This hits home

This hits home

People who don't know how to merge are the ones who cause traffic. One car from each lane at a time, like a zipper, it's not hard.

Yet somehow some dick still manages to get stuck inbetween

You should have been paying attention to the road ahead of you.

Because either he or the person in the other lane thought they would get to wherever they're going faster by refusing to let the other one in ahead of them. Douchebags.

Fuck all of's your own damn fault you weren't able to merge. ...shouldve done it a couple of miles back

Ay he was being literal. Dick getting stuck in the zipper.

"Well I think I'll wait til the last second. That way I can get ahead of all these cars."

All the comments about merging but im more interested in how tf this went down


You were driving all normally 5 fucking seconds ago with normal space between you and the car in front of you. Now as soon as I need to merge you layin on the gas riding the guy in fronts bumper? Why are you taking this personally you petty bitch, my car isnt built for off-road I need to fucking merge. Hope your kids become crack heads and put you through hell you inconsiderate, I wont make eye contact or even turn my head to look but I'll speed up and not let you in just because I need to be one car ahead, lookin ass bitch.

This. The highway near my hometown has a lane that ends. But it tells you at least two if not three miles in advance that it's gonna happen. And then there are neon arrows telling people to merge. But they wait till the last second and force their way over. I'll drive half in that lane half in the other to force people over.

80 person human chain? What the hell


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That's the way you're supposed to zipper merge. Merging together a half mile before the lane ends only results in a half a mile of a lane going unused.

Unfortunately most people don't know this, so anyone who merges at the "last second" looks like an asshole even though they're doing it correctly.

How the fuck do you do that with an on ramp

You and the dude you replied to are both wrong. You're supposed to utilize lol of the road ahead of you. That's why it's there in the first place. You're supposed to utilize the lane until it's just about to end, and then zipper. And if this is done correctly, traffic doesn't bottleneck and nobody has to slow down. Problem is everybody on the road thinks they're more important than the rest.

Edit: words are hard

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It's unfortunate that the people who are the ones complaining about drivers trying to merge are the ones who don't know how a merge works.

You're supposed to use the lane until it ends.

Probably because he tries to cut in at the end.

I'm from Pittsburgh. We don't know what zipper merging is that's for sure

Should have.


I think a lot of people missed your joke

Eveyone needs to learn the concept of zipper merging. We are suppose to use all two lanes until we can't no more. Then we are to merge. Most people think you just form one long line. (Video for reference)

Reddit_Novice is talking about zipper merging. Most people don't understand the concept. If you just let that car in the other lane over, then traffic flows better. Literally, if people followed this video things would be better.

-Micheal Scott

Apparently it was only about 30 people, how disappointing

depends, if he's merging into your lane when there's clearly no room, that doesn't really make you a douchebag for not slamming on your brakes to try and create room.

Unfortunately everyone moves overway early and then it appears that the people going to the end of the disappearing lane gets to go way ahead of the people that merged super early, because the people that merged super early already caused the slowdown. Then everyones pissed.

If his lane is ending or it's an on ramp you're not supposed to be to bumper to bumper. That's the whole point of the merging lane signs you see leading up to it. To prepare you to make room for the incoming merges.

A lot of the top comments here are promoting the wrong driving tactic. I'm not surprised. Nobody knows how to zipper merge and it shows, people here are talking about "not letting the other guy in cause they can wait", even though letting them in would benefit everyone. It's all an ego thing.

Or you can adjust your speed to the drivers around you. Pretty simple tbh, I do it all the time.

Driving in Florida angers me. Hell living here angers me.


When you merge you need to be at the same speed as everyone else. It's so simple i dont know how people fuck this up

Why do people that get downvoted always resort to "Have a blessed day good sir. I shall keep you in mind as I partake in a much more interesting activity than Reddit."

That's not what you're supposed to do.