🔥This mushroom puffs a cloud of spores when touched🔥

Be a lot cooler if it did

Dude is basically jacking off a mushroom

Haven't you seen Alien Covenant?

Fungi are asexual. So technically he's pulling millions of babies out of a mushroom, like performing a C section combined with one of those endless magician's hankies.

are the spores dangerous?

A while back when I was in the woods I accidentally kicked a mushroom while walking.

I’m glad to now find out it was spores releasing and not some sort of poison mushroom gas like I thought at the time

No more than breathing any other similar dust into your lungs.


The true definition of mushroom cloud

Just like my mushroom!

Is that the thing that made Spock get all hippy-dippy on the original Star Trek?



From wikipedia: The immature fruiting body is 0.6 to 2.5 centimetres (0.24 to 0.98 in) in diameter and 0.8 to 1.5 centimetres (0.31 to 0.59 in) tall. Initially, the fruiting body is egg-shaped–similar in appearance to puffballs–and has strands of mycelia (rhizomorphs) at the base that attach it to the growing surface. The 'skin,' or peridium, is composed of two separate layers: the outer layer (exoperidium), which is a golden tan to yellowish-brown color, separates away from the inner basidiocarp and splits into several rays that curve backward (recurve) to the base. The mushroom is 2 to 5 centimetres (0.79 to 1.97 in) in diameter after the rays have expanded. Unlike some other members of the genus Geastrum (such as Geastrum fornicatum) the arms do not push the basidiocarp off the ground; rather, it lies flat. The inner spore-bearing basidiocarp is 0.5 to 2 centimetres (0.20 to 0.79 in) broad, and has a central pore surrounded by a circular dull-brown apical disc; the disc is distinctly ridged or depressed.[1] The inside of the interior sphere is white when young, but matures into a mass of brown, powdery spores mixed with thick-walled fibres known as capillitium.


Why does this remind me of the powdered breast milk scene from "White Chicks"...

when the breast milk production stops