This guy hates when men touch his arm

This guy hates when men touch his arm

If anyone ever asks you to describe insecurity, show them this video.

"I am a heterosexual man..."

Okay, buddy.

I have never been more sure in my life that someone is doing everything they can to stay in the closet and not let everyone around them know that they are secretly gay.

100% chance he sucks a mean dick.

and then show them this comment.

'leans over' Hey man, don't touch my arm please. I have an issue with personal space. Thanks.

Is how you handle that situation.

Not (yo bro what are you GAY OR SOMETHING!?!?!? I'm not gay at all, not even a little bit, so stop coming on to me, by touching my arm. It's clear to me that your sexuality is that of a gay man, and I don't like gay people so don't gay me up with all your gayness d00d!)

get it?

I'm gonna bet this guy wears shorts in the shower even while showering at home

I just tried to do that. He said "I am a heterosexual man, don't show me videos of men touching arms"

Me thinks the lady doth protest too much...

Daryl Metcalfe on his comment


"he was conducting inappropriate behavior so I decided to say he likes men to prove a point"

Sure, buddy, you're right in the clear here, It wasn't as if there was a way to publically shame him in order to get him to stop touching you without bringing up homosexuals...

Because the response was so comically overblown.

To respond by suggesting that the chairman and his political party is gay is like responding to a jaywalker by hitting them with your car.

If your response is "REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I'M NOT GAY NO TOUCH REEEEEEEEEEEE" then yes, that's idiotic.

If your response is "Please quit touching my arm" like a damn human, congratulations you're not an insecure man-child like the fool in this video.

This guy has definitely sucked off a male prostitute in a truck stop bathroom.

"I swear to God- if you touch my arm one more time I'll have to give you a blowjob."

I suspect this is how closeted gay men communicate.

"Look, I am SO NOT GAY. Got it??" winkwink

5 is the lowest level.

"But, don't stop touching me...all the time."

"Any man who must say, 'I am a heterosexual man,' is no true heterosexual man."

Then, uhhh, say that. He said it in such a comical way of course the chairman could not help laughing. The fact that he later said he planned on saying exactly what he said, and it wasn't off the cuff makes it even weirder!

An appropriate response would be:

"Chairman, we've had this discussion before. I believe it's unprofessional for you to touch my arm during these meetings, if you cannot stop I will petition a formal complaint."

If you have a problem with someone being unprofessional, don't be more unprofessional in response!

"He said he wasn't gay, so I sucked his dick to prove that he was" -Daryl Metcalfe

Matt Bradford: 'The chairman kind of went to DEFCON 5'

What kinda bubble do you live in where someone has never reached out and patted you on the back or put the hand on your arm as a friendly gesture to stop a moment.

Aside from the fact that he doesn't want gays to talk about their sexuality, I felt he came off well in this interview. If he'd previously asked the guy not to touch him it shouldn't have happened again. The touch was patronizing and from the clip it sounds like they've both been playing immature power games.

At the very end of this video, the guy touches his arm again.

The friendly dicks are usually more accepting of brojobs.

I’m not a huge fan of people touching me either, however I feel the correct response is to simply say privately afterwards “Hey I’m not a huge fan of people touching me randomly like that could you not do it in future please” not have a melt down in front of everyone and start going on about how you’re not gay.

Like some kind of guy who’s not ever naked or something. Let’s call him a “not ever naked”. That’s catchy.

Reminds me of WKUK

Because the guy calling him out is doing it in the most hilariously insecure way possible. If you don't want the guy touching your arm, just lean back from the mic and ask him politely. The way that guy's doing it makes him look like an insecure, closet homosexual by shouting to the room 'HEY I'M STRAIGHT'.

I don't like grabby people either. But there are much subtler routes to indicate that the gesture is unwanted. He could have brushed his hand away. He could have whispered in Mr. Touchy's ear that he has an aggressive staph infection. There were any number of things he could have done to resolve the issue before tattling on his peer to the whole room for placing a hand on him. Reminds me of when Cooties were a thing. Those were dark times...

His username checks out

I love how both of them have their phone ring in the middle of the video, and they even have the same ring tone.

Chairman Threatens Rabb for Speaking Out

Today's winner of the "Incoherent Comment of the Day" award.

"Then beg" lmfao is no one doing phrasing anymore?

"I'm a very straight man!!!! Definitely not gay!!! Nope! Not even a little bit!!! 100% straight and I don't like men!!!"

This got axed from this sub earlier. Let's not bring up race, religion, politics, or hate, and we should be fine!