This guy protests

This guy protests

No wonder why some people resent christianity so much. That is a prime example of how you shouldn't share your faith that is supposedly centered around forgiveness.

Religion is like a dick. You can love it and be proud of it, but keep it to yourself, don't take it out in public, and don't shove it down children's throats.

What a cute couple

He forgot :

women working or preaching people who eat shellfish anyone having sex "non missionary" People who gossip Thinking about anything "wrong" Liars Gambling


Swimming (just assuming from what I read in the Bible)

Guess there was not enough room on his sign after all the BS

It's an old joke to be fair.

100% the protester is a closet gay

Also people who wear clothes made of more than one material (Deuteronomy 22:11)

You read this on the jokes subreddit literally moments ago!

Thank god my wardrobe is 100% spandex

So I visited the website linked on the sign in the OP.

Here's a snippet from the most recent blog post...

My lesbian daughter was married a few months ago to her lesbian life partner Jesse. Some strange man walked her down the aisle of destruction to her ‘husband’, Jesse, a woman that is supposed to love her. The truth is they don’t love each other at all but hate each other and Jesus. They are loving their sexual pleasures unto death in eternal hell fire. In fact, all who attended and approved this marriage will give an account to Jesus Christ on that Great and terrible day of JUDGMENT.

Free speech is great. Means some jackass can wave around a sign proclaiming his viewpoint, also means that the rest of us can mock him. Nobody's suggesting we silence him, but it's my right as an American to speak out against things I don't believe in. Not our fault that our protestor is funnier than yours.

At the very least he's got some weird porn in his browser history.

Aisle of Destruction is now the name of my band. Not to be confused with those posers, Isle of Destruction.

To take things to another level, the Bible even states that we are supposed to love them instead of judging them.

He's not even a good christian! The bible states that judging people is a sin and we're not responsible to hate people who are sinful.

A true holy man

This is how you handle dickheads. No need to punch heads.

"Believe in God or we shall smite you with holy flames!"

It's pathetic that the extremists will kill people in the name of god stating some garbage about it "being his will" and that they're "purging the land of sin and corruption" but yet in doing so, become sinners themselves and are too blind to see it. Like isn't the first commandment "Tho shalt not kill"? That's like breaking the prime directive! So stupid.

Also there's a lot of racism tied to religious nuts too. Which doesn't make sense in that context either (being centered around forgiveness).

I think I lack that spiritual center in my brain because I just don't see a point when you have followers that are going against everything that religion stands for. I don't get it.

Edit: OK so it's not the first commandment - apparently the order of the commandments differs between the various followings (reformed, Catholic, etc.) - some it's the 7th or 6th, others it's the 5th or 4th. It's still a commandment and if you kill someone, regardless of whether it's in god's name or not, you'd still be breaking it no matter what number it is.

Edit #2: Also wanted to clarify and emphasize that I mention this only really applies to extremists / nuts / fanatics as I said in my post. I know a few people, like others who have responded, that are Christians but generally keep to themselves. And unless they told you, you'd never even guess they were Christians because they're not super hardcore. Those people I have respect for. The in-your-face pressuring, wrath-of-god types I mention I do not.

I'm sitting in church right now and I still don't understand religion. Christianity specifically. I've been going (dragged) to church all my life and once I hit college, it just doesn't make sense to me. I don't understand how a lot of christians can't fathom that some people are different than them, believe differently than them and such. I personally feel like I judge people instantly and fairly harshly. I don't know if this is just a psychological phenomenon or if i learned it through seeing parents and other people in the church. The very first time I realized how bizarre religion is was when I tried to see Christianity through an outsiders perspective. I looked at it and it makes no sense. You're telling me there is a force everywhere at once, that knows all sees all and is the absolute law? That doesn't make sense. It also doesn't help when I think about how many different cultures have a god or gods. This says to me that religion was brought about because people couldn't explain different events that were happening. Such as weather, famine, and such. This sort of brings me around to my opinion on this post, which is why can't people believe what they want to believe? I'll never tell someone their religion is stupid. Because I personally thing there are truly great parts of religion. I am only familiar with the Bible as far as Gil texts go but I think there are a lot of good stories about helping your neighbor and staying humble and such. I think my favorite saying from the 10 commandments is love your neighbor. It doesn't list except if they're gay, had an abortion, atheist, muslin, Hindi, Buddhist. It just says love. This is what we all need right now. Another thing I'd like to see preached is a quote,

Don't judge someone because they sin differently than you.

Sorry for the rant friends, I just like talking about this stuff. It's always good for discussion

Nah, there's only ever original content on Reddit.

The make-up sex must be insane

Are you suggesting that he is, in fact, a 'porno-freak'?

Well, it does say drunkards. So you know, Venn diagram and all...

As an atheist I will upvote your good natured jab, then take another sip of my coffee and Baileys

As a Christian this makes me sad. Only religion holds to hate. Jesus's love is what everyone needs. No one deserves to go through life alone. He died for the gay, straight, bi and the sinners. He gave his life so that we could have forgiveness and comfort and when someone screams that "we are all going to hell for our sins" it angers me because they are hung up on religion (mans best effort to reach God) when Instead they should be showing the love of God to them so they don't have to face life alone.

Where are you getting the idea it's forbidden?

Liars is already on there.

As a Christian, I am ashamed at the people like the guy with the sign in the OP. They do nothing but spread hate and fear which is the opposite of what they should be doing. A large majority of the people holding these signs (at least the ones I've seen) just scream about how you'll all end up in Hell and they'll even judge people walking by. There was one at my old University that would literally yell "Slut! You'll burn in hell!" to girls in short shorts and things like that. That's not what people who believe in Christ should be doing, and these nasty people who depend on fear to force people into their beliefs is disgusting. Do you think it's alright to yell at sinners, shame them, and tell them they'll burn in Hell if they don't listen to everything you say? I certainly don't. No one said he's not allowed to be there, but we can certainly have our qualms with someone who makes our religion look like one full of hate speech and anger. And that means other people surely have their own problems with this guy and I don't blame them. That guy just gives people that dislike Christianity one more thing to dislike while helping literally no one.

uhm hating is a sin btw

They are all the fucking same

No one stated that Christians are the only people doing bad things. He just pointed out the hypocrisy in (some) Christians behavior, this in no way means that other people can't be just as hypocritical. These people are actively trying to hurt other people (in whatever way or form) and this should be discouraged or stopped. Especially if the reason is something as irrational as "magic".

(It's always a stupid argument when people go "Ignore that I'm doing something bad because they're doing something worse!")

Because that narrative lets him feel like a righteous martyr. They are being programmed that any form of disagreement with their faith is an attack against them. It helps to control people if you convince them 'it's us, against them'. You are making them feel included with the 'us' part and giving them something to team against. Politics does the same shit. It's like sports, but more worthless and dangerous to your health.