This person lived in three different centuries

This person lived in three different centuries

I was a 99 baby so I'm crossing my fingers

I'm an 88 baby and I still have hopes.

I'm an 86 baby I'm hoping science gets us there.

But she probably wasn't very aware of either the first or last one.

'83 and doubtful

For what it's worth the oldest woman alive died recently. She was the last person to be alive from the 1800s. Born in 1899 died in 2017. That's ridiculous to me...I would have loved to have heard stories that her grandparents had from before.

'50 and "FUCK" /s

edit: i was kidding because i saw the trend and jumped it im actually born in 2001 if that helps the joke but i didnt explain it because i thought it would weaken the joke relevant Awkward Zombie

'82 and don't have enough faith in humanity to still be around in any form I would want to be a part of at the turn of the next century.

born before cars, died at just about an iPhone. Crazy

Eh, kids born in 1997-1999 still remember a bunch of the 90s era simply because they grew up while 90s culture was still wearing off in the early 2000s

I was born in 1999. I could try to make it to 2101.

Think about what a 105 year old person born in 1856 could see. They'd be old enough to remember the American Civil War and the first man in space.

I still think of 1885 when people say 20 years ago.

From muskets to the Moon.

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you love to be that guy

First thought when I read this comment:

Why the fuck is a kid on Reddit, let alone the internet

Second thought:

Shit, this 'kid' is already 16/17 years old.

It's 2017 and I still am doing this.

Put as days makes life feel really short :/

Really!? Do you have a link?

I don't know why that makes me kinda sad. 1800s felt like yesterday.

I'm a 2000 baby, my chances are slim

It's funny, because being born in '65, the 60's seemed relevant to me when I was younger, it wasn't until much later it seemed like just the time when I was toddler. The 70's on the other hand, were an awesome time to be a kid. Dangerous play is so underrated. You weren't cool unless you broke a bone over the summer.

Only 90's kids will remember. 1890's that is.

I hate to be that guy, but we did not reach the moon until 1969. Said individual would, however, have been alive to see Yuri Gagarin become the first man in space in 1961.

90's music was dope.

🎶Oh my darlin', oh my darlin', oh my darrlllin' Clementine...🎶

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Interestingly, there are still a few (well, at least one) people alive now that were alive in the 19th Century. However, this is because 1900 is officially considered part of the 19th Century (there was no year 0). The last person alive in the 1800s, Emma Morano, passed just a few days ago.

I read 'centuries' as countries and I was really confused

Close, cars were in production since at least 1880s.

Thank you I feel better now

Actually, the 21st century began on january 1, 2001.

Think about this woman's life.

She was born at the turn of the century, which means she saw the world change drastically from the time she was ten in 1908 to the time she was 20 in 1918. She probably had male family members go off to war during WWI. Empires fell and monarchies were overthrown.

She was in her 20s during the roaring 20s, so she was possibly a hip young flapper (or maybe a factory worker, who knows?), and she would probably have settled down and started having kids during prohibition and the rise of the Mafia. She might have gone to see silent movies.

Her kids would have still been young when the depression hit. She might have had it very rough taking care of them, and one or more of them may have starved. Or maybe she was lucky. But they might have gotten through it and her children might have still been too young to serve in WWII.

She would have been a mere 47 when the war ended. She might have had some very prosperous times in the years after, and any surviving children would have been adults or nearing adulthood, going off on their own in the 50s, getting married and giving Catharine grandchildren.

She saw all the greats come and go: Elvis, the Beatles, James Dean. She saw Queen Elizabeth crowned, saw Kennedy assassinated. She saw man step foot on the moon.

She may or may not have appreciated the new rock music of the 60s, but her grandchildren were probably into it.

She saw the Berlin Wall fall when she was 90, decades after seeing it built.

The internet was probably perplexing. She was 100 years old in 1998, right when it really started booming. But she would have been too tired to figure it out by then, leaving it to her great-grandkids to mess around with it and show her lolcats.

She lived long enough to see the world change again in September of 2001. It wouldn't have been the first horrors she'd seen, but all her wars were past. This world belonged to her children's children now, and this conflict would be theirs.

Two years later, she passed from this life. We can hope it was peaceful, and she was content.

Actually the old woman that was the last person alive from the 19th century died just days ago.

90s kid here, but I wanted a cast so bad.

My great grandma lived in three different centuries as well. They read through all the "new" things she'd seen in her life at the funeral and it was crazy. I can't imagine life changing that much.

Crazy to think high school is made up of mostly kids born in the 21st century now

very true but, if she was born outside a city cars would be something you heard about on the radio or in books, until Henry Ford and his cheap model t's came along.

You know. Except Vietnam.

Damn helicopter parents!

This wasn't me, btw. I stepped in a filter at the local pool and broke my leg. My parents didn't take me to the hospital for a few days. My sister and I got injured so often, the nurses at the hospital pulled my older sister aside to ask if we were being abused. We weren't.

Edit: Chillax guys. I'm fine today. Just walk with a slight limp.

The entire school system only knows of 9/11 through stories.

This image about sums it up.  Florida's last civil war veteran posing next to a fighter jet.  Bill Lundy on his 107th birthday.

about sums it up. Florida's last civil war veteran posing next to a fighter jet. Bill Lundy on his 107th birthday.


Despite living in three separate centuries, she still spent all her time talking about how great the 90s were.

TheAnonymousFrog is a legal adult now. It's 2017...

"Lucius Washington: You're not gonna live forever.

Ricky Bobby: No one lives forever, no one. But with advances in modern science and my high level income, it's not crazy to think I can live to be 245, maybe 300. Heck, I just read in the newspaper that they put a pig heart in some guy from Russia. Do you know what that means?

Lucius Washington: No, I don't know what that means. I guess longer life.

Ricky Bobby: No, he didn't live. It's just exciting that we're trying things like that."

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In a year and a half, all high schoolers will be born in the 21st century. Those born in 2000 will be starting university.

Don't hate to be that guy. You educated somoene today. Or, at the very least, corrected a mistake.

Love who you are man.

Holy shit people born in 2000 will be 18 next year.

+1 for making me sing it in my head, you beautiful bastard

Yep...and that's that. It's gonna be a very long time before anyone new can have that distinction (early 2100s)

My initial reaction was "2000?!? You shouldn't on on Reddit, you're only like....oh...shit...17 years old. Nevermind." I'm getting old.

Most "oldest people alive" don't hold that position for very long, a few months is probably pretty good all things considered.

She was born before the first wireless transmission was sent, and lived to see computers take over the planet. Must have been amazing to watch everything change, and grow.

Edit: first Transatlantic transmission*, thanks /u/xiaorobear

my dads twin sister turned 100 this year. the speeches given at her birthday sounded a lot like your great grans funeral. like creepily so. like we're going to just use this speech in a few years.

I have never found an opportunity to share this before, but my father's godmother was the oldest woman alive, but only for a very short time unfortunately. Just a few months IIRC.

Sadly, I am adopted so no chance of those genes having been passed on from that side of the family which may be a blessing since both my parents and tons of relatives have passed from cancer already...

It's crazy to me that 100 years ago we had just discovered that manned flight was even possible.

Then again when I was a wee lad, computers where huge bulky things with green screens. The 5 megabyte hard drive was the big technology breakthrough. Now I hold a device in my hand that can bounce a message off a satellite in space and shitpost for me.


an old show from the 50s I love called What's My Line. The guest is a man who witnessed Lincoln's assassination as a child.

Remindme! 4.914e+52 Planck time.

Unless they were black.

There will most definitely be super seniors though.

You were a teen in 60's, nothing to complain about.

No problem. Just live to 2201.

really? is this true?

...and starred in Silence of the Lambs

That means I can bang my gameboy now.

Radio was still in experimental stages at this time as well

People in the 1910's were too busy dying by the millions.

Starting from 1914 until about 1948 it was one big non stop horror show. WWI, Russian Revolution and Civil War, the Great Influenza pandemic (that likely killed even more people than the World War did), the Dust Bowl and Great Depression, the great famine in the USSR, Japanese invasion of China, WWII, the Holocaust, atomic bombardment of Japan, the communist takeover of Eastern Europe, the start of Cold War. That's just from the European and American perspective mind you.

If you were born in say 1870 and managed to live to be 80, I bet you'd be reminiscing about the 1890s a lot. Especially if you were born in Germany or Russia.

I'm December 29, 1999, so I still have a chance

I bet Yuri had a real good view of the moon though.

As you wish, there's a couple other news sources from the BBC as well, but this one offers a small video which is kinda nice.

She was the last person alive in the 1800s, but not the 19th Century. There's a difference, contrary to popular belief.

A 99 year old baby?!?! Science has gone far.

Oh but the drugs

My great grandma lived from 1890s until early 2000s. When her husband passed away in the mid 1900s they had her headstone made at the same time. They carved 1895-19 then left the last two years blank expecting her to not live to the year 2000. When she passed away in the 2000s they had to fill in the 19 and recarve the year she actually passed away in, pretty sure she lasted that long out of spite.

I did the same thing and stared at this picture very confused for like a minute till I figured it out...

You babies are on reddit now? Geez.

Yeah but how different would 1890's culture be from 1900's culture.

1990's culture was so polarizing because media was rapidly changing. TV from the early 90's rarely if at all mentioned much about computers, where in the early 2000's they were dominating every market. That and they had access to information about everything so quickly.

I can't imagine too much changed, and if it did they probably didn't really have access to know what had changed other than the odd story etc.


Have you tried turning it off and on again?

About 2017. Give or take 30ish years.

All that and I feel bad her grave stone simply only has the name and years.

It is quite fun to refer to yourself as a 90's kid when you only spent 2 months in the 90's

Or Asian.

01 I have no chance

Not OP but yes, I do like to jokingly refer to my friends as babies because I was born in the last millenium.

That would not be possible since the first experimental public radio station with human voices was in 1909 the year after the introduction of the T-Ford. Radio broadcast took a break during the war and radio station more like we know them today started in 1919.

So it is likely that a person born in 1898 saw a car with their on eyes before they hear a radio broadcast.

But you are likely correct in regards to printed reference to cars.

You are technically correct. Which is the best kind of correct.

yea but people born in 1999 lived in 2 millennia.

Jesus how old are you

Yes, there's no year 0.

My Aunt had a great Aunt that grew up with Slaves and lived until the early 90's it was pretty amazing to hear her stories. Civil War, WWI, WWII, Flight, Space, etc.

Oh shit, hate to burst your bubble but the last person alive in the 1800's (1899-1899) died recently, it was on the front page.

Unless they died in 1999 that would disqualify them

4368 weeks. :D

And about 1000 months!

I was thinking the same thing. I doubt people in the 1900's and 1910's were sitting around reminiscing about the 1890's.

EDIT: There are seven comments telling me the same thing in different words.

1000 months

That's so ridiculous that I had to check it myself.

Her life was like a game of Rise of Civilizations

82 baby here as well. I hold on to the remote hope that this is the matrix and that all the machine overlords have to do is reboot things and it will all work out.

Meet me in San Junipero.

I had a great grandmother who was the same age. 1899-2004. The one thing that really stuck out to me was her talking about going to the train station with her friends to go see the boys go off to war. I assumed she was talking about ww2 for some reason and it took me a minute to realize that she was talking about ww1! She was in her 40s at the start of ww2 and too busy raising my teenage grandma to go flirt with the GIs.

Or Commies.

That reminds me, is this a fun distinction to make for this school year's high school juniors? Whether you were born in 1999 or 2000?

not only 3 centuries, but we've also lived through 2 millennia :D