This is why we need National Parks.

This is why we need National Parks.

According to this, 94% of sequoia forests are protected, and the remainder are privately owned. I'm guessing that the 94% are on public lands. It's not necessarily the case, however, that those on private land are unprotected.

If the sequoia on the left was logged, it was probably done at least a century ago.

I don’t know what OP meant, but I take it as “without this [park protection], amazing and wonderful natural phenomena will be lost.” Worth noting that sequoia wood is kind of splintery, so back when they were logged, they were made into wooden matches. (Source: informational plaque at the park.) Way to go, humans.

I take it this is in some kind of wild yet unprotected place? Looks awesome wherever it is.

See below, thanks internet stranger. Sequoia tree before National Park protection, and sequoia trees after.

You got it!

The first is Big Stump Trail in Kings Canyon where logging was allowed prior to protection, the other a view along Congress Trail in Sequoia Natl.

what do you mean by "this"?