This is my senator. He refused to be bought out and is fighting to keep Net Neutrality

This is my senator. He refused to be bought out and is fighting to keep Net Neutrality

Yeah you gotta have pharma money to own this guy.

Yeah Booker worked with Betsy Devos on school privatization. He is not an ally of any middle class American.

He refused to be bought out by ISPs

Unfortunately, we have another Senator.

True. One fire at a time though.

Sure. That fire is campaign finance.

I heard he charged into his neighbors burning house to save their modem

Not really. He’s a shill who shills for the right stuff, sometimes, for now, because he wants to be president.

I don’t want him as my president any more than I wanted Hillary Clinton, but I would resentfully vote for him over someone like Trump.

But remember, the Clintonites will tell you to compromise or else.

Are you a New Jerseyan? Booker, though imperfect, has been pretty good as a senator for this state. We can cry about "big pharma" all we want, but the reality is A) pharma is a pretty fucking huge industry here, so he is helping many of his constituents and B) even with that in mind, he's been on board with many progressive causes.

This is New Jersey. You can't get people on your side by going OOGA BOOGA WALL STREET BILLYUNAYHS because many of us know people who work on Wall Street and know that they're decent people. You can support sensible regulations on the financial sector and pharma companies - which Cory does! - without making them The Enemy.

He failed to pay taxes on the $500,000 in gifts he received from his fat Doctor "friend". Menendez is a tax cheat.

Their offer was too low?

I too refuse to be bought out for less than 6 figures!

New Jersey is respected globally for its strength in the biopharmaceutical and medical device industry. The State is home to 14 of the world's 20 largest pharmaceutical companies, including Novartis, Johnson & Johnson, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Merck & Co., Novo Nordisk and Bayer Healthcare. Furthermore, New Jersey boasts a well-educated workforce with a high concentration of scientific professionals. Each year, 22,000 students graduate with degrees in the life sciences from the State's 63 colleges, universities and technical schools-ready to work at New Jersey pharmaceutical companies. New Jersey also offers six higher education institutes that offer graduate and post-graduate degrees in biomedical and healthcare fields and 11 schools that confer doctorates for science, technology, engineering and mathematics.


Edit - For those coming from /sub/all that don't know who he is, this is Cory Booker - NJ Senator, ex-mayor of Newark, and all around awesome guy

All these people commenting from out of state don’t seem to realize that the pharmaceutical industry is a huge employer in NJ. Of course he supports them.

He’s a shill but at least he shills for the right stuff usually

The Bernie Sanders Purity Test will kill the Democratic Party.

Do you think that maybe, just maybe, it's possible that he actually thinks the idea has merit? Why does the regressive left hold every politician to this impossible far left standard? The country is not made up just of pasty college students and Jill Stein types- some politicians are willing (and some times have to) consider the other side.

Just because he might think school privatization might work doesn't make him an enemy of the middle class

Why unfortunately?

Edit: TIL

Is that why he worked with Sanders on his second Pharma bill?

I would take Booker over most of the guys on the Bernie side (especially Tulsi, yuck) because I don't agree with him on everything but he's seemed willing to listen and I think he's just a decent dude.

I don't care how ambitious you are, you don't run into a burning building to help people to further your political career.

People don't realize Booker's obligation is to represent the people of NJ. In NJ Pharma is HUGE so he is trying to help make sure that if something does happen to Pharma its not catastrophic for the entire state.

Wow. I didn’t realize it was that many. It’s a no brainer for him to support them.

He looks like a fixed version of Ajit Pai

Stop treating any criticism of flawed candidates as improper...because in fact it's actually our duty.

I will, however, push back on criticism I find incorrect, unfair, or ridiculous.

But he started the fire because they bought prescription drugs from Canada

Yeah, damn that Corey Booker, that guy that once rushed into a literal burning building to save a constituent. Damn that guy who supported Pharma literally only because Pharma is one of the biggest employers in his state. Who the hell does he think he is, representing his constituents like that.

It's gonna blow your mind if you ever look up the rest of the corporate lobbies and who they donate to.

The sugar lobby donates to people in Florida and Minnesota where there are sugar farmers. The fossil fuel lobby donates to coal country where there's fossil fuel jobs. This is how most lobbyists work. It's 1000x easier to get a politician to listen to you when large chunks of their voters depend on your industry for jobs. They're not bribing politicians. They're giving money to politicians that are already on their side, hoping they'll win so they can do stuff they want.

People really have to get over this "MONEY BRIBERY!!!!!" bullshit that every dumb fuck American seems to believe.

Just work through the logic here. Why do politicians want money from lobbies? All those donations are campaign donations. The politicians can't just pocket that shit. It's all for campaigning. And why do they campaign? They campaign so they can get more votes than the other guy and stay in office. THE DONATIONS ARE A MEANS TO AN END.

Do you think politicians love calling up donors and begging for money? Being their bitch? They fucking hate that shit. If they thought they could run a good campaign without money and win they would do that shit all day. But campaign staffs cost money. Ads cost money. Transportation costs money. Renting venues for constituency meet and greets cost money. The candidate needs a salary so not just super rich people who can afford to not work for money for a year+ can actually run. Making banners, posters, mailers, flyers, brochures, hats, bumper stickers, pins, all cost money. Running polls costs money. Campaigns cost fucking money.

But money is absolutely no guarantee to more votes. Ask all of Donald Trump's primary opponents who outspent him but lost anyway. Ask Eric Cantor who got beat in the primaries by a Tea Partier with 1/40 his funds. Ask all the Democrats in 2010 who got ousted during the mid-terms despite spending millions more in dozens of races.

All this bitching and moaning about lobbyists and money just means every single person doing that bitching and moaning misses the most important fucking thing. Your vote is infinitely more important than money. A trillion dollars doesn't guarantee an electoral victory. A single fucking vote more than your opponent does. (Electoral college notwithstanding) I truly believe all the crying over lobbyists and donations does the country significantly more harm than the lobbyists and donations themselves. It makes people think elections are a farce and that their vote doesn't matter. It makes people apathetic. And in being apathetic they are making it a self-fulfilling prophecy. Apathetic people don't pay attention and they rarely vote and that's just fine with every incumbent. They'll just keep that 90%+ incumbency rate cycle after cycle as you tune out because elections don't matter because it's not about votes but money.

But it's not fucking true. Votes are all that matter and all you retarded fucking Americans need to get that through your dumb fucking skulls. Get the fuck out there and vote, you shits.

If you present a politician with the choice between $10M in their campaign funds (which is extremely high for any House race) and 1 more vote than their opponent, which do you think they'd pick? It's the vote every single fucking time. What good is having a ton of money if you fucking lose office? If every Republican politician thought they'd be voted out of office tomorrow for voting to dismantle net neutrality, they wouldn't fucking do it. They're betting on their dumbass constituents being stupid and reelecting them anyway. And they're probably making a good fucking bet.

He's consistently voted against the middle class on issues like Healthcare and Schooling.

How? Which votes? You can maybe point to his charter program with Christie, but that A) wasn't when he was a Senator, and B) it honestly doesn't seem like it was an inherently bad idea. Newark's charter schools are actually really good - I used to work with low-income kids from Newark, and the charter schools were far and away better than most other options. I don't blame him for wanting to explore the option of expanding them.

And for the drug importation Klobuchar bill, he disliked certain elements and then worked to add amendments that fixed his issues. That's Senate 101.

To learn about Net Neutrality, why it's important, and/or want tools to help you fight for Net Ne...

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Write to the FCC here

Write to your House Representative here and Senators here

Add a comment to the repeal here (and here's an easier URL you can use thanks to John Oliver)

You can also use this to help you contact your house and congressional reps. It's easy to use and cuts down on the transaction costs with writing a letter to your reps petition here

You can support groups like the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the ACLU and Free Press who are fighting to keep Net Neutrality:

Set them as your charity on Amazon Smile here

Also check this out, which was made by the EFF and is a low transaction cost tool for writing all your reps in one fell swoop.

International Petition here

Most importantly, VOTE. This should not be something that is so clearly split between the political parties as it affects all Americans, but unfortunately it is.


Problem is he will run in 2020 and has a good chance of winning by painting the left as being too critical of their own candidates.

Corey Booker is exactly why you need to examine your politicians by platform position rather than party.

But remember, the Clintonites will tell you to compromise or else. There is no such thing as a bad corporatist democrat from their perspective.

In what way is he doing that? He had problems with Bernie's bill (actually wasn't it Klobuchar's bill?) and worked to fix his problems so he could support it.

That's like, Senate 101.

Its exceptionally rare that someone is on your side 100% of the time. Support him when he's right, fight him when he's wrong.


This 100 percent. Yet many Bernie supporters will ignore that Bernie himself being one of top 10 senators to receive pharma money last year. Way above Booker. Source

More unbiased info about Booker and his vote on this amendment here

One thing to be owned by big pharma and another to look out for your constituents since pharma companies employ 10,000s of people in NJ

No offense but do you actually have much knowledge about how bills become laws? They go through s many committees, get rejected, etc. and then once other politician's concerns and issues have been addressed they often change their mind and support them. This is no different, but since it doesn't fit into reddit's worldview that anyone who disagrees with Jesus Sanders is an evil Republican the only possible explanation must be that he's scared of Bernie's pasty white army.

From the article:

It’s still a long way from passing. But Booker signed on to the bill after he successfully lobbied to add dozens of safety provisions to it intended to ensure the drugs were safe.

This shit is so routine in Congress. Not everything is some conspiracy to fuck over America, and there are many politicians other than Sanders who care about their constituents

I like Kamala Harris. I'd be ok with her.

I don't want Bernie, Biden, Hillary, or Warren to run in 2020. They're too old. I want some young blood. Harris or Booker would be good.... my sleeper choice is Steve Bullock, though. 50-year-old D governor of a rural red state? He's my dark horse.

How did he do that when he explicitly voted for Sen Wyden's amendment, which covers basically same ground as the one he voted against (the one that everyone is giving him shit for) just without more strings, i.e. the part about importing drugs from Canada?

Source More source

Booker, though imperfect, has been pretty good as a senator for this state. We can cry about "big pharma" all we want, but the reality is A) pharma is a pretty fucking huge industry here, so he is helping many of his constituents

I am a Jerseyan and he has not been "pretty good"

He's consistently voted against the middle class on issues like Healthcare and Schooling.

I don't care if North Jersey is filled with corrupt health insurance companies, a majority of the their employees are middle class Americans making $50,000 a year or less in a state where our taxes are among the highest in the country.

No he didn't he got blasted online for it then voted for a nearly identical bill 2 weeks later.

....he identified problems in the bill that he did not like. The version of the bill he voted for had an amendment that fixed these problems.

Is it possible he ~asked his pharma donors~? Sure, you can't prove a negative. But there is a 100% plausible reason for his actions that isn't corrupt.

By “school privatization” do you mean charter schools? Because I would argue those are actually very beneficial to poor kids especially in underperforming urban areas.

This dude looks like he's got no eyebrows...but he has

I went to NJIT when he was still mayor of Newark, and he came to campus a couple times for some speeches... Man that guy is charismatic. I'm not surprised he is fighting for us to keep net neutrality

Forget that he failed to pay taxes on it, he also did political favors for that same friend.

Only about 16% of charter schools are for profit and some states like NY ban for profit charter schools, which is always an option instead of just making a blanket statement about how anything other than the current public school model is evil.

I know they’re not perfect but from my perspective as a graduate of shitty urban public schools, the more options we give students in bad school districts the better their opportunities are. Rich people get to pull their kids out of failing schools and have other options, why can’t poor people too?

Wrong. Section 3 debunks this claim.

TLDR: Sanders got more money because he was running a Presidential campaign, not a Senatorial campaign. Furthermore, his contributions were from individuals, whereas Cory Booker received many of his contributions from PACs.

I was so scared scrolling through these posts today. I’m thinking, “please not us, please not us!”

Afixt Pai

Was this the guy ripping Sessions a new butthole during the last congressional hearing? I enjoyed watching that--a little extra because he's light brown.

Mainly this.

This post's also about Net Neutrality, not how the rich are getting taxed.

He’s from Newark, where we have some of the worst public schools in the state. Not surprising or wrong he is ok with exploring alternatives to the current education system which is failing students in Newark.

I'm game and encourage it, but such critiques devolve into the search for a perfect politician where every flaw and compromise is unacceptable and in turn exploited for election proceedings. After a point you need to shut up and get work done today.

Seriously, this. The truth is always in the child comments. At the end of the day, representatives should be representing what's in the interest of his/her constituents. Even if Big Pharma tends not to be a good thing, it's a huge provider of jobs and industry in NJ.

No, but the mentality that a left-leaning centrist is as “bad” as a conservative isn’t gonna help win elections, either.

Oh and what the corporate branch has served us just fine?

You think Progressives are why Democrats are disappearing from state legislatures and governorships and the U.S. Congress? Think again. Progressives will save our asses or we'll all burn.

so he is helping many of his constituents

At the expense of everyone else who can't afford their medications.

No, but it shows that you care about others when it really matters and your own safety is on the line

Here's my major problem with this: everyone on reddit acts like this is a black and white issue and that it's 100% certain that school choice is detrimental to the middle class. There are so many variables at play in any issue. Maybe he sees some issues that redditors consider irrelevant as important. Maybe he realizes there are pros and cons but that the pros outweighs the cons. It's so fucking oversimiplistic to look at every issue as black and white and ignore how much nuance and shades of gray there are

Here's an argument from the Washington Post that school choice benefits the poor:

It's entirely possible that he thinks it would help the middle class

Menendez frequently sells himself like a cheap courtesan, why just the other week while strolling the Forum Magnum i saw him slyly take 300 sesterti from a date merchant in exchange for his support in naming him a Quaestor. The man has no sense of honor, such a position is worth a bribe of 600 sesterti at least!

Cory Booker

I heard big Pharma started the fire to make Booker look good!

Reagan was the most popular politician in america and yet here we are with Trickle Down Economics still NOT working. Funny it seems this country like canned stump speeches instead of substance. But lets roll through all your canned responses why dont we.

I'm no fan of Big Pharma, but at the very least Booker's very vocal call for marijuana legalization suggests he isn't so firmly in their pockets, at least compared to some other politicians on both sides of the aisle.

A Big Pharma shill typically fights tooth and nail to keep it illegal.

I'm a Sanders supporter and I still like Booker. Try not to lump all Sanders supporters in with the crazies.

Everyone who disagrees with me is a shill! My opinion is the only right one and everything else is paid for propaganda! Also, everyone else is killing political discourse!

I remember early on in his term as mayor there was a blizzard and of course Christie was on vacation to Disneyworld and the lieutenant governor was also out of state and Cory Booker was out shoveling snow and actually helping his people.

I've kind of been a fan since then and I don't even live in new Jersey

No it will not. The Bernie Sanders purity test is "don't be a corporate sellout shill warhawk".

If the dems want to be that, then let the party go down in flames if they refused to change and can't be expelled through a primary. They killed the party. Don't blame the side that never had control of it.

Obama lost over 1000 democratic of seats during his 2 terms. Bernie Sanders didn't do that. Obama did that.

The corporate dems are the entirety of the problem.

Bernie Sanders hasnt done anything of note besides a failed primary campaign, easy to shout from the bleachers homeboi

Get out of here with you facts. This is all about my feels! /s

He doesn’t have substance, he has stump speeches.

His single payer plan has zero analogue across the world, it relied on imaginary GDP growth figures to be solvent.

His free college plan was also a fantasy he never laid out what he meant by his tax on wal street speculation, but most took it to mean an FTT. Lets pretend itll work here even tho it didnt work in Sweden and Denmark, the plan still required half the money to come from the states. He never outlined how he would get republican governors to go along.

Bernie promises the world thats what he does, but hes never held accountable to these beliefs because he knows the american public is profoundly uneducated on policy and will believe him when he waves a hand and say some european country has the same plan

They might be controlled opposition, but worth some support. The fight is being lost, and will only lead to complete collapse and outright fascism.

Big Pharma are his constituents.

Also- it's OK to disagree with people you agree with, and vice-versa. Having that mindset is what changes the current political climate for the better.

he's a shill of everything else, don't be more like cory for the love of god

That was completely debunked

How was it debunked? He voted for the next version, that he helped Sanders/Klobuchar write, that included provisions that addressed his concerns. Doesn't that prove it?

Really? You want to help the big pharma industry? You think they need it? Stop kidding yourself.

Considering how many jobs it creates in northern NJ - and not just in the industry, but satellite jobs (convenience stores, restaurants, gas stations, groceries) - I think it is stupid to treat "big pharma" as The Enemy. Regulate? Yes. Go after for no reason? No.

And maybe if you're not a Jerseyan you can go fuck yourself.

I mean surely you could look at 2016 and come to the opposite conclusion? That liberals not being okay with a left leaning centrist is why we have president Trump? It’s all about perspective.

As long as he's not running for the White House y'all and Alabama can represent yourself however you choose.

It doesn't spare him the critique though. Which is the point. Stop treating any criticism of flawed candidates as improper...because in fact it's actually our duty.

Seriously fuck Bernie bros shitting on booker. Guy is one of the best democrats on the bench and these guys are honestly fucking proud and happy that trump is president cause they tanked Hillary. Democrats are shitting on booker and republicans are praising trump, and then we progressives wonder why we lost power in both chambers of congress and White House.

Man that guy is charismatic.

Isn't that part of being a politician though?

Let's not get into the same problem we had in the last election.

NO ONE will be perfect on all accounts. NO ONE will represent 100% of your views on every single issue. But this guy? This guy is gonna do a lot of good if given the chance.

Support him on the good and fight him on the bad. That's how politics works. Don't expect some magical savior, expect progress.

Someone has their eye on 2020.

This applies to everyone though not Bernie you fucking troglodyte, when you chucklefucks threw these same accusations against Hillary thats what we told you that the donations are largely from people working in said industry

I brought this up in a thread after the last pharma bill vote in which he voted no. People went crazy on me about it but it was all people who don't live in NJ. If he voted to let people but pharmaceuticals from Canada it would hurt the NJ economy.

the american political system is so screwed up at this point, you guys don't realize that the "far left" you see is more like international centrist - centre left parties.

Actually I'm a politics major at a well know college. I'm very familiar with international politics. You guys love to tout that America is so far right compared to everyone in the world, except by world you really mean Western Europe. Secondly, the US has always been to the right of Western Europe. This is not a new phenomenon.

Jill Stein considered the other side, and discredits them with evidence and facts.

LOL. I'm sure she used lots of evidence and facts promoting healing crystals, anti-vaccination, and cancer-causing wifi

Same goes for Bernie Sanders. It's not that they didn't "consider" the other side, it's that they considered it, realized it is wrong and moved on with their ideas

As someone who studies this kind of stuff I have my doubts about your assertion. I find his answers over simplified and often times unrealistic. One example that comes to mind was in one of his debates. Hillary Clinton came up with a reasonable answer to phase in renewable energy. Bernie made some grand claim that it's too late to phase in renewable energy, we need to go full renewable NOW. His base applauded and loved that shit. When the moderator pointed out that we only produce enough renewable energy to cover like 5% of US energy usage and asked how he would get the other 95%, he had no answer. He makes grand statements but when pushed doesn't have the details to actually implement any of them (nor any idea on how he will get the rest of Congress to agree with him).

Cory Booker is a corporate sellout shill and HE one of the ones killing the democratic party. No, because he's a sellout shill, his ideas do not work and he's a joke of a human being.

"I don't like his opinion so I'm gonna insult him!" Very mature. Btw the people who you claim are right with the Democratic Party (Sanders and Stein) aren't even Democrats

I would resentfully vote for him over someone like Trump.

And this is why we never really have a choice.

Examine the platform, not the party.

A lack of criticism of candidates is what got us in this mess. Insisting on backing the worst of your party because they are party is how you get Alabama child fuckers in senate.

Don't be like the Republican's. Be capable of booting out your own when they fall short.

Didn't he turn down signing a bill or something that was supposed to help bring in cheaper drugs? I read somewhere he did that because it was not a good deal and that it wasn't what people really thought it was. Say what you will about Booker, I lived in Newark while he was Mayor and he did a hell of a lot of good for the city. One of the reasons Newark is actively getting a lot better than it used to be is because of him.

lmao, hes owned by big pharma.

But then how do we get karma points from all these circlejerk posts calling elected politicians corporate whores?

The public schools in Newark are not bad due to lack of funding, they're bad due to corruption. Mark Zuckerberg donated $100 million to the Newark school system and it all got grifted.

That's certainly what the corporate Democrats want people to believe because they know they'd fail it.

Ahhh, okay—this money could either come from a PAC or a person who donated more than $200. For example, I gave Bernie Sanders more than $200 during the primary. I work here at Paste. So when OpenSecrets tallies up the money Bernie made during his campaign, they count my contribution, and they know my industry (because I had to fill it out). So it gets added to the industry tab titled “ultra-hip millennial journalism.” Or whatever.

It wasn't from big pharma. It was from people working there. The Clinton smear campaign decided to pretend this was not the case.

"Reagan did shit policies and was most popular, Sanders who has never been president and has opposite views is therefore proven to be nothing of note or something"


Funny it seems this country like canned stump speeches instead of substance

The fact that Sanders has substance is why he's the most popular politician in America.

America is done with the fake politicians of the 80s and 90s with the ties and shirts and slicked hair.

As Kyle Kulinski said, Sanders is a Jewish maybe atheist self identifying socialist with bad posture and nearly beat the Clinton giant using nothing but small donations from the public.

Means nothing to you?

Yeah because centrist democrats have done a bang up job so far. They've only left the party in the weakest position it's ever been in on both a federal and state level.

Maybe the people want a little purity in their politicians, just a crazy thought.

While I agree with the sentiment of your statement, I'd like to point out that the person listed only one example of him not favoring the middle class. I don't think it's too high of a standard to hold your elected official to the promises he makes to his (mostly middle class) constituents. I mean objectively, if you vote for something that is detrimental to your constituents in the face of factual evidence of it being detrimental then it's no longer a partisan thing. That's just my 2 cents on this though.

Yeah. I’m pretty sure he saved his elderly neighbor from a burning building too. This guy is a hero, and for that us NJ citizens are proud.

That's called a healthy democracy.

She's a creep, has cozied up to Assad, is pretty anti-LGBTQ, and I'm not comfortable with her association with some extremist groups in India.

I can't stand her.

There was no "huge backlash" outside of deranged Bernie circles on the internet.

Nah, there’s less stigma around it now, so rather then balding for 20 years and attempting a combover lots of guys are just saying “fuck it” and going all in.

Yep that was him. Really a fantastic orator.

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