This photo hasn't been on the front page in a week.

This photo hasn't been on the front page in a week.


This photo has aged very well.

Unlike Hillary

Spezzed to the TOP

All the way up!

Spez is an ape

THAT is what a white supremacist looks like.

Lmao shit

It's more disturbing that he's kissing her.. to be honest. BLAAARRRFFFFF

Old news, but still important news. We can't forget.

On a completely unrelated note, I found this unused Hillary Clinton campaign poster in the DNC leaks. Can anybody explain this?


Make the front page great again

How anyone can seriously think she was/is a good choice for anything is beyond be. I seriously can't even understand that type of thinking.

In case anyone forgot,


I'm glad that racist didn't get elected!

Bill Clinton is a rapist.


P.S. Obama is a racist.

Looks like the manginas/beached whales from /all have been triggered. I love it.

Donald Trump is your president.

they probably did more than kiss tbh

I was telling a buddy of mine about this the other day. We were talking politics and I was talking about the outrage from this unsubstantiated crap and how much chaos there were be if Trump had referred to a KKK member as a mentor. He wasn't sure what I was talking about and told him about Robert Byrd and Hillary, he said "I don't know man if that were true I'm sure we would have heard about it"

I was in awe. He's genuinely really intelligent and really aware of world events, but it blew my mind that somehow he hadn't been aware of this. Everytime my faith stutters i remember that like 80% of what I see is bullshit and blown way out of proportion. I don't agree with all things trump, but man do I know we are at least better off than we would be had he lost.


Unlike Bernie

Come down never!


What liberals do when they see this.

Fuckin top kek

I will never not upvote this image.

Probably why she has the strange obsession with young girls, the election aged her so fucking hard.


Chew soap

Wew, Vlads.

I can't believe how triggered this picture has ShariaBlue!

Weapons Grade salt-extraction!

They're even burning sleeper accounts!

I will never not up vote this picture

Damn, we're getting downvoted to hell too, Shariablue out in full force today it seems.

Thanks pede

Webb Hubbell is definitely chelsea's father

Liberals here in Denmark wont believe this, just like there are no sanctuary cities and no states where you dont need voter ID, because US is the leading western democratic country! etc

Okie Doke!

I will never upvote this image (I did).