This kid got it right

This kid got it right

And with that, a prophet was born.

Nah,lil homie broke something,he tryna play it cool.

compared to what i imagine WPT would be

compared to what i imagine

lol exactly what I thought. That right there is a "huh? what lamp?" pose.

I remember one of my friends back when we were like 15 invited me over to play guitars at his house for the first time. His mom was so sweet and asked introduced her self and made us bagel bites and shit. Such a nice lady. She comes 'round a few hours later and asks him something about his room and this dude said "Mom, I'm doing shit...god" and then mutters very audibly "fuckingbitch" and I just stared at him with my jaw on the floor. I never went over there again. My dad would have brocken my skull if I ever said something close to that to my mother.

people who have to say they're minding they're own business are the people who definitely do not mind their own business

Honestly 15 year old me woulda said something to that kid if the mom had geniuely been that nice and sweet etc. And then obviously never went back.... much disappointment bc i love bagel bites. Especially when i dont have to make them bc those fuckers go from not done, not done, still not done, to about to be done, about to be done, just about done to PERFECTLY DONE then BAM just when you think you could turn around for a sec them bitches are BURNT.

But yeah, fuck that kid.

It looks like a very uncomfortable position he's in. Maybe he's covering up something he broke.

Why are you so sweaty?

Watching cops

Except the ones that say that and actually mind their own business.

He's explaining that cooking bagel bites is much like cooking a nice steak.

nah, that's that look when you get your ass handed to you in 2k

The fuck are you even saying? Fuck dude.

In any case I doubt many of us woulda said shit at 15, just not the age to be tryin to raise some other kid of the same age

i like how she took a picture and tweeted about this kid minding his business. as if she is showing how to mind your business by explicitly not minding her business.

Holy shit this reminds me of the first time I ever went to a white friends house, we had just moved from Brooklyn to Long Island and went to my friends house and were chillin in his room. His mom just walks in to ask him something and he's like "mom, excuse me! I didn't hear a knock." I scoot back thinking, oh this dude tried to front cause I'm here and about to get a major smack down. Nope!!!!! Swear to god his mom walks out and knocks and waits til this dude says come in. Blew my fucking mind! Couldn't wait to get home and tell my brothers.

You misspelled Jaden, fam

That looks like the sort of position I used to end up in when I'd been on the phone with a friend or reading a book for a while. Just laying around and shifting to keep comfortable and then I'd look around and go "why the heck am I laying with my head on the floor and my feet over the sofa arm?"

The new Independence Day looks terrible

No mom should ever take shit from their kid lmao. My mom barges into my room whenever she wants, and I never think to object. If I told her to knock, she'd knock me on the shoulder

Lol are you serious? Moms always act like the sweetest lil thing around guests then go back to beating your ass after they're gone. Being nice to guests doesn't mean shit

And toaster strudels... Those fucks go from golden flakey outside with a frozen inside to charred outside and lava inside in about 3 seconds..

I like how she didn't realize the kid was talking about her.

Big Joe got him a pimp-ass dinosaur bong

I dont understand what is going on.

Ahh shit. You have a solid point. A lot of my friends had parents like this growing up. Well maybe not beating their ass but parents who definitely put on a show. I didnt even think about that.

I met a boy when I first moved to my current home town when I was twelve. This boy was being raised by a single white mother who might as well been a character from a 50's sitcom like Leave It To Beaver. It was clear my new friend was on the high strung side. We were always at his place, he had all the cool new shit. His mom would come home from work and be nice as can be, but if she asked my friend to clean or pick up something he would just lose it. Calling her a fucking bitch, tell her to shut the fuck up even go as far as to tell her to suck his dick! I was in shock the first time it happened, his mom would calmly tell me it was time to go home, and he would yell even more, "HE'S NOT FUCKING LEAVING!" This lasted until he went to prison for shooting someone.

why you so sweaty?

M e n t a l d i s o r d e r

I usually just microwave them for like 5 seconds after the first go round in the toaster.. The sugary middle heats up fast AF so it doesnt have a chance to get soggy in the microwave.

Im prepared for the hate storm this admition will likely bring down on me but i stand by it for my current toaster sittuation.

Man. I had the same experience. We had this "band" in high school and needed a drummer. Bass player knew a kid from prep school who played and said we could play at his house. He was really good and we played there for a while but he treated his mom like shit.

One day, she said something which prompted him to tell "SUCK MY DICK!. White kids are wild as hell.

You gotta toast a bit, spread icing and then let sit a few minutes until the middle finishes warming up

Found the cat.

True, i didnt mean i would have completely stood up for the mom but after she left the room I probably would have just looked at him and asked how he is ALLOWED to speak to his mom like that. Not so much scolding more just like, "dude, thats your MOM. How are u not in trouble right now".

Downvoting cause yall disagree??? Smh. He catching that L with this one tho

this kid is going places

no it doesnt