David who? Soyboy's 15 minutes are up.

Been waiting for that..! Life cycle of a mosquito!

a free market settles all bullshit

Up 20% viewership and now open advertiser slots? Pretty sure that will get filled.

I agree. Still doesn't stop Hogglet from being a dick. He's not exactly innocent, in fact, he's the enemy.

I listen to her daily podcast after Rush. One tough lady, they've been trying to silence her for years but she hits hard and has a lot of influence with her name.

Support our fellow pedes!

He’s also guilty of Stolen Valor.

He represents himself as a ‘survivor’, but didn’t know the shooter, did not see the shooter that day, was never in danger or at risk, and wasn’t even in the building!

He’s not a survivor, he’s a liar!

i feel bad for the guy. he's just some young kid. media chewed him up, spit him out and will ruin his life. he didnt know what he was doing (obviously). the media knew what they were doing and did it anyhow.

they are users. they dont care about you. only fame and ratings and money and coke.

someone stop me when i start lying.

Others will take their place

I wouldn't be surprised in J. Jonah Jameson was a pede...If he was real.

Nah. He’s a purveyor of fake news.

His father, I read, is anti-Trump FBI. The kid wasn't used by the media, so much as the media was very happy to accommodate the ambitions of his parents.

TBH all the advertisers leaving did hurt her

I bought from MyPillow with the code, LAURA, thanks to this kid's boycott. I've been sleeping very well since then, and I will sleep so well knowing I helped wipe that smug off the kid's face.


Ace already went back

Why is it that only the rights boycotts ever seem to produce any kind of results? Don't forget to check out all the leftist companies you should be avoiding @ /sub/therightboycott