This is true art

This is true art

He's really good at sketching Street Sharks toys that've been microwaved

tbh this is a really sick art style. i fuck with it.

Look into my good eye. No not that one. The small one. Lemme get a good look at yu.

yeah it really feels like this is a stylistic choice. not for everyone tho

Literally crine

Watch em sell for $500 each

First thing I thought of when I saw those drawings

Gallowboob you DONE GOOFED, half the joke is the artists bios and comments

Peep those yourself!!

The original tweet where I saw this

The artist himself

I thought of this.



Their unique tho im not into money but i could see someone buying them

They look like the aliens from District 9.

My eyes

That's just terrifying


Meth... not even once.

none of these niggas look like your drawings