This is Stan. He survived being hit by a car. He's happy & healthy but he's been left with a permanent blep.

This is Stan. He survived being hit by a car. He's happy & healthy but he's been left with a permanent blep.

Full story: Stan the Man lives at Mog On The Tyne, a cat cafe in Newcastle UK. He's the star of the cafe, and he knows it! He wears a necktie so kids don't mix him up with the other black & white cat in the cafe. Stan gets grumpy sometimes and doesn't like being fussed, so everyone knows to let him come to them, rather than approaching him.

Here's his bio page on the Mog On The Tyne website -

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P E R M A B L E P / E / E P E R M A B L E P R / E M / E M P E R M A B L E P R A E M B E M B R A L R A L M B E M B E A L P E R M A B L E P B E / B E / L P E R M A B L E P E / E / P E R M A B L E P

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I think the question on all of our minds is where does he get all those wonderful neckties?

He's got some lovely neckties! The cafe owners keep him well supplied. I've seen him wearing tartan and the local football team colours as well.

Damn homie chill with the oneupsmanship

There are much worse outcomes from being hit by cars. Lucky fellow.

Happy birthday, Stan!

Bleps and bandanas: the chocolate & peanut butter of the feline world

ok homie


A tartan tie on this kitty would be lovely. The cafe owners got good taste!

Apparently not! The Mog On The Tyne owners say it doesn't cause him any problems with eating or drinking, and that he never seems to get a dry tongue. He's a cat, so I guess the normal laws of physics don't apply...

It's just permanently mocking the Death Reaper


I mean, cmon, its permanent! It should be Blep of the Year..

Alright, I'm super sick of these types of posts. But this....... this is impressive.

Doesnt his blep ever dry out?

Can the real Blep Stan please STAND up?

Fuck you, got eight more!

Bleps & Bandanas needs to be a subreddit in my life. Right Meow.

Such love! My homies!

This is Stan

My tea's gone cold I'm wondrin' why

Looks like he's always wearing Newcastle colours.

Yeah. My cat was hit by a car and now he's a total asshole.

It's... not Wednesday, my dudes

Cats are liquids so.. I don't see their tongues ever drying up.


I'm going to Newcastle uni this year, I'll definitely have to check this place out and pay Stan a visit!

I'm from Newcastle!! Stan is a personal friend omg this is wonderful

It's always Wednesday somewhere my guy.

I am soo jobless

I am soo jobless

He wears a necktie so kids don't mix him up with the other black & white cat in the cafe

You'd think the tongue constantly hanging out of his mouth would be enough to differentiate them.

I just found it via search. I had no idea Stan had already featured on here. He's definitely a cat who deserves the love!

We used to put handkerchiefs on our dog. One time he caught a nail of his front paws on it. I think he was stepping over something and lifted his paw extra high.

I don't think he damaged anything but it's like 25 years later and I can still hear the ungodly yelping noise he was making.

Probably just a fluke and basically the same risk as a collar but we definitely stopped with the hankies after that.

Mog On The Tyne is well worth a visit. I try to visit every month. Lovely staff, good food and around a dozen cats (all rescue)

Saw him whack an annoying boy when it first opened so I've always been fond of him

Good job Stan! You still have 8 lives left so you're good to go. That rainbow bandana complements the blep quite nicely.

I don't think that's how this works, but thanks for the motivation my pal

That's the best kind of blep.

The entire cat cafe are a credit to Newcastle, they got me through my first year at university and a horrible break up

My top post is also a photo of Stan blepping!!!!

They need to start and end with the same letter to make a square like this.

Could do it with mlem.


This cat's necktie looks like its velcro'd on, which would help prevent this. In general all cat collars and accessories are designed to break away under force. I didn't fully understand why until I found my cat's collar wrapped around a curtain rod. Dude would've been strangled if it hadn't popped and dropped her out.

These animals are too damn curious to have anything attached to them that can snag I guess.

So he wears Newcastle neckties? That's amazing

I feel honoured that I've now met a Reddit celebrity. He's a 10/10, would pet many times again. The first time I did was actually for my girlfriends birthday. Can confirm that he was grumpy

Is it a cafe where you can adopt the cats that are there? I found a great cafe in San Diego that took cats from local (very noisy chaotic and kill) county shelters and bring them into a more domestic environment. Helps the cats relax and show their true colours and the adoption rate is really high. Even disabled cats that get no love in a shelter get adopted same day in the cafe. I hoped there'd be something in England :)

Duly noted. Go with peace, my child.

I feel like I know a celebrity! Here's a pic from when I met him :)

Bad bot

my cat has never been harmed and is a asshole. maybe if I throw him in front of a car he will have a polarity switch