This is what a leader looks like

This is what a leader looks like

That's one of the coolest photos of Trump I've ever seen.

I love this picture.

pence is like "FUCK YEA"

looks like a typical day in the life of the guy with fire, fury and frankly power


This genuinely looks like something that could be a magazine cover or the title image of a high budget featured newspaper article.


I can't wait until the President brings them out again during the Fall

Who the fuck down voted you.

Lurking cucks.

Look at the expression on The Silver Fox's face: yeah, he knows what's up and what is to come!

I love this picture: it's one of my favorites.

I was thinking this looks like the sequel to Reservoir Dogs, with His Excellency playing the new Mr. Blonde.

He's pretty badass in every picture.

Beta males

Amazing how we went from a declining empire to a rising star in just half a year after Caliph Obama left the White House.

"Kushner wears skinny tie, apart from rest cabinet" - Cnn

The likes of which has never been seen before.

My second favorite after this.

My second favorite after .

I'm starting to object to them being called 'males'.

Silver Fox be Mirin'

That guy in the foreground better watch where he's going.


That's MY leader right there!

We should call them Pelesquasia.

Looks who coming to put America first, and get us back on track.

Exactly what I was thinking. I hate to be the one to break it but it was probably planned out a bit.

I see that photo and I'm thinking K-Billy's Super Sounds of the 70s as background music.

Little Green Bag...

do you think those glasses all the security guys where have a cool heads up display ?

I bet they do

He's got that, "Let's get to work.", look about him. =)

CNN: chaos continues within the Trump administration as Kushner opts for a skinny tie. This is clearly a sign of protest against the President and his clothing line.

Low energy lurking cucks. Jeb!s for short

Pence's tie is fine. Trump's is actually way too long. The "perfect length" is reaching the middle of the belt buckle, but resting anywhere on the buckle is acceptable. The tie should not fall beneath the buckle, and it should not rest above it (when standing straight). If Pence's body wasn't slightly twisted, his tie looks like it would clear the top of the buckle, so he is good. Trump's tie is a good inch, maybe slightly more, too long. It looks like Kushner's might be too long as well.

Also, Pence is smiling in the background because he knows Trumps is a man on a mission.

He is our Cable from X-Men. God bless Silverfox.

Feefee addicts.

A real Ben Shapiro.

I guess I'm missing some inside joke here, because the length of his tie is just fine.

He's using his lenny face because he knows what's up.

holy hell is that guy 5'3?

Kim Jong Un.

Pence knows something we don't know.

The black and white with the color flag is cool

It amazes me how few people know this.

Trump always wears his tie like this, must just be his style.

His tie looks a little short.


POTUS: best resting-leader-of-the-free-world-face since Reagan, or Washington, maybe. Foreground, shorter, SS agent volunteering to take bullets. Kushner, watching you. VP, probably has a Glock at the ready, hence the smirk. Everybody in the scene is doing their job. No ridiculous grins. No lack of seriousness.

and fuck the media for trying to drive a wedge between tTrump and Pence. FUCK THEM. Sorry

Lil Benji needs to come home!

Other politicians have made this mistake!

That Pence look in the background always gets me.

It's fuckin' savage.

The best thing about GEOTUS is that he doesn't give AF.

Pence is like YAS.

Based Secret Service is living like no tomorrow.

DR COWBOY is just 'let's BTFO some cucks NOW'