This library was built exactly over the Canada-USA border (the black line)

This library was built exactly over the Canada-USA border (the black line)

The table apologizes. Well, which ever side of the table is Canadian apologizes. The other part says fuck off.

I wish that table would take a stand already. You're either Canadian or American so stop waffling and pick a side.

On the left: A - Z

On the right: Eh - Zed.

If this place doesn't issue green library cards, they're doing it wrong.

When I went there, the library entrance was on the USA side of the border. But when you come from the canadian side (which I did), you have a small sign on the sidewalk, just before crossing the border, that says that US Customs tolerate travelling from this spot to the entrance as long as you stay on the sidewalk. So you don't need to report or bring your passport if you go straight to the library.

Edit: but you have to come back directly to Canada when you leave the building (there was a Border patrol car parked not far!). Once inside, there is no restriction, just the black line.

Edit: typo

Yew'betcha bahdum dawlur

ah haive a tahny fucked up paynis and beeyg jayant bahlls

So how does this work exactly? Do you have to show your passport to pass over the line? Or can you freely move back and forth?

Honestly I feel like the store should be more "stereotypical". Like the US side having an american flag outfit on a mannequin and a gun mounted to the wall and the Canadian side having a stuffed beaver holding a hockey stick.

I had to read that out loud to figure out it's meaning

Haskell Free Library, Stanstead QC / Derby Line, VT:

Canadian pronunciation. They (and Europeans) call the letter Z "Zed".

Similar to "naught" for 0 instead of "Zero".

EDIT: UK people say naught. Naught Canadians. lol

Thank you, come again!

this gave me hope that anyone can do any accent if it's written out phonetically for them

You mean A-Zed being the other half eh.

I feel it's probably an interesting setting for a murder scene!

they test you on the other side by bumping into you. if you don't apologize immediately, they know.

The horse's name is Friday

What if a baby was born exactly over the line?

Half Canadian, Half American?

strait to the library.

A strait is a narrow body of water that connects to larger bodies of water.

Buht ov coarse, comrad. Yu are heering teepical moovee Rushin ackscent.

reminds me of the episode of the Colbert Report, when a Canadian was never allowed to visit the US again after they found out he had taken LSD in the 70's and written an article about it. His son lived in the US though so it was about how he could never visit his son again...cut to a shot of them standing at some random spot at the US Canada border and the dad is on one side and the son the other.

That's more than I get most weekends.

If a plane crashed on that line, where would the bury the survivors?

The Simpson already did lol, an episode where sideshow bob tries to kill Bart at the "five corners" (which is a play on the four corners) in which bob is standing in one state while his gun is shot in another state then the bullet travels through another state only to hit Bart who is standing in the 4th state, then Bart falls into the final 5th state where he lies dead. Of course knowing the Simpsons, the plan is obviously foiled and bob never carrys out the murder, but if another show would do this that would be pretty interesting lol.

See I was gonna start telling you off about how not all Americans own guns and not all Canadians like hockey and how stereotypes harm the ability of people from different cultures to understand and empathize with one another.

Then I realized I'm a dumbass, since every Canadian does like hockey and honestly Americans could improve their lives a lot by following that example.

connects to larger bodies of water.

To is a preposition that implies direction of motion. :)

Are the books more expensive on the Canada side?

Why couldn't the son just visit Canada?

Plus both customs/immigration buildings were right there, so you could easily walk up to them and cross the border. Although it's been a while since I was there, because you could just cross over a block away with no customs buildings. Flickr shows there is a gate on that street now. :(

That would be his son visiting him.

There are no stairs in a one story house!

We say zero.

You mainly borrow books, so they don't sell them, but for fees or other paid services, I guess they charge you based on your country of residence.

A, B, C, D, E, F, Guy, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, budday, Q, R, S, T, U, fwend, W, X, eh! and fart

Visited India for 2 weeks. I picked up "ok, ok" (as in generalized neutral to happy agreement during conversations) and that Indian head bobble that means "Yes, it's all fine" when I visited. The "ok, ok" stuck with me and the head bobble automatically kicks in whenever I'm in Indian store or restaurant. I try to not. It's hopeless.

Oh, and the "Madam" instead of "ma'am" thing. That stuck with me for awhile. I have managed to avoid calling any Indians "uncle" or "auntie", so I have that going for me which is nice.

tl;dr I bobble my head when talking to Indians now. Even on the phone. I pathetically can't help it.

Can't confirm. I'm an American who loves those chalky hockey pucks.

Only when you cross over to the american side. Then you get 10 minutes of questioning and possibly a finger in your butt.

Depends on where in Canada; it's a pretty diverse country and each region has an analogue to the states.

The Pacific Northwest is pretty much BC, the Midwest is equivalent to our prairies, Ontario is essentially New York state, the maritimes are almost identical to the Boston states and Quebec is like Texas: they speak a different language than the rest of us, follow their own fucked up laws and we're not really sure if they're supposed to be a part of the country at all.

I love how everyone else makes fun of real canada things, but southpark just makes shit up.

Actually they just leave a mannequin for you to bump into, a True Canadian would still apologize

Source: am Canadian, have done this

Honestly this came out more like the south Park Danish accent

Wow, some tv show needs to do this ASAP

What if you come from the US side of the border, enter the library and then just cross to Canada when you leave. Without a passport, no one could tell you're not Canadian.

Derby Line, VT?

Pre-9/11 there were roads in town that crossed the border without checkpoints. Folks new one another. It was a different time, kids.

Roosters don't lay eggs.

Your last dollar. Meaning it's such a safe bet you'd be willing to bet all you got.

Glory to Arstotzka

This is it, everybody. People don't even know how libraries work anymore.

Was that a maple syrup joke? Waffling? How dare you.

Papers, Please


Indian accent is impossible to write phonetically.

direction of motion is my one direction cover band

You know people in the Northern US talk pretty much like Canadians.

I am deaf, and it worked for me. I had to do it few times.

He lives in the library.

I have a tiny peni..... Oh.

Wait, are Canadians supposed to say naught or is that from somewhere else. Never heard it before.

Hockey is a great way to get your aggression out without guns.

He stood on a block of ice and the ice melted

As a Mexican, this triggers me.

Hide a small trinket up there, when they dig it out, gasp, fall to your knees, and proclaim them the Chosen One.

Another Canadian here. Just want to say how much we like your Texas-blues band Zed Zed Topp.

They ask if you want a sample of Smarties. If you say yes, they know you're either Canadian or an American under 10 years old.

So, will the wall run through the library?

That table is making a bold statement: the lines we draw in the sand are arbitrary and something as majestic as a table can't be bound by them, nay it transcends the boundaries we set for ourselves.

That or that was just the most convenient place to put that particular piece of furniture..

The bureaucracy involved in funding and running this library through 2 different federal and local jurisdiction makes me feel sorry for the clerks.

He could, but it was a joke about how stupid the laws about drugs are. That because he took a drug back in the 70's (which I might be miss remembering it but I think it was legal at the time), he could never enter the US again or visit his son. They also poked fun of how "important" the border police for US and Canada was because they just went a few miles away to an un patrolled portion o the border and was like "hi son".

Maybe, but have you ever shot things? It's great.

I thought Canada was building a wall to block us out?

"Bon cop, bad cop" is a story about a murder on the Ontario/quebec border. you should pick it up the next time you're on the Quebec side of that line!

Check out /sub/borderporn for more cool stuff like this.

Here's the library:

Did someone say Betazed?

Did someone say Betazed?

The bus driver has brown eyes because you're the bus driver!

The surgeon is a woman. She is the boy's mother!

(This riddle is probably super outdated now. I wonder how well it works these days.)

I've apologized to doors.

American smarties are not chocolate! They are terrible! Source: am american over 10 years old, recently tried Canadian smarties

I've been here. It's illegal to cross the border outside the library (video cameras) but you can freely move between the countries within the library

bitch, please...only the yankee side should.

the Boston states... So.. you mean New England


As a citizen of both the U.S. and Canada, I have mixed feelings about this...

So if I have dual citizenship, can I pay the cheeper fees

We're only going to wall off the murdering, thieving Mexicans. Canadians are okay.

I think the Table is Custom

the table actually belongs to the Belgian consulate.

Most Canadians sound like Midwesterners to me.

Yeah, LMAO recently when Americans "threatened" to move to Canada if they didn't like the results of the election. Like, bitch you think it's just that easy?

I hope you get better soon?

The new Vacation movie with Ed Helms had a whole scene around that. Except it was public sex not murder, and the cops started arguing with each other.

It was a pretty funny movie and the actor who plays Kevin (Steele Stebbins) is awesome.

Cause no trouble

Can people who have been deaf their entire lives still understand text like this? Since you'd normally have to sound it out

...there's a NEW England now?

I use both zed and zee and I is a canada person.

Dude, A library stretching across an entire continent would be both amazing and ridiculous.

I had to scroll all the way down here to find out. Thanks!

The plot thickens.

The passport rule is new, a legacy of 9/11. Before that Canadians and Americans could travel freely across the border. They just needed some ID if asked.

Also, Canadian Bacon is an excellent movie.

hey, the table has dual citizenship too.

American smarties are solid hockey pucks of sugar and have the texture of chalk. I don't know many who like them.