This hand basin is a part of the toilet. When you flush the tap runs long enough to wash your hands and fill the cistern.

This hand basin is a part of the toilet. When you flush the tap runs long enough to wash your hands and fill the cistern.

That's an excellent way to save water. It's all going to the same place anyway.

I feel like residual soap scum would build up in the tank. Is that not a concern?

You expect me to flush my turds with used water? Like a goddamned animal?

You would need to choose your hand soap with that in mind. The liquid foaming kind would be better than hard soap

Absolutely. You can't see it fully in this pic unfortunately but the little blue/grey sticker on the cistern is a 5 star water efficiency rating.

a shovel.

If you sit on it backwards you can pee and drink simultaneously forever creating a sustainable energy source for everyone

Don't get too excited, that's out of 20.

Seems a bit awkward to use is all.

Like, you have to stand with your legs spread out on the sides of the toilet.

I only poop in pools of pH neutral, reverse osmosis Diamond water

Wonder what a level 20 efficiency looks like...

Most of the liquid soaps have abrasives added like pumice. That's why here in Seattle with our constant problems of spewing poop into Elliott Bay, we've asked people to not use liquid soap. They're just garbage made by people that hate us and the environment.

You can find them in Japan, it's a way of saving water usage.

I don't understand why this hasn't been implemented in the US in smaller homes. This has been a regular thing in Japan for decades and it just makes so much sense from a space saving standpoint and a water saving standpoint.

... Poop should never be in the cistern.

I know right, you just shit reverse cowgirl and brush your teeth at the same time.

Or don't buy liquid soaps with pumice in them?

Well, it's mostly that Americans are not at all cramped for space. However, people are starting to come around to a more minimalistic high utility design scheme. See the "tiny house" craze.

I am in love with a lot of these mostly Japanese designs for compartmentalized living. I think if people started looking at reducing their physical footprint they would be better off.

Poop should never be in the cistern.

It's called an upper decker and if anyone does this to you you have my expressed written permission to beat their fucking ass.

Love the concept but leaving over the toilet to wash my hands seems rather gross and uncomfortable.

I dont know what it means but im on board. Fuck the pumice!

I don't know what greenisin is referring to but I believe some states have made microbeads in soaps and body washes illegal. Little plastic microbeads that fish eat.

Thats the first time I've read those words arranged in that particular order.

Are you a T-rex?

What are you, a FARMER?!

I only shit directly into artisan crafted bone ivory bowls filled with the finest Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani.

I had a toilet like this and never had issues like that.

Watch the SouthPark episode "reverse cowgirl"... Apparently that's how you're supposed to sit on a toilet or else you can die

I'm in as well. I'm in the mood for a good outrage!

Rabble rabble rabble!

Like what they have in prison cells.

Can you explain this? Why is liquid soap and pumice bad?

Here's a few disadvantages I came up with:

Doesn't save that much space. You still need a normal sink with countertop to elsewhere to do other tasks like brushing your teeth. The sink pictured above doesn't have a plug, so you can't wash things in it. What if you want to wash your hands for a reason other than going to the toilet? What if your hands are really dirty? You don't want to put excessively dirty water in the toilet tank.

I was thinking a perpetual energy machine of some sort, but I guess a shovel would be about an 18

This is what I wonder every time. Someone answer!

Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani

That's what I give my dog.

I only flush with unicorns tears, harvested by blind Tibetan monks

You can still buy liquid soaps. Just not the ones with pumice in.

Just like county jail! Makes a person feel right at home

That's not even legal or available in the states anymore. He should have specified that and not act like all liquid soap has plastic beads.

Maybe they need a sign there saying: "WARNING: Water is cold. Don't wash penis here."

Depends on frequency of flushing right? Either way it's not like soap scum isn't easy to clean.

Are you currently concerned about the soap scum build up in the drain pipe of your bathroom sink?

On the internet, nobody knows you're a prehistoric reptile from the late Cretaceous period.

Yea but there is a far more aesthetically pleasing way to design this.

This is more for train stations, hotels, restaurants or whatever than a private residence bathroom. Although the water savings is impressive.

Better than poop buildup, it's going to have to be cleaned occasionally either way


We cant just let this stupid pumice spew shit all over seattle

i wish they were in stainless, So much like home..

Awesome I got ass kicking permission from someone who looks like they have no fucks to give.

No Trump! No KKK! No liquid hand soap USA!

Why? In a normal sink all the water you use would have been going down the drain, with this only the water used after the cistern fills will be going down the drain.

I live in Montana and when we remodeled our home our contractor thought one of these would be a good idea for a tiny bathroom we have. I believe it was shipped from Australia.

Anyway, it's pretty weird and awkward. I wouldn't rush to put one of these in your house if you're thinking about it.

Agreed. It's better for use in public restrooms that are only used for using the toilet and washing your hands. Not to mention the positioning isn't optimal. Do you straddle the seat while you use it or just lean really far? that is some productivity I can get behind.

Unicorn tears? Even my dog wouldn’t deign to let that into his sight. I only deposit my waste into the sweat of the Lord himself

Why is spewing pumice with the poop a bad thing? What about pumice makes you not want it included with your bio waste?

Yeah living here for a while and still get impressed by these things. It's such a simple and effective use of water!


But volcanoes are all natural™. I thought that meant they were good for the environment.

your poor skin.

They terk err jerbs!

Some types of microbeads were banned federally in 2015 because they were polluting water supplies.

I believe there is a type of microbead that is allowed that does degrade, but I think the most common types are illegal.

Well, you could always just put 'em on display up top and let nature figure out the rest...

Username checks out.

I think people would be amazed how often that is the reason things are the way they are in the US.

At this point, I've removed all soaps and replaced them with 100% pumice.

But if the water flow is reduced so you can wash your hands under it then it may take longer, giving you time to wash them possibly?

When I was in Japan, the place I stayed at had one of these toilets. It was in a small closet like room. There was another room for bathing/laundry and had a proper sink in it for all your above concerns.

No. But my bathroom sink doesn't drain into a bucket that then drains into a toilet sitting in the open air. I never see my sink drain water again, this time it goes into a holding tank that shows up next flush..

I think if people started looking at reducing their physical footprint theythe world would be better off.

even then it does not work in the usa for businesses ada regulations require sinks that are handicap accessible

Maybe not so good in some places, I can imagine a lot of foul greases and so forth sticking to the insides of the tank.

Now you too can enjoy the feeling of prison plumbing, right in your own home!

But now you gotta lift up the sink to clean the inside also.

There is a sink in the toilet room. I don't understand your question.

In japanese homes, the toilet room and the bathroom are separate, so this design makes sense so you don't have to walk to a different room down the hall to wash your hands.