This lawn...

This lawn...

Bet you the owner really likes plaid

I've always wondered how they do this. You must need a perfect yard first.

They have attachments on the back of the mower that makes the grass lay one way. Then it's just a matter of going in a straight line.

I was thinking the photographer just cut that yard and meant to include the mower.

Not exactly attachments. Professional standing mowers have blades that are curved, and act like a vacuum. They lift the grass up so every blade is cut at an equal length. The direction in which you are goin will tilt the grass that way. If you are looking in the direction in which the mower was going, it’ll give the lighter color look. The opposite will give it the darker looking lines.

You go up one way, come back in the other, giving it the different colors on each stripe. It does help to have nice grass as in the picture to make them more visible. Each week (especially in the summer) you should change the directions you mow in order not to have the tires burn the grass and leave the brown tire stripes. That’s usually where the “plaid” look comes from. It’s not always good to double mow (when it gets dry and hot in summer).

I bet they're beds are made perfectly.

It's probably just me but the photo composition including the power lines and the lawn mower make this /sub/mildlyinfuriating.

Fuck I didn't even bother to rake this year.

You can do this with about any riding mower. Ive worked in lawm care off and on over the years as summer jobs. Just takes a steady line and dedication. Most people just don't have the patience. And double cutting the lines in the early stages of summer helps a lot too.

It looks like plaid, which is rad!