This is a real friendship right there

This is a real friendship right there

Could you make this harder to follow?

For real tho. Soon laundry and watching the child. That’s some responsible reliable relationship! Most married people can’t even get along this well.

Seriously it seems so out of order or something. I'm very confused


My old roommates would have called one of their girlfriends to babysit for him. Times are a changing lol.

Real friends clean your underwear.

I honestly still don't know what's going on.

So the brother is watching the child, and she's not falling asleep. So he did laundry, and made the room more purple to help her fall asleep, thus proving himself the realest nigga alive.

Am i dumb, or is this it?

Also, how does stuff like this get upvotes? Do people just upvote by the username?

In what way is this supposed to read? Everything is just cut off and repeats

What the hell is this even about? I tried several times and couldn't follow.

It’s a bonnet. Keeps a hairstyle from becoming messed up/frizzy while you sleep. Used mainly by black women

I can't get my GF to do the dishes on her day off. I'd wingman for this guy to hell and back

Real friends make you shit them.

How the fuck do I read this bro

I pass the vacuum she does the dishes. I cook. She does the dishes. I drive her around, she does the dishes.

I fucking hate doing the dishes.

This seems like something out of /sub/notinteresting

What the actual duck is going on here? Did the the toddler post this or something?


Love this so much

Yeah this seems extremely mundane, are we to such a lowered standard that letting a kid falling asleep and doing laundry makes you the best?

That's the exact same relationship I have with my SO, except she drives me around.

Why is there a bag on her head?

Nope OP didn't make a quality post. The penalty is death.

It's useless. There's no explanation, and no one knows what the fuck is going on.

There's just a (presumably) well taken care of child, so it's on this sub I guess.

I did that and I still don't understand what happens. Could you please explain the post to me? Thanks!

Driving is the worst. I'm so fucking ready for self driving cars.