this mans incredible Journey from the bottom of a pit to become an avenger

this mans incredible Journey from the bottom of a pit to become an avenger

He just stopped drinking beer.

The Pit

I was in the pit

You were in the pit

We all fell in the piiiiiiit

Don't insult him. He is a Guardian of the Galaxy. That's way cooler than being an Avenger.

I love how his two big roles since P&R, a ruggedly handsome dinosaur trainer in Jurassic World and a cool guy space hero in Guardians, are basically two fantasy jobs that Andy would have. Like if you asked Andy his dream job (besides FBI agent undercover in a rock band), those would be his answers

How much beer was he drinking??

Probably too much.

There's a good youtube video about why this movie sucked, and how it could've been much much better.

In short, it should've been more of a thriller - opening with JLaw waking up "alongside" Pratt, and not telling the audience that it was actually Pratt who woke her up. Then as it goes on, she (and the audience) slowly piece what happened together.

You forgot about Passengers. It was a big movie, it just completely flopped.

I Am Groot.

Sometimes life's gonna get you down Hit the ground running, take a look around, You think you found love, but you're standing in the pit

Okay, fine. It’s only 12% cooler than being an Avenger.

R u saying we all have super powers supressed by alcohol consumption?

Worth it.

I love that he was only supposed to be in the first season, but the writers and cast fell in love with him and the rest is Parks and Recs history and whatnot.

Burt Macklin!

Is this the plot of Infinity War?

"There's not such a thing as too much beer." Thor, probably.

Haha, right?

Yeah I've seen it, I enjoyed watching the movie but I agree it could been much better, it was also marketed wrong.

Macklin, you son of a bitch!

I Am Groot?

He’s going to save all the dinosaurs, I think that’s even cooler

Fake news, I saw him drinking Michelob Ultra during the super bowl...not that that's real beer...

Yeah, I know he was being a big idiot, Guardians are WAAAAY cooler than Avengers. Right Quill?

the lead singer of Mouse Rat

Whoa! Language!


That's why they say guest star in the first season and not after?

He's not an Avenger, he's a Guardian.

You forgot cowboy and Lego man.

Am I the only one who finds fat Chris is much cuter than ripped Chris?

No MY opinion is better

I Am Groot!

One shelf

Truly, we have all fallen into the pit.

I'm an alcoholic and when I stopped drinking I legitimately lost like 20 pounds of weight with no dietary changes besides not chugging booze. This is my favorite joke from the show because it's so ridiculous, but so true for me personally.

I went from beer belly to abs with this joke's truth.

Didn't they (Pratt and Lawrence) also say in some interview that they goofed off a lot because they didn't like filming it or thought it wasn't that good or some otherwise negative opinion about the movie that they both shared?

I Am Groot...


Passengers would have been a great film if it were edited better. Most of the film should have been from Lawrence's POV and you only got Pratt's POV after it was revealed he woke her up. That way the shock of the reveal that Pratt woke Lawrence up (rather than being a random malfunction that woke both of them up) would have been huge from the perspective of the audience. had a good video on how it should have been presented.

I really like the idea that Pratt dies in the end and Lawrence has to face the same ethical dilemma he had to deal with of whether or not to awaken another passenger just to avoid being alone for the rest of her life.

Thor, being a mythological hammer-wielding


probably could drink ALL the beer we make in the USA per day in a single sitting and would go out afterwards to have as many lusty wenches as want him.

I first laughed at all those songs but as I began to listen more and more, I found the true meaning behind them. True poetry

That's just it- the movie is all about the ethical dilemma but people watch it expecting a sci-fi movie or they just hate the movie because "How could he do that to her!" or "How could she forgive him??"

Try to imagine being alone for a year and knowing you're going to be alone for the rest of your life and see if you can figure out what you'd do. Would his choice have been less wrong if he'd woken up someone at random instead of some cute girl he developed a crush on? What about if he'd woken up multiple people? Would Aurora have been better off never knowing the truth? Why doesn't she go back into stasis in the end? She was basically running away from her life and her friends only to do it again a year later- what was she really looking for on this trip? Was it to write something great? In which case waking up may have been the best thing that could have happened to her. Was she looking to find a connection to a person? Because she found one with him. Was it all fate? If he hadn't woken up the ship would have failed and everyone would have died.

I seem to be the only person I know that enjoyed that movie and it's specifically because I love the psychology of it.

Guardian of the Galaxy? he’s the motherfucker Burt Macklin

Thank you. Read the title and I just started hearing this in my mind.

They can operate on my rocket anytime.

Formerly known as Scarecrow Boat, and many other names.

Formerly known as Scarecrow Boat, and .


The pits journey is what really matters tho.

People who downvoted this dont understand that this is a reference to the first GotG. Updoot for you, my good sir


Andy wrote it, so there was no 2nd level. He was just literally in the pit

My cousin calls it dad-bod Chris pratt. And yes

he is the special.


That is the second level. Ground level, and the pit. It is deep. Like the pit.

Cmon, man.

Cost him his marriage tho.

I got sober 5 years ago and I’m still a fat piece of garbage, so it doesn’t work for everyone

i liked that movie. underrated imo

No! That’s the button that will kill everyone!

I thought it was pretty good. Crispy Puffs, they're pretty good!