This medical facility totally used to be a Pizza Hut

This medical facility totally used to be a Pizza Hut

Get your cholesterol checked, while you wait.

Nurse! Get this man a cheese pizza!

we think your cholesterol levels are dangerously low...

The urgent care in my town is anything but urgent

It's called the ER Alternative Urgent Care on Street Name. I jammed my finger between two doors and they said sorry can't help have to go to ER. Got a sinus infection, went there, same thing. Twisted my ankle really bad, same damn thing....

...So what do these places even treat? Cartel money?

I wonder if they do cremations there.

"Guys, just leave the ovens."

I thought they were supposed to "do no harm".

E: I got gilded?! I should make fun of Domino's more often, see ya in /sub/lounge assholes!

They told you to go to the ER for a sinus infection?

Just turf him to Dominos.

This is in my town! It wasnt only a Pizza Hut though it was once a very low quality Taco Bell/Pizza Hut that was abandoned about 10 years back due to failing health inspections. Taco Bell then made a brand new Restaurant across the street, leaving the old store up for sale for years, until Urgent Care purchased and remodeled the property a couple years ago.

When you're dying for a pizza

The funeral home one is my favorite. Interesting way to pay respects to your loved ones.

Yeah. Granted it was a really really bad sinus infection

My daughter complaining about having an ear ache all night. My choices: schedule appointment with regular doctor in a few days, go to ER (wait forever, pay a lot), or go to one of these places, be seen right away, get prescription for numbing drops + antibiotics if it's bad, send her to school feeling good. That's pretty much the use case for these places. They are for when the issue is urgent but not an emergency.

No. >90% of sinusitis are viral and do not require antibiotics. On top of that, azithromycin is a terrible choice of antibiotics for sinusitis. Way too much resistance. Doesn't cover a lot of bugs responsible for bacterial sinusitis.

That's why people shouldn't get medical advice from the internet.

I think you mean 10 Cici's

If I wasn't poor I'd be eating Dominos right now.


These are popping up all over the place in my city and I have ZERO idea what they are actually for, what they treat, and who actually goes to them

Thank you for that medical advice, internet stranger!

Photo from that period :


Photo from that period :


Like, a Walk-In Clinic?


Might as well leave the salad bar and just have the receptions there too.


He was trying to jimmy the doors open

If I wasn't poor I'd gild you where you stand.

You need 10 cc's of pepperoni, stat!

Just playing the long game. 1990's regular customers become 2010's patients.

Nurse! Get Dr. Pepper!

No, I'm just below the Dominos income bracket.

Story time. We were on a family vacation to Disney World back in 2008. My brother has a year old son in one of those roller high chairs as we're eating at Cici's Pizza.

So we're enjoying our meal and my brother goes to get more pizza. His foot kind of slips on something as he goes to get out of the booth. Turns out my nephew has shat himself so hard and so much it's running out the sides of this highchair. So I go tell some employee there's a clean up in aisle three. My brother rolls this highchair into the bathroom and a nice little trail follows the whole way there. Some poor 16 year old kid comes out with a mop and bucket and just starts cleaning up, following the poop trail. We cleaned up my nephew and bathroom as best we could and left immediately after. Pretty sure my dad slipped the kid a $10. What a trooper. Had a look on his face like it wasn't the worst thing he's seen working there.


I James my finger between two doors

you what

You regular DR could have given you z pack.

Nurse, this patient needs a cheese stuff-crust with pepperoni ASAP!

I think the real story here is going to Disney World and eating Cici's.

Assuming you can see the respiratory therapists outside on a smoke break

RN here, currently eating Chick Fil A and drinking Dr. Pepper at the hospital cafeteria.

Do you think they still use the big 'ol wooden pizza spoon thing to move bodies around?

Sir you are too sober. Drink a 6 pack right now!


He's not gonna make it...Papa John, will you read the last rites?

Ah, so you're a masochist then?


Not just Europe! South Korea too. Oh you want a doctor? Well just go to the hospital, check in, and in about 20 minutes you'll see one. That Dr thinks you need a specialist? Oh you're going to have to walk to that part of the hospital with that specialty, take a number and wait another 20 minutes. Once I waited 30!

Then get this, once done, my insurance was so complicated. It paid 50% of everything, on the spot, at the front desk as I left.

And then that meant I was left with a fifty dollar bill....which I paid on the spot. That was it, no more bills to show me they cared.

Anti freedom communist healthcare is a nightmare!

Not for sick appointments. I have to schedule a physical like 3 months out, but if I call and say I'm sick, my doctor's office can usually get me in that day. I might not always see MY doctor, but that doesn't matter as much.

I was coming here to share this episode. As soon as I saw the picture I was reminded of it. Gotta love 99% Invisible they have some of the best stories.

Last time I checked my cholesterol, that is actually what the doc told me. He told me to eat cheeseburgers. Which was kind of odd to hear from a doc


More of a Totino's income bracket?

TIL there is this bot.


I only ever go to the urgent Care when I have a UTI or strep throat. The one near me has a list of what they do help with on their website and a list next to the reception window.

He said he was enjoying it as well!

Fake News


Only if the patient was a burn victim

Reddit ruined the term 'cheese pizza' for me now I can't read it without thinking it means something else

Papa Bless

I don't know why I'm surprised anymore.

Please don't flip my pizza.

I work for a software company that helps Urgent Care Centers not be so terrible. My advice is to look for a UC that has an online reservation page or has the current wait time for the location available online. They are around, and the experience is significantly better.

Depending on your insurance going to the UC can cost you 20% of what you would pay at the emergency room - specifically for stitches or broken bones.

AFC is a franchised UC across the country. More and more capital investment groups are seeing the potential for these "convienant care" centers to replace traditional primary care as the public becomes more accustomed to "care-on-demand" models.

Health Systems and hospitals are getting into the game as well to act as a triage to keep patients out of the ED that don't really need to be there. (Huge problem with this since the ACA was implemented)

Other UC centers are Mom and pop shops and frankly many of them have NO idea what they are doing. As franchises and big health systems move more into the market you will start to see these crappy one off clinics go out of business.

If you want to be entertained search for "Urgent Care" in your area and read the reviews of some of the clinics. Some of them are quite...colorful.

But people who are against universal healthcare in America tell me that only Europeans with universal healthcare have to wait months for treatment!

New Britain?

Or to flip them once one side is fully cooked and free of food-borne illnesses.

I took one of those wellness exams for work and it told me I did not drink enough.... now 5 years later I'm in a 12 step progam :/

Literally went last night. My wife was sick and decided to run a marathon while still sick. Her side hurts really bad, so we went and the urgent care (it was 7 at night), wrapped her up with an ace bandage and gave her some painkillers prescription aleve for the inflammation and pain. Things are good now.

I'm at the Pizza Hut, I'm at the urgent care, I'm at the combination Pizza Hut and urgent care

Press F to pay respects

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Not to mention the havoc antibiotics wreak on your digestive system/gut flora, and like you said, in this case they hardly work anyway. Not worth it 9 times out of 10, speaking from experience.

A lot of times it's difficult to be seen same-day or next-day by a primary care physician in our area. The practices are just too busy and literally don't have any openings. When your kid wakes up with what seems like strep throat, the pediatrician's office will tell you that they're all booked up and you need to go to urgent care.

There is an urgent care chain in our area that started life as an after-hours pediatrics practice for almost anything not-ER-worthy. They would do sports physicals, strep throat type things, minor stitches or uncomplicated broken limbs... really good practice. They were so good at those things that the parents started asking to be treated there as well. So they added "and Adult Care Too" to their name. They have, over time, morphed into a full-service urgent care practice with 15 locations in our metro area. Every location is open every day 8 AM to 10 PM. They manage load by requiring appointments, but I've never had a problem with not being able to get an appointment within an hour or two.

Things for which we have used urgent care centers and thereby been able to properly avoid bogging down the ER:



Ear infection

Strep throat

A few stitches on a split-open chin

Sinus infection

A few visits that turned out to be, "We think this is viral so wait it out and check back if it's not improving in a couple of days."

These are definitely all things that do not need to clog ERs, so I'm grateful for urgent care centers that alleviate the crowding of primary care physicians.

That Pizza Hut's owner

I'll take a shot of penicillin and a personal pan pizza please. I have my book club card all filled out, so the‚Äč pizza is free!

Quick! it's an emergency!! I need two large Pepperoni pies!!!

That's definitely New Britain. Just look at the holes in that road.

I honestly think that they built a brand, then cut costs and quality dropped dramatically over 20-30 years as competitors popped up.

I hated pizza as a kid...until the Ninja Turtles cartoon came to the US in 1987. At that point it was either Domino's or Pizza Hut, and Pizza Hut even had an inroad with schools and reading. For every book that you read, you could get a free personal pan pizza.

I have multiple pizza delivery places around me, and Pizza Hut is the only one that's failed to deliver an order in the past 5 years twice. Their customer service is so bad that a failed delivery gets sent to a call center. The restaurant that you call can't even handle following up to ensure orders get out the door, whereas the small business owner on the other side of the street can get it to you in 30-45 minutes.

Think about their model. A failed delivery gets referred to a call center, who then calls the manager of that place. The manager might need to call someone that's actually at that restaurant. By the time the message gets relayed, no one knows what's going on. They have such a failed business model it's unreal.

The funny thing is that I love Taco Bell which is also controlled by Yum! brands. My local Taco Bell is light years ahead in quality and service to the Pizza Hut right next door.

A lot of primary care doctors have 1-2 month wait periods for appointments.

As a parent, I would clean up the shit. Why should some kid making minimum wage have to clean up after my toddler poops himself?

I understand that isn't always an option, but man, parenting 101: don't be a douche mom or dad.

"Relevant 99pi" is the new "Relevant XKCD."

When the Golden Coral closed in my town, it sat vacant for years. We wondered if anything new would come in, then the "under contract" and "sold" stickers went up on the sign. After mostly cosmetic renovations to the outside, the once-beloved eatery became a funeral home. I still can't believe it.

Granted, I'm on mobile, but I had to look like 3 times bc u almost had me fooled. Nice

This is exactly what I thought of when I saw the picture. Great episode.

I don't understand why pizza hut would move away from something so iconic and unmistakable as the shape of those buildings. Why build a brand and then throw it away?

/sub/notfoolinganybody for a broader category.


There is no such thing as "not drinking enough", blasphemy.

I hope your recovery is going well, it's a lot of work and a long road but it gets easier.

Cheese pizza has been code for you know what since the early days of 4chan

Unpleasant word for pizza.

In theory...but in reality when you have a large demographic of people who have gone their whole lives without insurance and suddenly HAVE insurance where do you think they go for medical care?

The Emergency Room, because that's where they went when they were uninsured. Mankind is a creature of habit.

There was a huge influx of low acuity patients clogging up ED's ( and still is in some areas )



Are there any Pizza Hut restaurants that still exist in the States? Just curious. Trying to hang onto some of my nostalgic memories of the 80's

Does it still smell like pizza?

Godamn. Really is a subreddit for everything.

We just got urgent cares around Pittsburgh in the last decade or so. They don't always have the greatest hours (not early-morning or late-night, in my experience), but they're better than what we used to have to do: book an appointment with a primary care physician (if we have one) and wait all day, or go to an emergency room for a non-emergency and wait all day and have to pay a ton. It does suck that these urgent cares aren't more efficient---nothing about American health care is---but they're a big step up from what we had even a short while ago.

Maybe it's just a person masquerading as a bot.

That's amore...

Did an amazing pun joke just get invented or what