This girl made one hell of a hogger at the Blizzcon.

This girl made one hell of a hogger at the Blizzcon.

That's @KazulGFox on Twitter! She's super nice, talented and hard-working! Her and her husband Frostee are wonderful people.

Can she see out of it somehow or does she just get lead around?

She can see at least a little. Near the end when they were all leaving the stage, she had some help so she didn't fall off the stage... Which she got pretty close to doing.

Dayum. That's badass

Why’d she make a costume of me waking up for work

She's got about 10 videos of how to make this on her youtube video page.

True but it's not about getting used to... It's about how many level 1 raids you can destroy.

"it just floats around on my chest spike" What a cool hobby/job to have that you get to say something like that.

If she makes a phone mount in one of the eyes, she can put her phone on camera mode and see a lot better. Just an idea.

The problem there is perspective. Like walking around while wearing nightvision goggles. It's not easy to get used to.

She started with hula hoops, then went full Elon Musk. No middle ground for this girl.

This is me when I walk into the after-hours gentleman's club at 4 am.

Damn, with that big ass sign in the background that said "1st Place" and the blurb popup right after that said her name and "Cosplay Contest 1st Place Winner" .....I don't know if she won or not.

She had some handlers to help her around

Edit: It's pretty common, I think I was told the space marine had more since that was some pro cosplay group effort.

This is the same way Big Bird is controlled!

Coca-Cola Polar Bear

And the .

I like how she just goes straight from hula hoops to what looks like a torture device.

She should go on Face Off.

Adam Savage should invite her to be on Tested

That’s hot


Pics or it didn't happen.

Lol I’m dumb

Her and zagara have serious talent.

She can see through the mouth when the head is raised up, and she can see over the head through some crack in the neck. But the view is very limited. She saw the guy's face when she was taking a selfie. Pretty sure she was doing a duckface on the inside of the costume then, too.

No, thats a real bear.

K wait.... is that Chris hardwick??

Would be neat if she had a 360 cam at the tip streaming to a GearVR she'd be wearing.

And Bear in the Big Blue House. And Snook from Big Big World

What's this?