This made my whole week

This made my whole week

Active 13 Dec 2014, she'll be back on any day now

I'm so glad OP highlighted her bio section, I might've missed it otherwise

An anal a day keeps Tinder away.

Oh man. I can see conversations with her just being pun wars.

I feel it, she does seem quite busty.

Reddit has trained me to be ready for this

18.85 Anals or 132 kisses or one really big Anal

I saw this in a Jack Dee sketch…. Whats the difference between Dirty Harry and anal sex? One makes my day the other makes my hole weak.

I mean, she didn't come up with that joke

Well you guys might have just stared at his battery %

These are not the girls on Tinder in my area.

Because these are joke accounts.

So Jenny WAS meeting up for anal.

She's on a hole other level. She'll punish you.

It's Tinder...

... You know you're in a tinder sub, right?

A Punic war.

That ruins the hole pun.

Funny thing is, on mobile you might have actually missed it.

Funny thing is,

There's nothing like a nice set of titties in a plain ass dress to set me off.

99.9% probability is reached with just 70 people, and 50% probability with 23 people.

That excludes leap year birthday people, because fuck them.

She needs to come back


That is probably true.

I got you bro, /sub/omgbeckylookathiscock

To troll guys.

That's my birthday, sorry guys.