This game surely looks amazing!

This game surely looks amazing!


I think it looks too good. Way to ambitious. Looking at successful Indie game from the past and their typical production value, I doubt this project is ever going to take off on 250k. To be fairly blunt I think It looks more like a 3D animation project than an actual game.

Here is the kickstarter:

I... I dont even know, it looks incredible, getting a bit of a bastion and zelda vibe from it, I need this now

I was focusing so much on how amazing this looks, and how cool the world seems to be, that I didn't even notice it til you pointed it out.

There's a mouse cursor on screen at all times in this trailer. At least it points out the point-and-click aspect of the game. But yeah, rookie mistake!

That was a nice little movie...but how does the gameplay work? A lot of that seems like it'd be awkward and hard to aim.

You are completely right!

I love games with a simplistic art style and extremely high quality. It's better than games who strive for realistic looks and look really shoddy during gameplay.