This Christmas Sweater that uses your phone as a fireplace

But now I wont have my phone to distract me at family gatherings.

Maybe now you'll spend more time with your cousins, PM_ME_UR_MOIST_PUSSY.

With my phone, it would also feel like a fireplace. The true experience

The phone's battery is gonna get over 40ºC, 104ºF, in that sweater pretty fast.

Perfect for added realism.

Note 7?

Real live teletubby

Yep, don’t even need to download an app.

You're not making cool enough fires dude.

Even more realistic if you still have a note7

Moister than an oyster

This thing has been around for years now i think.

They only tapped it once That's gonna waste a lot of battery

Yeah, this was Mark Rober's company before he become a huge Youtube star.

I think his username is /u/_scienceftw_, he answers comments on his videos every now and then.

Loved your last video on fluidized beds Mark! (NSFW)


fires don't explode

So far all of them have been under 20lbs :)

Edit: some people don't get the joke... all pictures so far have been of cats.

This kind of contradicts family time.

Who is going to want to sacrifice their phone during the holiday season?

The fire isn't real silly.

They definitely tapped twice if you look close.

This thing reminds me of a game called Habbo for some reason.

Oh my god yes! A special edition Christmas teletubby :D

Yup, it's one of his DigitalDudz products. I bought one of his Halloween shirts the first year he sold them. People would jump when the eyeball started to move.

EDIT: It was this shirt.

Instead you'll distract all your family members and use their phones while they're being distracted.

You don’t have to use your current phone. You can use an old one without any service. Just WiFi to download the app.

I like people like you. Using both metric and imperial.

Those are some Rookie Fires

Pool's closed.

I won a few ugly sweater contest with this DIY fireplace sweater a few years ago. (Humble Brag)

That seems more like a "Hey, check this out" thing over a leave it there all night thing.

Not like you can use them. Pretty sure they all got bricked

You ever get moist pussies under 200 lbs?

risky click of the day

Habbo hotel? I totally forgot about that

The only video I’d play

Holy crap, that's the guy that got my kid a trophy in the Pine Wood Derby race last year!

He's pretty awesome.

but if it smells like an oyster, no thanks

Where do you keep your phone if not in your hand or pocket?

Roll Tide

It comes from a guy who was so tired he said zoop instead of goodbye to his boss. Not trying to be an asshole but you said it with no context, it doesn't make sense

Again, again!

Man there's gota be some context

Thats the look of betrayal right there.

I think Moss has one....

I think has one....