This Facebook post after they had their baby

This Facebook post after they had their baby

My first niece lived with my parents for a while after she was born. Their dog took on the guardian/protector role with gusto. If she started fussing upstairs during nap time, he would race downstairs and start badgering us until we went to check on her. Never left her side— if he had to go outside to do his business, it was in/out/no-time-to-explore-there’s-a-job-to-do.

She and her mom eventually moved out on their own. This was about ten years ago. Now the dog is older, and he’s showing it— he has a hard time hearing, and cataracts are clouding his vision. My niece hasn’t been to my parents’ house since moving out (mostly Mom and Dad visiting her where she lives) until recently.

The dog flipped his fucking lid when he saw her again. Ten years later, he knew. And he stayed by her side the entire visit, back in his “guard duty” role.

He’s a goddamn good boy.

Our dog DOES NOT APPROVE of when we bathe our 3 month old in the kitchen sink (where dog cannot see/smell her), and baby does not make any noises for too long. Our female dog assumes that this means we are drowning her, I guess, but that we don't know any better, so she must educate us of the fact that drowning our baby girl is a bad idea... Between sight/smell/sound, it's like she must always be able to confirm that our baby girl is healthy via at least one of these three methods. She has ZERO trust in us humans to take care of our baby girl, as she understands it.

Good dog

Astro running back and forth is probably just him confirming that the tiny human is part you. He was correct and because he's a tiny you, Astro must now protect it as well.

They are going to be inseparable. Be careful to warn your son (when he will be able to understand) that dogs lives are shorter than us and his dog will maybe be the first big loss in his life. My daughter who grew up with our dog was really affected when our dog died in last April. Even for me mourning our 14 years dog was hard but for my 10 years old daughter it was devastating. I tell you this because my dog did exactly the same as your dog in the pictures. It was instant love and protection as soon as we came back from the hospital. Even when our daughter was still in her mother's belly, the dog became overprotective of my ex wife. She even alerted us that my ex was pregnant before we had confirmation from the doctors.

Anyway, this is going to be one massive friendship for them.

That's crazy. Dogs remember scents like no other.

He protec.

Can't be too good for the 10 year old's self esteem to find out that she still smells like a filled diaper.

Then he bite your nutt sacc

what breed of dog do you own?

He not attac

They know human, but that is their new pack member!

They're all good dogs Bront

Unless you attac

My female Huskey was like this with each of our babies. She was convinced we were idiots or harming the baby everytime she cried too long. She would get up with me for eveey midnight feeding and make sure I was doing it right :)

"I've been waiting my whole life for a time like this, LEAVE THIS TO ME HUMAN! ITS MY TIME TO SHINE"

Dude, when babies haven't shit themselves, they smell really nice actually.

I've heard, I mean. My baby hasn't not had a shitty diaper since we came home. It's a constant thing with this one. Ugh.

She even alerted us that my ex was pregnant before we had confirmation from the doctors.

Did you not just attribute past activity to something else when you learned about the pregnancy. Like you probably didn't notice anything weird with the dog, but then after you got pregnant it was like "ohhhh, the dog was trying to tell us I was pregnant." even though that stuff the dog was doing may have had zero to do with it, especially since you didn't notice it until after it was happening.

edit: oh great, the reddit downvote machine. Sorry if I don't consider one little anecdote to prove that dogs can tell when women are pregnant. Is it evidence? yes ( very small amount), but it isn't proof. Not even close.

An penetrate your cracc

In fact we were trying actively to make a baby my ex and I, so we were hoping for the good news. We didn't attribute our dog the final diagnosis of pregnancy but we noticed big differences in the way she was acting with my ex before we had confirmation. So there's that. Sorry for your down vote. I don't get it either. Your question was totally valid and could use precision. Take care and don't worry about the fake internet points. Express yourself like you did. That wasn't offensive or troll like, so you good :)

My parents' dog is 10 now but he turns back into that wiggly 2 month old puppy when he goes to PetSmart and sees his old trainer. He'll obey her commands but all he wants to do is wrestle

Good boy Astro.

My parents got our dog as a puppy a month after I was born. She died a month after my thirteenth birthday.

And now, forty years later I’m in tears over her after reading your post.

If we didn’t mourn them when they die, they wouldn’t bring us such joy while they live. Simple math, but it sucks so hard.

hold on

My boss recently had a baby. She told me that every night when she gets home, her newborn son is so excited to see her. He smiles and giggles and then shits himself and looks up at her expectantly

My dog hated my son. Finding her a home where she could be more comfortable was one of the hardest things I've done. I envy this post a lot.

Mine shit himself as I was putting a new diaper on him after a bath. He smelt good for 2 seconds. He giggled while he did it so that was cute I guess.

We don't fucking deserve dogs

speak for yourself, I'm totally deserving my dog

Dude, there's heaps of "anecdotes" about pets behaving out of character when the lady of the house gets pregnant. You're probably getting downvoted because you demand proof for something that almost everybody has witnessed or heard from parents in their social circle. Do a Google search if you're so invested. This isn't /sub/science.

Case in point, just for you: our neighbours had two cats. Every time she got pregnant, the male cat would go from always friendly to f-off-you're-dead-to-me to the woman. Only when she was pregnant. The moment she got back home after delivery everything was okay again. First and second kid, they were confused until afterwards. Third kid, the lady knew before she was even late, because of that cat. It's not a rare thing.

...So your dog is now a /sub/justnomil.....

No you are.

Because they already had a pack that left them alone in the wild apparently

No matter how good you think you’re dog is to you’re baby, never ever leave them unattended together.

thankyou. I needed to hear this story.

Fun fact- domesticated dogs actually don't form packs! When left alone in the wild, they act like individual scavengers

i didn't see anything about the dog trying to feed a 3-month-old frosting out of the can.

My son has comfy daddy syndrome. As soon as my wife leaves, he loads it up. It doesn't matter if she's he only gone for 10 minutes. He'll load it up for me.

No ESPECIALLY THE PITBULLS! They're good dogs!

I really want a dog again, but i don't have time because i'm always outside of my house because of work, but when i'm in home, i want to have some company.

I cannot afford a dog, but I'm considering volunteer work at the local dog shelter.

My parents had a dog like this when I was a baby. Apparently it took him around 10 seconds of looking at me and at my parents to decide, “Ya, ok, I’ll look after him, no sweat.”

He lay down next to me and then proceeded to do absolutely everything in his power to never leave my side. When I was 2 and ended up in the hospital with e. Coli, my dog basically had a complete nervous breakdown for a week. He died when I was 5, but the scattered memories I have of him still make me smile.

Uh, we made them from wolves.

Same with our cat. He had a near meltdown the day we brought the baby home and I had to rehome him. Sucks because the best week of my life was also the worst because I loved that cat so much.

I mean, hormones change from the moment of conception, so it's not out of the question that animals notice the different smell. Doesn't mean they know what it means, but no doubt they can tell a difference.

Very very very good dog.

Maybe he was just waiting to see if they ate the baby first.

Cmon man, its just doggie style

“When does it start dropping food?”


extremely dangerous to allow a dog near a newborn.

you are playing games with the safety of your child. It doesnt matter how sweet and blah blah your dog is, its a dog. They can bite without apparent justification, such as when they are scared, smell something weird, or otherwise are stressed. These things happen....

Why chance it.

Pitbulls are sweet af you monster

Oh you guys, my dog does not like our kids :(. He wants nothing to do with them and anytime the baby cries he leaves his bed in our room (where the baby is) and goes to the opposite side of the house.

What do you do with all your free time from not spelling out except?

It gets better. At one point my son was having 10 poopy diapers a day. I called the doctor because I figured something was wrong with him. Nope, just realllly fast at digesting breastmilk.

the day we brought the baby home and I had to rehome him

The wording, minus the second sentence, makes it sound like you rehomed the kid :D

Seeing as we have spent 30,000+ years training and breeding them yes we do.

I mean is it that unbelievable? Pregnancy causes all sorts of chemical changes in the body - that's literally what a pregnancy test measures. Chemicals can be detected by smell. Dogs have an exceptional sense of smell and are often very attentive/attuned to the humans they consider family.

Did the dog know she was pregnant? I doubt it. Did it know she was different? According to what we know about pregnancy and dogs, probably yeah. You're right that it lacks scientific rigor - a quick, lazy Google search doesn't turn up any scientific studies among the piles of anecdotes - but it's not some crazy farfetched idea.

Astro! Great name

My favorite breed

Their awesome unless you leave them alone with smaller animals. Then they just turn into murder machines, they kill just for the fun of it. My sister's husky killed 4 of their chickens, and 2 turkeys. Not to eat them, just to kill them.

As someone that got bitten by a dog as a child - not provoking the dog - I completely understand why people link those articles.

Don't get me wrong, I like a sweet tale as much as anyone. But I also dislike the scars on my hand.

A warning never hurts.

"I can't wait to eat that baby"

Everyone says that, and that'a why noone does. Imagine how all the dogs feel being there all alone without aa friend. That's what kept me coming back. There was always another one that needed somebody, if only for the time I could be there. They live in the moment and you get to be that good moment they may not ever have.

The smell comes from the top of their heads -- at least in my experience. The top of a baby's head smells amazing.

*your... *your

Bad human.

Somebody needs to buy this good boye a dog bed to sleep on next to his new tiny human.

But as both the hormone changes of pregnant women and the ability of dogs to detect cancer, oncoming seizures, and of cats to detect that someone is dying have been studied, it's weird to demand concrete proof that cats and dogs can detect pregnancy. It's not the first health thing they have been shown to detect. This isn't the groundbreaking part. It's more of the same and the anecdotes should be enough for you.

You're also the only one claiming all cats have an extreme reaction to human pregnancy. No-one else said that. We are only saying at least some if not all cats can detect it, because some react.

Depending on how much time you're not at home, you might find an older dog at a shelter who can live happily with you/with your schedule. It sure as hell beats living in a shelter IMHO.

If you want to consider it, talk to your local shelters about your situation so they can help match you up with a dog that they know will be a good fit. Always be honest with them!

That’s not a good way to introduce dogs to a baby. If you allow your kid around them in the future, make sure you do a proper introduction and watch the kid closely. Some dogs just aren’t good with kids but they’ll tell you when they’re upset with their body language. Please don’t put them in a situation where they could bite a child. It’ll be bad for everyone.

The goodest dogs

I've seen more children be ungodly cruel to animals, and their parents think it's just gravy because the child is just a child. Well, the kid doesn't know they are doing something that the dog should (and eventually will) bite them for, but the adult SHOULD. Not only should you not leave them unattended, but pay ATTENTION when they are together and the dog is not a toy.

After giving birth, we went to a local shop where my husband was a regular. While we were speaking with the owner, the giant dog beside the counter stood up and came forwards. My husband was holding our son, the dog went to him and decided to sit on his feet. The owner was taken aback because the dog was recovering from a nasty operation and he was quite old, so he would never move from his usual spot. He stayed on my husband‘s feet until we went away. Dogs are beautiful.

Awww I love huskies so much <3

Corey and Astro sounds like a children's TV show

We made them, but that doesn't mean we deserve them.

Hahaha! The old forgotaroo... classic

Edit: I suffer from those micro memory loss quite regularly too. I found out that passing through doors and path I walked into just moments prior to the initial idea helps me recover my train of thought. Don't hesitate to comment me back once your question pops back up to your brain ;)

We literally made dogs

Well fun fact, they definitely form packs here in India and the packs have been known to attack and kill people. Not all dogs are bad, I interact with the street dogs all the time and even adopted one myself, but there is a pack in my front yard right now, and they all gang up and do shit together. Fortunately they havent attacked anyone though, probably because they get enough food to eat.

A lower energy senior dog might be a good fit for you if you're willing to make a bit of an effort with the time you have. Your local shelters will have more/better advice, so definitely send them an email or give them a call and see what they think. They won't place a dog with you if they don't think it will be beneficial to the dog, but it's worth getting in touch if you'd like a companion.

I’d love to volunteer at a shelter, but I don’t dare. I’d end up with a house full of dogs.

Dude, when babies haven't shit themselves, they smell really nice actually.

So... never?

Somebody must be chopping onions in this post...

I spit out my fucking coffee at this



You don't have to be a misanthrope to recognize humanity's flaws

yeah the internet be the internet (plus i'll admit my comment was a bit agressive (not nearly crazy internet agressive though)).

edit: I had one more thing to say I think, but I had to pee real quick and then when I just got back I forget what it was. Obviously it wasn't very important.

like I literally came back to my computer with "edit: " on the screen and could not remember what I was planning on writing. womp womp.

Or feeding a child with allergies peanut butter cookies just to prove that they don't have any (spoiler alert, the allergy is real).

Because their love is so goddamned pure. There’s nothing comparable to it. Humans in general can commit such atrocities, but a dog will always love. You abuse the animal, and it will, at least for a while, still keep coming back to you and try to love you, looking sorry for whatever they did wrong. They also are a great equalizer; everyone* [most people] love dogs, whether that person is good or bad. Sometimes the only humanity you can see in a person is when they pet their dog. I know it’s two different species with completely different purposes and abilities, of course, but that’s how I interpret the statement.

It’s why my favourite, ultimate insult recently has become: “may your dogs stop loving you forever”.

The dog chose to sleep on the floor.

Dude. This is a post on Reddit about dog/baby bonding. People are telling THEIR stories as it happened for them. No one is required to provide you with scientific verification of something they experienced. Research it yourself and draw your own conclusions. And in the meantime, let it go. You’re taking this much too seriously.

Okay mate, you go and do the study. No-one has done it yet, so off you trot.

He could have smelled the baby while she was pregnant and recognized his smell...

Our cats did the same thing by which I mean they peed everywhere.

Goddamn dogs, all pure and shit.

I'm not saying all dogs are bad, because I love reading posts like this but it also scares me. When my daughter was around 5-6 months old, I went over to my stepmoms and dad's house just to visit. They have two black labs (a girl from a work friend and the boy off the road as a pup: both atleast 2 years+ now). My stepmom was holding my daughter and she started crying, the male dog, Zues, started pacing, whimpering and was scaring me the way he started acting. Well, all of a sudden he jumps up on my stepmoms lap (just his front paws) and nips at my daughters butt. My husband jumps up and pulls him down. It scared me. After that, she was terrified of dogs. It just scares me.

what a generous lad, quite the honor