This does put a smile on my face

This does put a smile on my face

Message to Fox From Disney: Dread it. Run from it. Destiny still arrives.

I feel like one of those should be a Pixar logo

*Disney still arrives

Pixar is the entire right hand.

ok let's not throw Tron under the bus here, I still need the third movie

Disney finally got the male audience they always wanted.

Long gone are the days of Prince of Persia, John Carter, Tron Legacy, Sorcerer's Apprentice and Lone Ranger.

I'm not sure we'll still be laughing when Iger resigns and Murdoch steps up. :/

Now I want a gif of Thanos’ Pixar hand punching Iron Man, who is really just Dreamworks.

They also own the Muppets

Space Stone = Star Wars Reality Stone = Muppets Power Stone = Marvel Soul Stone = Pixar Mind Stone = Disney Itself Time Stone = ABC Television Group I Win Stone = Fox Studios Empty Stone Slot = Universal Studios

their mistake was to stop doing the classic literature films. the two best muppet films are treasure island and christmas carol


Which were sadly only profitable for one movie.

I know you're not shitting on my boi Shrek

"You get a third Tron movie... and it's a crossover with Wreck-It Ralph."

No, they were originally just distribution and licensing in an exclusive partnership.

Brian Henson knew what the muppets are and what you can do with them.

Muppets work best as a satirical version of humanity. Am I Muppet or a man?

They are there to placefill for us, so that we can actually examine the situation. While you can still keep humanity present.

We are all Kermit. We are all Gonzo, Ms. Piggy, Fonzy. In different stages and states.

This is why it works so well in books that highlight those that EVERYONE is familiar with. Treasure Island and CHristmas Carol. Maybe they should take on Moby Dick....

The perfect example of this, Dinosaurs. Instead of Muppets he used Dinosaurs. Honestly, the hardest hitting sitcom that ever existed. Dealing with drug abuse, existence, purpose in life, family vs non-family, alternative lifestlyes, peer pressure, extinction etc. Further, its the only show I've ever seen that focused on male issues in life instead of men being the comedic "king of the castle" foils in most cases.

Robby's coming of age/rage/berserker.

Earl's abandon the family and become wild.


*Of note, yes women tend to come off as the "drama" queens to the "comedy" kings in most sitcoms, but honestly, they also tend to have the best growth as characters in sit coms. Men tend to stay the same bumbling idiots.

Disney still comes.

It really puts a smile on my face that after that abomination of a movie "Fantastic Four" we're about to see FF done right. You had chances, Fox.

We may get a full-powered Rogue with her Captain Marvel origin story.

if Wreck it Ralph went into the Tron world I wouldn't be mad tbh, but not the contrary

Disney shareholders cannot stand the Murdochs. Even if Iger wanted to I doubt they'd let anyone of them take over the company

EDIT: Looks like Iger is staying well beyond 2019 which was when he was originally supposed to step down so all the worrying is kinda moot at this point.

I know you're not shitting in my swamp

Fun really isn't something one considers when making quality shitposts.

I liked those

Nope they acquired them in 2006


I like How to Train Your Dragon more than any Pixar stuff. Although most Pixar stuff is far better than the rest of the Dreamworks stuff.

The latest news is that it’s most likely going to happen. Talks are happening, and quickly progressing. Possible deal might be reached by next week.

Imagine having an Infinity Stone shaped like your face tho

ESPN would be the Kidney Stone

Yay monopoly’s

I've never wanted anything more than to have the real X-Men onscreen. I really hope this happens.

Should be: Disney, Pixar, Lucasfilm, Marvel and ESPN

I’m coming

I know Disney-Marvel and Fox have talked several times, but have they confirmed anything yet ?

You could have put Pixar in here as the sixth.

And Treasure Planet, and Atlantis....

I thought they always owned Pixar?

I, for one, welcome our Disney movie-lords.

They also put most of their executives in charge of Disney Animation.

Sorcerer's Apprentice was fun, would've liked a sequel. I've heard John Carter was a marketing blunder(which caused poor returns).

Atlantis was awesome, hit perfect time for me. Girls just were becoming "interesting" and Atlantis delivered the sexiest princess since Jasmine....

Treasure planet was a waste. Titan AE was a much better version of the same basic story.

I have a feeling he won't be there for long even if he does follow Iger. James Murdoch sounds a little, uninspired to say the least.

In 1996 Murdoch joined News Corporation and was appointed chairman of Festival Records. He took charge of News Corporation's internet operations, where he invested in a series of ventures, including financial website TheStreet and the short-lived online music site Whammo, with mixed results.[6] He also continued to contribute cartoons to US magazine Gear.

He is credited with sparking his father's interest in the internet, and he reportedly tried to persuade his father to buy internet company Pointcast for US$450million. It was subsequently sold to another company for $7 million.[6]

After installing a new management team at Festival, Murdoch purchased the controlling 51% share of Mushroom Records in 1999, and the merged group was rebranded as Festival Mushroom Records.[citation needed] It was at first thought that News might use FMR as the foundation of a new international entertainment company, but Festival struggled while Murdoch was in charge and after his departure its fortunes declined rapidly; the company was wound up in late 2005 and its remaining assets were sold. The recording catalogue was sold to the Australian division of Warner Music for only A$10 million in October 2005, and the publishing division was sold to Michael Gudinski a month later, for an undisclosed sum.[10]

In May 2000, Murdoch was appointed chairman and chief executive of News Corporation's ailing Asian satellite service Star Television, which at the time was losing £100m a year, and he moved to Hong Kong.[6]

In February 2003, Murdoch became a director of BSkyB. Later that year, he controversially became CEO of BSkyB, in which News Corporation owns a controlling minority stake. His appointment sparked accusations of nepotism, with some commentators and shareholders feeling that the job had not been opened to outsiders and that Murdoch was too young and inexperienced to run one of the UK's top companies[11] (on appointment he was by far the youngest chief executive of a FTSE 100 company).

Following the shock resignation of his brother Lachlan Murdoch from his executive positions at News Corporation on 29 July 2005, James is widely viewed as his father's heir-apparent.[12]

Murdoch at a digital media conference in 2006 On 7 December 2007, Murdoch stepped down as CEO from BSkyB and was appointed non-executive chairman of the company (a position formerly held by his father, Rupert).[13]

In a related announcement, Murdoch also took "direct responsibility for the strategic and operational development of News Corporation's television, newspaper, and related digital assets in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East."[14] This included holdings such as News International, SKY Italia, STAR Group ltd and possibly other News Corp. related assets. He was based at News International's headquarters in Wapping, East London.

In February 2009, Murdoch was appointed a non-executive director with the British pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline.[15]

In August 2009, Murdoch delivered the MacTaggart Memorial Lecture at the Edinburgh International Television Festival, in which he attacked the BBC and UK media regulator Ofcom calling the BBC's expansion "chilling" and "In this all-media marketplace, the expansion of state-sponsored journalism is a threat to the plurality and independence of news provision, which are so important for our democracy."[12][16] The BBC chairman, Sir Michael Lyons officially responded, "We have to be careful not to reduce the whole of broadcasting to some simple economic transactions. The BBC's public purposes stress the importance of the well-tested principles of educating and informing, and an impartial contribution to debate in the UK."[17]

In April 2010, Murdoch and his associate Rebekah Brooks stormed into the offices of The Independent to complain about an advertisement campaign by the newspaper.[18] The advertisement read, "Rupert Murdoch won't decide this election—you will."

In April 2014, it was announced that Murdoch would join the board of advertising start-up True[X] Media.[19]

In June 2015, his father, Rupert announced he would be leaving his position as CEO of 21st Century Fox and James will take over the position in the near future.[20]

In January 2016, Murdoch became the chairman of Sky, Britain's subscription broadcaster.[21]

In July 2017, Murdoch became an independent director on the board of Tesla. [22]

I thought John Carter was a very entertaining movie. Nothing exceptionally good or unique, but entertaining in a positive way. Like Pacific rim. Kinda straightforward and not too serious and a fun movie flick.

Inb4 Kingdom Hearts: The Movie is coming

I agree that Disney shouldn't monopolise everything but this is a very specific case that it's actually good they get rights to all Marvel characters.

He is credited with sparking his father's interest in the internet, and he reportedly tried to persuade his father to buy internet company Pointcast for US$450million. It was subsequently sold to another company for $7 million.

Yikes. He doesn’t seem like a very competent executive. That bio shows that. I don’t see Disney putting someone with his career history in the CEO position, no matter what his pedigree is. At least I hope they don’t.

Except with ESPN they accidentally swallowed it and had to wait for it to come out the other end, so now it's covered in shit.

HTTYD is a great series, for sure. And obviously we can’t forget Shrek. But as a whole Pixar is far superior.

Am I really the only one who don't want this to happen? Deadpool is such a good franchise and Fox did it perfectly. Disney is probably going to censor it a lot

What, come? Haha

Ha, ha?


We are all Fonzy

Practically a reverse merger

You know that the punisher came out under Disney right Before they put that out I wasn't sure but now I think they will do it well still

This is all that matters. People need to calm down.

I just had a hilarious mental image of an angry green Ohre furiously chasing someone for shitting in his swamp... what a world we live in.

Suddenly Sony is looking a little nervous

I actually kind of liked John Carter...

You had it. It was the animated xmen series in the 90s.

Literally anytime you watch any of the marvel Netflix shows. Pretty sure every other word out of Jessica Jones' mouth is fuck

EDIT: Not to mention the opening scene of the second season of Daredevil is literally the Punisher mowing down a bunch of Irish gangsters like a scythe through wheat

Empty stone slot will be DC Entertainment


Disney hardly censors and gives its subsidiaries a ton of autonomy. Remember how worried everyone was when they bought Marvel? That seems to have worked out really well

Their strategy of being the only news station in the USA that panders to an entire half of the country has actually turned out pretty well for them.

Just need one for the thumb.

I liked John Carter. Always been a fan of the books.

/sub/hailcorporate would be so proud.

You know, at this point I'd welcome it. At least they'd know what to do with the movies for once.

Stick two complete films in the archives and not make money off them?

No chance.

I can see them bringing the X-Men and FF IPs under Kevin Feige's creative control going forward, but it'll probably be a matter of getting the X-franchises into some kind of cohesive universe a la the MCU.

FF on the other hand... Marvel's almost certainly had contingencies in place for them, or elements of the IP, for years. Remember when Marvel offered to let Fox keep Daredevil in exchange for joint custody of Galactus? And imagine what they could do with Doom, Kang/Immortus, Annihilus... Not to mention all the aliens they get from the X-Men – Shi'ar, Phalanx, Brood.

What im getting at is, Phase 5: Annihilation, bitches!

Kevin Flynn built this in cave!!!

Soul Stone........




I thought Jon carter was amazing. Pretty sure I’m the only person in history.

Murdoch is staying with sports and news.

John Carter was a pretty good movie that was marketed wrong

No, Disney understands that most people don't understand. If it doesn't have the castle before it it's not "Disney" and they wont censor it. They are in the business of making money, not pushing a family friendly agenda. Deadpool and Kingsman made money the way they were so they will stay the way they were.

I'd love to see the whole Lady Death, Thanos and Deadpool love triangle play out in a movie.

That means 20 more years and it'll be out before Kingdom Hearts 3

Ready Player One?

Its good that they would get their characters back, but its a $60B deal and I can almost guarantee that Marvel was not at its core. This has to be a long play to dominate the studio industry and overwhelm the streaming space. They'll have Star Wars, Pixar, Marvel, and Disney movies and shows already, add in everything that FX/FXX produces, The Simpsons, Alien & Predator, Die Hard, Planet of the Apes, Avatar, and whatever else is in the Fox catalog and the Disney Streaming Service is starting to sound like a monster. They'll absolutely crush all other streaming platforms especially for the eyes of children and families, and could most likely charge a premium for it forcing people to choose between Netflix and Hulu or just Disney. It seems like a bad idea just to get a decent F4 movie and Wolverine in Avengers 5.

EDIT: According to others and articles Disney could become a majority shareholder in Hulu as well, increasing their presence in the streaming market.

A deal might be agreed upon, but this might be totally illegal and not happen anyway. Condensing 2 MAJOR studios couldn't possibly make it past monopoly watchdogs and while the MCU would greatly benefit and the fanboys and girls would love it, it would generally be bad for the entire industry. Disney is already known for squashing creativity in favor of established storytellers and safe ideas(Ragnorak and the Guardians movies are the notable exception) and absorbing Fox would give creatives fewer outlets to tell new stories. It also makes the new Disney streaming service a juggernaut of existing and new or reboot movies/shows and could really hurt Netflix and the like, slowly crippling their ability to allow filmmakers to take risks and relying on safer choices/reboots/established franchises etc while driving up Netflix' costs to try and make up for lost subs. And we all remember Disney's attempt to blacklist media outlets in retaliation for less than flattering articles about the relationship between Disney and the city of Anaheim. Disney with the power of 2 major studios now could decide that press is unnecessary for any of its future releases and bans all media except its own completely. It puts even more power in the hands of an already dominating corporation; it might be good for the MCU but couldnt possibly be good for the industry.

That movie was great. The marketing killed it.

Dude, Titan AE! So many people don't know about that movie and I loved it when it came out. I must have watched it a good 50 times as a kid.

This is the best one yet

I'm not worried about movie quality, but I'm a little leery on principle of how close Disney is pushing to monopoly.


Still owned by Disney

Shrek is Love.

I'm one of the few people who liked the Muppets sitcom from a few years ago.

Me too, bad marketing.

I rather have good games than films. Disney has been crap in the gaming industry for some time now. Killing Lucas arts and then give the licensing rights of star wars exclusively to EA was fucking stupid. And I can't remember any recent non lego marvel games that could compete with dc.

It had no family appeal, honestly. It wasn't raunchy but it was still too "adult" for kids to really enjoy. I enjoyed it, but i can definitely see why audiences never flocked to it. It was too 30 Rock and not enough "Muppet Show".

The Disney nerd in me says "yes", but the tax-paying, movie-goer in me says "hell no".

I’m not gonna lie, marvel snatching venom away from Sony would make me more excited than MCU X-men or fantastic four.

and that's why we need a third, if they won't do Alive 2017 then the least they could do is give us a new 2 hour music video

couldn't possibly make it past monopoly watchdogs

I really wish things like that were true, but the FTC these days really doesn't seem to give a shit about huge monopolies and company mergers.

Maybe they should take on Moby Dick

Gonzo would shoot himself out of a harpoon gun