This perfectly sums up cats and dogs

This perfectly sums up cats and dogs

"Unhand J'zargo, you dim mongrel!"

Best part: at the end, the cat's pissed at the dog.

He didn't swat the treat, he was just trying to khaj-iit

Yeah I remember watching a longer version of this gif and the cat hisses and the dog looks sad like he did something bad.

This was my marriage anytime life threw me a bone.

The dog isn't looking sad, it's looking down while searching for where the treat went.

I dunno. The dog was in catch mode, not bite mode. He stopped immediately and looked regretful. The cat on the other hand is pissed because he operates on a belief system that everyone does everything on purpose and the world is out to get him which is why he pees on your car tires and shoves his butt in your face.



Link for full video:

I need to employ this cat to watch my diet

Hah, that's no look of regret, he's focused on the treat still.

"Worth it." -Cat


Hey, Dog, do you know Dee?

Dee who?

Dee-nied, suckahhh!!


Was that cat hurt or angry at the dog?

I think the cat was startled and annoyed, but gave the dog a light swat. The cat seemed to know it wasn't the dog's fault.

Are you the dog or the cat?

who would videotape this and just let it unfold? that's a good way to end up with a dead cat with those powerful breeds of dogs

Edit: Clearly the Reddit hivemind doesnt like cats, and has taken offense to my comment I apologize

We are ALL dog and cat on this blessed day.

My anthropomorphize alarm just melted.

I think it goes down more like this: Dog want treat, cat want toy. Cat bats at toy, but is bit lightly by dog in an accidental collision. Cat swats at dog and hisses a warning, but does not claw dog, because dog is an ally. Dog still want treat.

Cats pee on car tires because the tires are covered in foreign smells and are in their territory. They shove their butt in your face because they like you and think you should smell their anal glands to ensure a beneficial alliance... although I don't recommend doing so. I really don't. Really really really do not smell their anal glands. No alliance is worth that.

Username checks out

That slow motion sound makes the cat sound like a lion! Also, there's another cat just off camera who is a witness. That dog may have gotten the fry, but he better sleep lightly.

I like how the cat gets pissed, is about to swat him, and then is like "ya know, that's on me, I should have known better than put my arm out next to a dimwit."

Calm down, Adam Plamer

Calm down, Hentai Loli Senpai Creampie Titjob Supreme

Am I missing something? Or was this joke stolen from another commenter?


Alone in the world, he's a little catdog

That's how you were supposed to read it though...

It's interesting to see how the front page animal has changed. I'm not exaggerating to say that it used to be a cat's world until more people have come on Reddit and the site has grown.

Yeah, that's head-down looking for the food. Treat > contrition.

I feel like there's a lot more to cats and dogs than what this gif portrays...


This is why even a team with highly talented members will fail without clear communication and synergy.

Calm down, swat37R

Amy Schumer stole this joke from some other comedian.