This is Acceptable

This is Acceptable

...This does not seem like a healthy sibling relationship.


L: "Eirika and Ephraim have it so why can't we!"

E: to Summoner "Please just turn me into feathers already"

I know about a healthy sibling relationship.

Flair does not check out.

Just an fyi...

Eldigan's feelings were mutual in this manga.

You should learn from Reinhardt and Olwen's wholesome relationship spoiler just like siblings in real life.

Alright, I haven't played their game, so here's what I know from this reddit: Lachesis is a girl whose NOT Moe, and is an adult fine lady. She wants to play Lannister with her older brother, who is the headless horseman who is Sigurds best bro, but he is also kind of a villain and fights them. He may or may not be a vampire judging from how he's dressed, and he's VERY furious. Also Lachesis is a better horse sword lady and she isn't a good cleric. Is this at all accurate, or has reddit failed me?

There is no way a head without a body can still be alive!!

Jesus Christ Finn what do you sound like when you aren't trying to help

still a captain...

half sibling.... half as bad..?

Cease and De-cest

Accurate enough.

Or Minerva and Michalis

I wonder how long before this pairing ends up on the explicit content guideline list. It's toeing the line as it is.

and then the next few pages...

Probably, although FE4 was pretty full of incest.

As the saying goes, Incest is wincest or something like that.

...I'm pretty sure you're the only one on that ship.

Tbf, spoiler

Thanks to certain cinnamon roll

That was...a lot. I wanna make an incest joke but I genuinely feel bad for Lachesis and wouldn't mind her hooking up with FEH Eldigan if that's what makes her happy

Unhealthy sibling relationship?

In fire emblem??

Why I never!

Twincest is wincest?

Welp, guess it's time to read the genealogy manga.

"It's not a bug, it's a feature"


that was so in the feels i'm even willing to let the incest slide

Oh absolutely, it's honestly a major theme, my flair can attest. People on this sub just tend to run with things/memes past their due course. I honestly don't mind this post, but we'll see if the pairing becomes a bigger meme.


Somebodies never heard of the jealousy glitch that lets you pair Seliph and Julia.

Surely you jest-cest

Close enough.

They have a literal negative love growth.

If that's not noping out, I don't know what is.


no upvote from me, I am captain of the ephriam x lachesis ship


Re the cleric thing: she is your only mounted healer with access to rescue in gen 1. RESCUE + CANTO WOOHOO

Stave utility rocks

In game in FE4, I agree that it's not as bad as it's sometimes made out to be. There's separation between most of them growing up, and most aren't direct siblings from the same parents, if we want to be technical. The FE wiki even says that Julia lets go of her feelings for Seliph once she learns they're related.

The really inappropriate stuff generally comes from the fandom, and considering how Lachesis' defining characteristic in her Hero's version is her devotion to her brother, it really isn't a surprise that it's focused on. As long as things don't get too out of hand on the sub, I don't imagine anything will change, but should people make it into a meme and comment on it whenever the units come up like Eirika/Ephraim, I would imagine mods might step in at that point. We're not there yet, I don't think. This post is pretty popular though.

While it isnt really easy (or possible to some) to justify incest, Most Genealogy incest isnt as bad as its made out to be.

No incest couple (or potential couples) have grown up with the said person, they only met them at a later point and fell in love before figuring out they were it was incest. (Besides Lachesis she knew Eldigan was her brother, but Eldigan also isnt her legitimate brother nor did she grow up with him)

I also would bring up Shannan and Larcei, but cousins are a slightly different topic than "sibling bonds"

Incest is incest but atleast nobody is quite literally with a sibling they grew up with from start to finish.

Tl;dr Julia and Seliph have cute dialogue and have feelings for eachother (atleast until the end, never says if they change feelings) and I dont want to feel bad for liking them damnit!

Scene with Lex. Warning: NSFW

Lachesis: "Yes."

Be me. First month the game was out.

Splurging all my orbs on colorless in a takumi-salt fueled marathon.

Pull dupe 5* blonde imoutos.

whodafuk is Lachesis.

turn up volume, expecting to hear moe loli voice.

extremely shooken by ultra-deep-velvety voice.



The VA has actually voiced a character called Velvet in Tales of Berseria, lol.

Til there's an explicit content guideline list. But I mean, that sounds like such an unnecessary killjoy to me. It's fire emblem, incest memes is like the real main plot of the entire franchise

What I mean is it's impossible to read for any romantic implication between the two when they actually fall less in love the more they hang out.

They nope out the more they hang out with each other.


In my Fire Emblem?

It’s more likely than you think.

Don't hold Julia and Seliph accountable for a glitch, it's not their fault ;-;

266 BST

I miss canto.

They have a negative love growth regardless of whether they find out or not

The negative love growth is only so that if you were to take Seliph or Julia to the Augury they would come out as "almost in love" by starting at 490, then decreasing it to the 0 love points (using the -5 love growth) that she shares with every other male character

I need to read this intensely when I get the chance.

Same manga also features Ayra in a, revealing fashion

It's actually easier to count the number of healthy brother/sister relationships rather than all the unhealthy ones.

Healthy include Chrom/Lissa, Ninian/Nils, Delthea/Luthier, and a few more.

It's almost porn, but it gets a bit violently graphic after the almost incest scene.


She wants the Fury 6

Cest la vie?