This coconut has a pull top

This coconut has a pull top

It's really amazing what mother nature can do.

Especially the refined, treated shaped metal.

That's a vegan grenade.

I mean it almost looks man made. Creationists are going to love this one.

A mammal with a pull top? Now that's something I've never seen before.


You'll be disappointed. It opens up to reveal coconut water. That's it. Theres nothing more.

Couldn't be man made. it's "ORGANIC!!!" edit: crap! sorry! it's "ÒRGANIC!!!"

Holy shit, that's awesome!

OP, please buy it and show us how it works?

Spell it fancy for 10% increase in sales: ORGANIK

Bullshit. Why would vegans use grenades when they already have superpowers?

I saw those in Marks&Spencer just yesterday. Made me smile. Oh aren't we clever beings? Why are we boloxing the world when we have such ingenuity?

Edit: There's a straw included too.

Some assembly required

That's why you gently spoon the young ones and viciously hammer the older, more mature ones to get the flesh out.


This is for those who have not reached Level 5 Vegan, where superpowers are gained.

I don't eat anything that casts a shadow.

A video of a pull-tab coconut.

/sub/kenm is leaking

Yes they're mammals, they have milk and are hairy. All the traits of a mammal

I linked a video below of how one works (this one's called Coco-Easy) be here it is again:


Are coconuts mammals? or is this reference to something

Edit: found it

I didnt even know they could grow coconuts in sweden

I've only ever bought/eaten one coconut in my life but that one coconut was incredibly difficult to scoop the flesh out of it. it was like trying to eat an almond with a spoon.

It really upset me how the video cuts off right before the money shot.

And people wonder why there aren't vampires around anymore.

I guess it is pretty cool.

Me too! But did we post anything? Did we fuck.

Well, here ya go

by Ikea


It's a fancy store where you can buy expensive food because they've premade it and wrapped it in cling film.

They also do adverts.

That would ruin the coconut, this kind of mammal needs a warm environment in order to survive. This is why you don't see Coconuts hatching in cold climates.

My wife and I stopped leaks in our son's diaper using basting oil and cream cheese

Young coconuts have lots of watery juice and a thin, jelly-like layer of interior flesh. Mature coconuts have a layer of thick, hard flesh.

M&S to the rescue again for the white middle class.


Why? Do you keep it in the fridge?

INCORRECT. The movie, while boring as watching ants fuck, had much better acting than this. This is from a game based off the (movie?) book.

Welp. Time to clear my Amazon history again.

Anyone know where to buy these in the USA?

Anyone know where to buy these in the USA?

Oh for fuck's sake

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[/sub/nocontext] That's why you gently spoon the young ones and viciously hammer the older, more mature ones to ge...

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What makes this video even better is that bananas don't occur naturally. They're a man-made hybrid of two different nasty-tasting fruits that form a seedless, sterile fruit that tastes great.

Finally! Getting my machete out of the garage every time I wanted some sweet refreshing coconut water was getting to be a real drag.

Coconuts are the shit. It's food. It's a drink. It's a cup. Emergency transfusion fluid. Pretend horse gallops. Hawaiian boobie holders.

Endless possibilities.

You make it sound so appetizing.

Interesting tidbit: If you open a banana from the other end, it's easier. Thereby proving there is no God. If there were, the banana would've come with proper eating instructions. /s


Is Marks & Spencer some sort of a British grocery/bath-house?

I made a video the other day!

Also the bananas we eat have been created by selective breeding and are all clones as they are seedless. No God there. Natural wild bananas are small and full of large hard seeds.

Funny thing, today I saw a Chiquita advert on a magazine saying something along the lines that our smiles are as natural as Chiquita bananas.

A tandem of birds carry them along the trade winds

banana argument

Oh man, the infuriates me at its stupidity.

That dude retracted this argument and sort of apologised (but not really) when he learned how this shape of the common banana was the result of human hybridisation. Ray Comfort conceded that this is a bad argument due to the human domestication of the banana. see: Rapid Back-pedalling

... Now?!

Have you seen all the front page Deadpool marketing material this past few months?

And the tree even wrapped it in plastic

What the actual fuck did I just watch.

It tastes amazing, also there is still coconut in it that you can just eat using a spoon, scoops off easily.

Crazy how nature make dat

rowing_owen, you don't have a son. Or a wife. You have nothing

I found this for more info:


It's really weird because in most of Europe you can't distinguish between the supermarkets in the same way so easily. It seems pretty specific to England.

EDIT: After much deliberation and input from the panel, a new pecking order has been released:

Farmfoods > Iceland > ASDA > Morrisons > Aldi > Lidl > Tesco > Sainsbury's > M&S > Waitrose > Fancy Food Halls

Thanks, didn't click

u/moderndayneanderthal you have to admit that was pretty awesome.


Here is the clip from the film

It's from the movie "Dune." The movie's based on a book, and there are now about 87 books in the series. The heart plug stuff didn't bother me because I had read it in the book first.

EDIT: Oops this clip was from a video game.

Clearly, this is a GMO created by splicing the DNA of a soda can into the coconut genome.

When I was little I heard it as "marks expensive"

Harolds? Niks? Dude do you even Brit

it cut out just before i got to see what was on the inside :(

You start with a cube, then step 2 says make it into a coconut.

Just eat around the tab. Gotta get all that roughage-y goodness.

It's middle class, deffo not upper middle class.

I've tried a couple decades of non-selective breeding and have never created anything this cool.

So you take out the tab and there's just a hole big enough for the straw? I want that delicious coconut meat damnit!


The part he calls the top of the banana is the bottom of the banana. This man has never seen a banana actually growing. But he's apparently an expert in God's creations...

Lidl over Morrisons, really? I'd swap those.

it IS an actual coconut.

more manly


Damn, you guys have economically divided grocery stores.......oh wait we have whole foods, fuck.

I've been drinking green tea all goddamn day.

yeah, that was not my experience when i ate them fresh in thailand, it was like peeling snot with your finger but it tasted like coconut.

batteries not included

I bet they're refrigerated since the coconut is pierced.

It is a upper middle class(or posh, if you like) superstore.

It's a supermarket, I'd say middle-middle class though, because waitrose is the real king of the upper-middle foodstuffs

Lol it's just a plugged hole. Thought there was something more elaborate behind this.

we keep doing it until we get it right.

But it looks so cool. I used to love getting coconuts when I was young. My favorite part was watching my dad use the machete to split it open for my brother and me.

💀💩L, you mean?

Well you're not wrong...

In my day I just used an ice pick! That makes you look a lot more manly :P

And may I suggest pouring some rum in there, mixing it up and sticking a straw and little umbrella in there. Great little refreshment during a hot day... maybe not in January, though :P

And a drink with an umbrella is manly! shut up!

I also split a fresh coconut with my bare hands once! That will make you feel like a god damn superhero!

Just don't ell anyone it took me 10 minutes and I could hardly use my arms the day after because they were sore as hell, though :P


Step 2