This Guy Spins

That explains the active hurricane season.

"I thought hurricane season was over"

Edit: Holy Mother of Gold!! Thank you!! What an honor.

Bboy pocket is his name, here he is doing one arm air flairs

That guy just pointing at him like we're all not watching the insanely awesome moves center stage.

I didn't know what the subject of the gif was supposed to be but lucky for me homie in the back was there to point it out

Somebody hand this guy the cross joint.. he needs to slow the fuck down

I knew this was Pocket. That kid's been blowing up, since he was like 12 or something. His power stuff has a very specific look to it because it's much more momentum-based than most people's.

Jump to 6:55 here, if you need further proof that this guy is inhuman.

Asia gets Typhoons, not hurricanes.

Notice the counter clockwise rotation.

I think that's because he's really short. I've seen A LOT of bboys and it's always the shorter ones who are faster.

"hey guys are you all seeing what I'm seeing?" "look!" "yay yay yay"

The guy who has to follow that up... #feelsbadman

Yeah, having a low centre of gravity and low bodyweight probably helps a ton.

I wish I could do something like that without mildly sharting myself.

That comma hurts, man.

kim jong ill

I only have 2 lighters

Yeah I just saw the followup and was like " know i MIGHT have been mildly impressed if I hadn't watched the human beyblade a second ago."

midget spinner?


It took me way too long to figure, out what he was pointing at.

Spinning, that’s a good trick

The pointing is a sign in the breakdancing world meaning "I like this " when someone points a lot that means they like what you're doing.

Damn airbenders.

I'd buy that fridget spinner.

There's a lot to breakdancing apart from the air flares that pocket does - breakdancing has "power" moves like what pocket does and "style" moves.

Power moves tend to be more flashy for casual onlookers because they're often very fast sequences in relatively unnatural positions that seem to require a lot of strength and balance.

Think of it like gymnastics - pommel horse definitely requires more upper arm strength than rhythmic gymnastics, but there is arguably more technique involved in rhythmic gymnastics.

Breakdancing, like any other dance, is also about timing with the music. Since these are freestyles, there is a lot of flexibility involved in what you do, but you're expected to chain together individual moves in a rhythm with the beat. Performing a wide variety of moves that suit the song and are well syncopated to the beat is particularly impressive, as opposed to the comparatively mindless act of spinning around doing air flares.

If you want to check out another "powerhead", I believe Issei was the 1vs1 breakdancing champion for this competition (r16), and considered to be one of the best bboys of the "power" style worldwide. Several of his opponents are "styleheads" that have the opposite style is breakdancing.

My terminology might be a bit outdated, I haven't worked with bboys and bgirls for a while, so I'm a bit out of touch with the community.

Oh man someone needs to point at the point guy. Almost missed him.

Check this dude out


fist bump me


It's why we haven't seen a gigantic top built yet. It would just fall over and crush buildings

Look at Mr clean pants over here, mildly sharting. I wish I could do something like that without ferociously shitting myself.

First you learn locking, then the popping.

Once you start 'illin, you're ready.

adjust the length of each end of the side joint accordingly so when lit in succession it burns even



Jump to 6:55 here

You can put the timestamp in the link so no one has to do any jumping.

Wait, what do you mean ‘the battery’s dead’?

He goes by bboypocket or Pocket Kim and here's his Instagram account.

The guy that did was probably cut from the team with that attempt.

very easy


I dunno man still seems pretty pointless to me.

Here's some of the stuff he can do

The "pointing guy" all of you are talking about is Bboy Gravity, and I think a lot of you are understating what he's actually doing. He's a breakdancer, just like Bboy Pocket (the guy spinning in the gif).

He's not just some extra on stage, he's in a team with Bboy Pocket. It's a massive part of Bboy culture to "hype" your teammates while they're pulling off a set.

The pointing is perfectly normal in a competition like this, hell, Bboy Pocket probably did the exact same thing when Gravity came up to dance.

Yep, this is why most gymnasts are short too, you have a tighter center of gravity and lighter limbs so it's very easy to spin around your core and get into whatever position you need to be to land or whatever you're trying to do.

Kim jong illinest

Jaw drop.

Okay, found more:

He's the hype man

Hitmontop, is that you?

He's a human Beyblade.



I learned more about break dancing in that post than I ever thought I wanted to, but I'm glad I did.

I think he's like half dwarf with all the dwarf strength but none of their weaknesses. The Dayspinner.


Love to get hyped up by my boys when I'm doing something nasty.

some say he's still spinning..

guy with a cart, screaming: MY CABBAGES!!!!!!!

Breakdancing should be in the Olympics.

Aww man talk radio? It’s so boring... I bet the car committed suicide

The battery is dead. Its ceased to live. It is deceased now . the car needs a battery to start Saul.

Ok sir, here's the key to your room. Enjoy your stay at hell. :)

The other team's spinny guy that follows him goes half as fast, and uses elbow pads...


I wish I could do something like that. Even if I would violently shit myself.

yooo i remember those days! i remember idolizing hong10 and physicx so much

That's a good way to injure yourself. Learn flares through progressions and solid technique. Learning power moves through raw strength alone, like trying to hop (?) while doing handstands, will make you more injury prone and will take longer as well.

Source: b-boy background

He definitely identifies as an Apache attack helicopter

Can I have that guy hype everything I do?


Known as the hype man
playlist of comedian Beth Stelling

Haha! FYI everyone I accidentally linked a I had open in another window. She also has a new special on Netflix's "The Standups."

My first post is now edited to have the right video, but YOU'RE WELCOME

The horror

I thought someone told a computer to make the song version of Hot Topic

And that's how I learned, while rare, hurricanes can and have happened in Ca.

Most interesting part of that Wiki page is when DJ Khaled is listed as his own hype man.

The hype is real. The man dressed in black is Pocket's crewmember. They are doing a group battle against another crew, where everyone takes turns breaking. It's Pocket's turn to get down and it's common for your own guys to hype you up when you're doing something nasty.

You make it sound so easy haha. Just be short!

Holy shit that was insane. Especially when he took off his shirt

nice try, Beth

Serious question: How does one start to learn to do this?

The guy on the far right was loving this before he even started.

Reminds me of Chun Li's upside down helicopter kick.

I mean... most people look like newborn deer when they first try to learn skateboarding. There are some great tall skateboarders, it's pretty helpful since you have a lot more vertical height to olly with to clear objects. You just needed to get one of the larger sized boards and stick to it, it takes A LOT of practice to become comfortable on a skateboard for most people. Tony Hawk is 6'2.3" and he specialized in what is easily the most acrobatic of skateboarding sub-groups, halfpipe (vert).

Here's a 6'7" professional skateboarder, Ron Whaley:

For the lazy

What do I mean? I mean the battery's dead. The battery's dead.

I can't even light this thing by myself man...

Came for this

The core strength on this guy is fucking epic...jesus christ.

Good lord that music

The spinning direction has to do with being in either the northern or southern hemisphere. Not with the name...

I say this shit all the time but nobody ever gets it


I am glad he did point, I did not know where to look until he did.

Spin Jong ill

This is incorrect. Many b-boys get their powers from parasites, but their moves can dislodge the little critters and the b-boy is at risk of losing his ability. The pointer is indicating where a parasite has left the host so it can be regained without losing momentum.

ok I heard there would be dropping involved as well

I know you linked the wrong link but thank you for the playlist of what you sent. This is hilarious.

Every team needs a good spinny guy.

I thought he was trying to get a fist bump mid-spin and was just that confident in his friends skills.

Fuck, You