This lady brought an air mattress to the beach

This lady brought an air mattress to the beach

She also brought night stands. If you can get past all the staring from strangers this would be an awesome set up.

Not... a bad idea

If only she'd brought 1 less table, then she could have a 1 nightstand.

That's some next level beaching that you don't have to be rich to do.

The difference between her being on /sub/mildlyinteresting or /sub/trashy is 20lbs.

We're living in 2017 while she's living in 3025

I thought I was the only redneck doing this. I bought a couple of air mattress from walmart and took them to the lake so the dogs could get on them with us. So much fun!!!! They made way better floats and costs about the same as regular floats.


He's a boxer, so any rushes of air he creates are from his butt

She's not wrong

And she can take that in the water too.

I hate sand.

.....It's coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere.

More people should do this. She has a nice setup.

You just have to get sand out of everything if you ever plan on taking the mattress home.

A bed idea?

fuck, I wooshed myself.

Parent trap, anyone?

I imagine you and your dog floating on an air mattress in the middle of a lake just enjoying life until you hear a small rush of air...

She's a genius.

I don't want my dog even near any air mattress on the floor. I feel like he would pop one instantly just stepping on it. He's 90 lbs now, so there's that

i mean she is one dresser short of a bedroom set with those two tables acting as night stands

Reads like you're choking on something.

Don't you mean a one nightsand?

Air mattresses are miles easier to shake sand off than even a towel.

Not like you. You're soft and doughy and taste great when topped off with some mozzarella and baked at 220° for 15 minutes.

I hate to say this but it might have whooshed you, check the spelling of borshi's "one nightsand".

Next time, try leaving the air mattress inflated. When you're done, lean it up against a tree or a wall, and just sweep it off. Then you deflate the mattress.

Pool floats are like $10


Yeah, I take them to festivals all the time and they get covered in everything. They're usually just vinyl/flocked vinyl, so there isn't really anywhere for the sand to stick, unlike towels/clothes/shoes etc.

If you ever float a river, large air mattresses make great floating lounges.

Great! You now have propulsion!

this comment is ahead of its time

sadly extremely accurate

Thats pretty fucking sad. Here I am, a 200lb girl thinking how cool is this? Welp.

Found Seth Rogen.

You don't want to mess with those red waves.

You're right, that is a bed idea

I bring an air mattress out to the lake but I'll float out on the water. It's awesome and is probably way cheaper than something you'd buy specifically for that purpose.

Have you actually tried cause I feel like that's the opposite of the actual case

You hate everything Francis

or you could jump on it from really high and send her flying like one of those river blob things.

I bet she has chopsticks for her doritos.

If you look behind her there are numbered storage sheds. I bet she keeps everything in there. It even looks like she has a dining set behind her set up as well.

And very annoying obstacles if you're a kayaker

We're playing checkers while she's playing chess.

Frank, we are no longer in relaxing mode. We are now in SURVIVAL mode!

"Wow" - Owen Wilson.

I stubbed my toe and that's where I keep them.

I used to do this all the time as a kid, we'd bring it out on the water which was really the best part

The sheds behind her are most likely personal cabanas that people rent or own. So if she has one she can just store everything in there.

GOOD point. In my house we make our own pool floats.

Impossible to get sand out of these sheets.

I mean I'd smash on that thing so there's that

Fyre festival summer edition

The wolves that raised me never taught me to care.

And hopefully float away realising what she is doing.

Happens to the best of us ;)