of the cards, to put up in my bathroom mirror to help contemplate life while I brush my teeth and floss...

W-who the fuck would threaten your life over claiming your uncle made this?

Edit: who am I kidding, this is the internet.

And you feel so clean and clear without it. Crisp. If you want to feel that added intensity, you can always roll while on it. If you really want the outer space trip, you can always, cautiously, investigate ketamine... though it's got some addictive properties, and an be dangerous to just dive in head first to without doing your reading.

LSD without weed is a wonderful drug, and the clarity versus the 'intensity' of the high should never be underestimated.

Haha, I posted it about a month ago. Got around 60 upvotes so I deleted it.

Yeah I definitely got some shit, that was an interesting day. Nothing like a good few death threats to wake you up on a morning haha!

I feel like I have seen this before...

(I have, just not sure how long ago. Guess OP was hungry for more karma lol)

EDIT Ah, yes, this was the piece in the background that was unfinished so it wasn't showcased, at the time. Also recall you getting a lot of shit from folks saying it wasn't your uncle.

It looks completely flat at all times. Is it supposed to jump out or appear a different way?

Edit: so the painting includes a piece that appears as an easel but is actually an illusion.

It definitely looks like multiple paintings sitting on an easel to me but it isn't.

lorem ipsum is a filler text or greeking commonly used to demonstrate the textual elements of a graphic document or visual presentation. Replacing meaningful content with placeholder text allows designers to design the form of the content before the content itself has been produced.

The lorem ipsum text is typically a scrambled section of De finibus bonorum et malorum, a 1st-century BC Latin text by Cicero.

For those confused as fuck and don't like to feel stupid.

You aren't independently wealthy from cashing in all the bitcoin you bought a few years ago? You should've listened.

There is a stand (note the back leg in the “Different angle” gif) but you’re right in that the ledge and paintbrush on the “easel” is actually part of the painting.

LSD is great without bud. For the longest time I smoked during my trips, but one time I didn't have bud and it was like being super sober but really fucked up at the same time. Weed takes away that super clear headed feeling that acid has.

I didn't realize what was up until your comment x.x thank you lol

I don't think I'm seeing the illusion. It just looks like a bunch of collaged paintings overlapping one another.

Man I feel dumb, I was too focused on the grass for some reason but then it clicked!

That’s the one!


Watch the paintbrush on the left or check out if it helps.

you're spot on with those words you said just now

The whole thing is completely flat!


Hey I still don’t understand what’s going on can you help? To me it just looks like 3 or 4 different canvases with different paintings that work with each other

I'm with you on this one, I just see three paintings stacked on top of each other.

Edit: Ok i see it now, the sideways shot was to prove that it was all one painting

Pretty sure I have Bitcoin somewhere in a dark net market if it hasn't shut down yet. I haven't looked though because I don't want to get my hopes up.

Pretty impressive as far as uncles are concerned.

My uncle is just an alcoholic, I call him my drunkle.

Oooohhh okay I see it

I like to hope so. It's always been my passion, and I constantly work to spread safety and good paths for exploration to fellow reddit users. Not enough people take the time to talk to people about how to go about their individual journeys of self discovery the best way... I think the world would be a lot nicer if people helped one another out a little more often, and took the time for those who need it. Guess I try to change things that way with actions, not words, even if they're one comment at a time :D

I don't understand what you are saying about the blinds ones. The boats are painted on the blinds themselves right? Is that what I am suppose to be seeing?

I thought he just liked to describe his paintings in Latin.

Better than knowing you bought 10 at $200 then cashed out at $250. Oh well...I didn't really need that extra 100k anyway :|

The entire thing IS the art piece.

The whole thing is the painting.

The canvases, the easel, the paintbrush, all of it. But it has depth and dimensions that make it look like several canvases on an actual easel.

That 12 year old has quite the vocabulary

You see the paintbrush right? It's not actually there, the entire thing is a painting.

Because it's not tangible, it's painted. As is the frame.

Why did we have to see the side of it?

Ah shit. On mobile. I’ll edit it.

You need the https:// bit, so here you go.

The real questions here folks. That painting messed me up.

I think I'm lost. The different angle shows a square hole in part of the painting. The whole gimmick is that the painting matches the green carpet. Why is that so special?

Sometimes love don't feel like it should

Thanks. I have mixed feelings about this but I’m glad I get it now haha

10 fingers and toes? That's 10 less than he should have. I wonder what happened to the rest.