This new "feature" seems to be on every website and is driving me crazy

This new "feature" seems to be on every website and is driving me crazy

I don't get why anyone would do it. I've never visited a website once and immediately decided I want email updates. That only happens when I've visited multiple times.

I'm not going to visit multiple times if there's a bloody annoying box that pops up every time asking for my email address.

As a developer, this chagrins me to no end. It is bad practice that irritates everyone... Except, presumably, for my clients, who think it is just great.

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Our parents would do it, because they think it's required to view the website, and don't bother reading and/don't know enough to just try closing the pop up.

On the sign up page for Map My Run there's a box checked for subscribing to their emails. If you uncheck the box, you can't proceed with the signup. Fuck you Map My Run EDIT: This has apparently changed.

Plus they hide the X, putting it in a strange place or making it grey or something. So if they try to close it but can't. It reinforces the idea that it's required to enter the site.

Just don't run. Much easier.

Also a dev but mobile games, and the clients designers often demand wanting push notifications to spam the player if they don't play every 8 hours. As well as multiple pop ups for the in app purchases in game, you have to fend off pop ups to get to the actual game. At work I am completely dead inside implementing this stuff for out of touch clients.

Oh god. The first time I see a notification reminding me I haven't played in a few hours, I delete immediately.

So I've been building websites about as long as anyone. Specifically from a marketing perspective. In my current job I authorize hundreds of thousands of dollars for digital advertising. These pop ups are something I will never, ever do and in fact make me question buying ANY advertising from that website.

I don't think many people remember when the web was endless popups and popunders. Websites have always been shitty and they will always find new ways to be shitty.

Map my nap.

Same here. Any time I'm 'required' to invite folks from fb... instadelete.

Ahem... Reddit

The admakers fired the first shot when they made ads that took up the full screen, did some gimmick to hide the close button, were longer than the video itself, or outright distributed malware. A blanket adblocker is basically a required security measure nowadays.

"View this gif on the app because you deserve it"

No wonder I get so much spam! Please use a different fake account.

Since Reddit started doing that annoying "GET THE APP GET THE APP PLEASE GET THE APP" pop up literally every time I use it on my phone I've just stopped going to Reddit on my phone. It used to be my automatic reaction when I was sitting doing nothing, now I can't remember the last time I used it.

Great job you fucking morons.

If your credentials are correct you'd know that major sites using these popups will carefully instrument the site to see statistically if they work and won't proceed unless they do. My point: if a major site uses these popups, they work.

Let's be real here, you'd do the job and grumble about in your head and to your friends and family. No-one goes on, sees the pop up and think "Gee I'm gonna look up the fucking web-designer who implemented this common feature!"

FTFY ublock origin

Then you have Forbes that gets so butthurt that you're using a blocker that they actually bitch at you using pop-ups we won't let you read the article.

I avoid every Forbes link for anything now. They cover the most obscure topics too..

Although, these days..... He really might have

we do remember, that's precisely why we say "fuck off' when a website says "you can trust us, add us to your white list and sub to our emails!"

Make it so that your clients have to sign up for various services to log in or change things.

"I made it just how you asked. Yes, yes. If you want it serviced you'll have to pick five from this list to sign up for notifications."

Map My Fap

An app that shows you how far you've stroked

Ublock origin. Not even being a shill just helping out.


That's pretty much the 'strategy'. They're fully aware it's annoying. The aim is to annoy you enough that you'll give up and go "fuck it I'll tick the goddam box just so the popup doesn't show again".

It might only work for 1 in every few hundred people, but with the quantity of people visiting they're counting on those few.

or 'Rate' the app annoyance every time you open. Yeah, I'm gonna go ahead and rate you 1 and delete that shit.

I usually put

Always cracks me up when I see people on Youtube bitching about ads interrupting the video. Viewing youtube without an adblocker is absurd. I would never do that to myself.

Install Ublock Origin.

Right click, block element, go down the list until you find the rule that blocks the entire element but nothing else and click Create.

If you don't want a permanent rule, you can just right click, click Inspect Element. Go up the tree until you find the parent object that you want to get rid of, right click it, click Delete Node.

Fuck your shitty site design. My browser, my rules.

Hey, I thought the free market was all about supply and demand. They're supplying me with malware-infested, privacy invading ads, so I'm demanding they fix the problem if they want any money for it. I'm under no obligation whatsoever to make their business model work for them. It's their job to make this whole thing work, not mine.

or the ever present "we prices you have adblock enabled. We understand your preference but we really need the revenue from these ads. please disable it so we can make money."! fuck you with a rusty metal cactus!

Exactly. It's not like people install them and just hope everything turns out ok.

Things like these can and are being accurately measured in terms of performance. They work just fine.

Every time a post like this comes up I'm reminded that people forget that the average web user is ignorant on bad practices and impartial to being abused like this, not because they're less intelligent or anything like that, but because of Stockholm syndrome; this is normal for them.

Well he sort of still needs to make a living so I'm not sure he has a choice. Just delete the fucking app to show his out of touch bosses it's stupid.

It's all about that 5% conversion rate. Or lower even. So long as you can justify your position as a digital marketing expert.

Source: digital marketer

i always put in a fake address. if everyone did that, they would quit.

All news sites seem to have videos autoplaying all over the place.

Kill em in ublock origin, they'll still play the audio. Its fucking cancer trying to get through a paragraph of an article, because when you scroll it goes off to the side too, SO FUCKING DUMB. IF I WANTED TO WATCH THE FUCKING VIDEO, I'D CLICK FUCKING PLAY YOU TWATS

It's not even about hiding the ads, those don't bother me. It's the popunder and virus laden "ad services" that annoy me to no end

Can you tell us who you work for, so we can support that company openly?

This pisses me off to no end, especially loading on mobile!! Gahhh... It's like every time I start to see headlines, pictures, and go to scroll... BAM!! that pop-up is right under your finger now, that's totally what you wanted to click, right? Of course. Let's redirect you to another page than the one goddamn thing you were on our site to see.

🎶I would fap 5000 miles...🎶

And then the client will fire you and move on to another developer.

I don't think they're out of touch, they just know what actually works. All this shit sucks dick from a UX perspective but guess what? Push notifications do get people back in the app, and tons of IAP popups do get people to buy shit. Especially in the mobile game market where its so fucking cut throat and margins are so tight thats the only way to make money. Maybe you have like a one in a million shot at being that cool game shop that makes mindful games that just cost 5 bucks upfront, but chances are if you do that youll fail. So. Here we are.

All taken care of, thanks you adblock!

Sometimes they'll do a thing where they're like

"Do you think every dog deserves a home?"

And I have to click no because I don't want to sign up for whatever they're pushing. That's a fucked up way to push your newsletter

Lol no news is exclusive, Forbes is killing themselves.

I for one will never give up adblock to view any site, they can get the fuck right off from me.

Congratulations! You've been randomly chosen to participate in an a/b test.

My mom has never stopped sending me chain emails/facebook posts/messages, no matter how many times I've told her that, no, I seriously don't think the President of the U.S. asked you to forward that to 30 more people for the country.

Because it works. That's why your clients ask you to do it.

Apparently, to my chagrin.

At least the mobile Reddit site has a toggle for that.

Try viewing any imgur link without seeing the install app button and an album page instead of direct link. The site doesn't even allow you to zoom in on an image, instead it shows you an upscaled pixelated version with lower resolution than the original image has. The Imgur website is complete shit on mobile and I'm surprised the company is okay with that; shows a lack of quality from their product managers.

But websites who do that shoot themselves in the foot in the long run: the people who subscribe to one newsletter via popup, subscribe to EVERY newsletter in a popup. This means if someone gets 100 different newsletters a day or so not a single one will be read.

it devalues every email newsletter, and drives the opening rate towards 0.

I think I went mental with the element blocker last time and deleted half the website trying to get rid of it, probably my own fault

Same economic concept as spam and dick pics.

Exactly, lotta comments here from people who spend more time on Reddit than the real world. Having on your resume is not exactly a bad thing..

Can "chagrin" be used as a verb?

They deliberately fucked up their website just so people would get the app.

Guess what assholes. I won't.

I didn't ask for this internet. I'd be happy to see it ad free and simply have less corporate content. I remember when people posted stuff to the internet and ran websites because they wanted to, not to make a buck. You know that threatening to bring back an internet whose content is made out of love and interest rather than one designed to get me to click on ads isn't a super good threat, right?

If web site owners and advertisers are dumb enough to provoke everyone to use ad blockers, and that kills the corporate internet as we know it, I'll clap.

Please accept cookies

Please subscribe

Login with Facebook

You want to sub to our newsletter?

We don't like AdBlock

Wenn notice you connect from another country. You want to visit the page in your language?

You can only watch 3 articles for free. Please pay monthly.

We noticed that you didn't move your mouse on the main page in a while: Here some pop-up ad with sound that automatically minimized​ to make room for the pop-ups.

Congratulations: You won an iPhone. vibration allert

Meanwhile the articles got updated please refresh the site.

You want to leave this site? (NO/y#es&€)

Do you have trouble? We also have a live chat. Click here.

We see you want to leave the site, please give feedback why you want to leave us.

Could not send feedback. Error xy0815

Your browser stopped working

Waiting for response.

Throws Phone out of window!

I'll often put an email address from their own company in.

Bingo! I worked at a website where the customer acquisition team wanted to trial popups to get emails. We begrudgingly agreed to test it out thinking it was going to fail but we had to prove that it wasn't going to work to keep people happy. Sign ups jumped, and we had to keep it. We really hated that thing though but we couldn't find a justifiable case for removing it (where "because it's not a good user experience" meant nothing).

Serious question: can these pop-ups be blocked with an html5 autoplay blocker add-on?

Doesn't block them for me.

All these things are a/b tested with control groups. If a website has an email sign up pop up, they've found that the value of sign ups is greater than the value of any customers lost.

Maybe. Maybe not.

If it's an incompetent company (there are lots) then they may have just done it because others do.

Its not about the money.

It's about sending a message pop up.

Nobody will even think about knowing the name of the web designer who put a popup there, what do you think? People go “ow shit, if only i knew the name of the guy who designed this to give him piece of my mind!”

Just fucking do the job, get the money.

If it's an overlay you can often block it yourself once. Just right click it and look for the ublock options.

Intentionally annoying the people who pay you is probably not the best idea.

Except that they work. The reason why most websites do this is because it significantly increases the rate of sign ups on newsletters.

If you don't believe me, consider this: most sites conversion rates are measure in single percentage points, often just 1%. If my pop up increases my conversions to 1.2%, that's significant.

Are you enjoying the app? NO

If you worked for me I would fire you.

These are incredibly effective and can be done in a less intrusive way than total page takeover.


A/B testing isn't done nearly as much as it should. Instead, you get a lot of "marketing" people who want to add these kinds of "bells and whistles" for no reason other than they saw it elsewhere.

Can confirm. Throwing your dick repeatedly at your GF makes her eventually slap it away. If that is your kind of fetish, you're golden.

Install Tampermonkey on Chrome and get the Pintrest No Registration plugin script. Then find out there's really nothing worth going to on Pintrest.

Yeah, fuck content creators trying to make a living for themselves, who do they think they are, asking to be paid in exchange for their work? And even putting it up pretty much for free on the internet? Madness.

The one logical and true response here. This is business, and this stuff works. Some may delete the app instantly, and that's OK. Too many precious designers and developers out there scoffing at clients requests thinking they are clueless suits. They are not.

When they do that they just get marked as spam and blocked. I already have the app, I don't need any emails outside of resetting my password.

I hate when you're 2000 comments into a thread and try to reply to something only to have to log-in.

Straight back to the top of the page.

Here's what I don't get about it though... From the user side, does subscribing mean they'll never show you that box again? Won't it just be "Oh ffs I already subscribed!"-rage?

From the host-side, don't the users who subscribe to every damn box just ignore their subscriptions because they get 100 e-mails a day? I mean, I helped my mom clear out her outlook and thought her 6,000 unread e-mails were bad. Then I saw my dad having a whopping 14,000 unread e-mails... Surely they're not profitable users?

Yeah though he'd be more likely to ask for retweets.

Even worse when the pop up tells you to disable your ad blocker.

Wow. That's way worse than when I had to click "No, I don't like free stuff."

"Now check your email and click on the link we sent you to VERIFY your account"

Oh you motherfu-

Except for pinterest. Where there is no x

If the website is a free service and it makes money from advertising and you use ad block then the service providers really don't give a shit if you don't use their site. It's like threatening to leave a restaurant when you're just sat there drinking tap water.