This is Peak Liberal.

This is Peak Liberal.

Lots of negative point comments here. We're being brigaded!

Expect that. Their hissy fit known as Banout2018 got shut down, so I'm sure Reddit is full of triggered, blue-haired commies right about now.

the left has gone full circle and are now the party of censorship

Good morning brigaders! I mean this from the heart

Good morning brigaders! I mean this from the heart

They won't stop until they have banned all the great movies, novels, tv shows and music for being 'problematic'.

It’s already like this now

Thank God for the 2A

Has this meme been approved by the EU Ministry of Truth??

we've gotten a lot of mileage out of this girl(?).

I wonder what this lib psychopath cis white female person is up to now. Just curious how it's gender studies degree with an emphasis on hermaphrodites is working out for it.

At least two commenters have been shadowbanned. Go somewhere else, losers.

Winners focus on Winning.

Losers focus on Winners.

Get it? Stop being Losers!

Holy shit! That's awesome that they got shut down. I got a little nervous because they really don't need a reason to shut us down and I love this place. I got to hand it to Reddit. they did the right thing here shutting down a subreddit that targeted other subreddits. They did the right thing and they deserve recognition for that. I think that although Sp*z doesn't like us he knows we're not a hate subreddit.

She and TrigglyPuff are the spokeswomen for Snowflakes everywhere.

You know who also destroy books, arts and monuments that don't support their ideology?

Hey I made that! Nice to see it on the front page of t_d again!

Spread it far and wide!!

Need to add a pic of a non minority eating a taco with the SJW screaming about cultural appropriation. 😂🤣

I was telling a liberal friend of mine I was listening to Jordan Peterson's book and he recoiled in shock. He turned his nose up and said he couldn't read it because of his stances on certain things.

Mind you, even as a liberal this guy is a pro-business who loves making money and loves to digest all types of philosophy including stoicism. The book would be right up his ally but because he heard through liberals that Peterson is bad then he turns his nose up.

Not shut down, it just went to private. So we don't know what's going on there, but hopefully it's actually shut down.

There is no 'who else'. The left is 'the left'.

Lots of people people have gotten alot of mileage out of her.

They'll straight up murder us and lock us in their gulags while raping our children.

I got dinged by a crazy liberal in another sub that's completely unrelated to politics. He started to take over the thread to berate me because he saw that I posted here sometimes. I responded by suggesting that there's room in the US for all kinds of political opinions.

They really are like out of control zombies. The pendulum has swung the other way in the US, just like it has for decades. But they still can't let it go.

and remember, if he's not your President you can't impeach!

You must have both: the pen and sword!

the entire liberal ideology is 'do not do, do not think, do what we say'

White person with dreadlocks? REEE

Black person with blonde hair? *crickets*

are now the party of censorship

The left always has been the party of asserting control over the dumb people in the name of "progress"

The pen is mightiest when it writes orders for more swords.

The left has been in a ever-shrinking spiral for decades, and has reached the inevitable end-state: Heads so far up their own asses that they've become a perverse echo of Ouroboros.

Do not tuck that.

-Barack to Michael probably


Ah, he must be one of the Left's "intillecshuals" I'm always hearing about. They only read things that reaffirm their worldview. At least he's a capitalist. There's hope!

...while telling us it's for our own good.

lol well, you clearly didn't read it.


While working part time at Starbucks, driving a Prius, and coloring their hair blue.

CNN - As all commies are dirty, there can be no such thing as a dirty commie - meme is mostly false.

Do not laugh at that!

The only good communist is a dead one.

Toppest kekkles

Correct me if I'm wrong (I'm not wrong) but it's fascists, right?

Who do you think the fascists were?

NOTE: Frodo-like leg hair

Did anyone watch Iron Fist season 2? They went full SJW and gave the Iron fist power to a female and completely cucked Danny Rand and Ward Meechum. Fuck netflix.

They destroyed traditional values and are now trying to lock in and impose their values via censorship / shrieking / cry bullying and ultimately new laws.

No actually it did shut down.


yes I know what it said