This cat dreaming is the funniest thing ever!

He dreamed of crossing the street but i think he didnt make it?

He's riding his teeny, tiny bicicleta.

He's dead.

He was really careful at first, then saw his chance, took it, but was nicked just before he made it. A tragic one.


He must have fallen asleep watching

To skeeewwwwl?


Unfortunately the bicycle fell apart mid-ride


That video editor made an executive decision.

Holy fuck I can't stop laughing. The silence, the sound of the glass, the clean cut like nothing ever happened. What an editor, brilliant.

You get material like this you make space for it.


It's like me, except the dying part...

don't worry, it'll come eventually..

He's clearly on a small out of control bicycle cascading downhill.

This cat gif will leave you rolling on the floor!

Dogs hate him!!!!!

Finally got that red dot…

The coroner wrote in his report that it was a unicicleta


Aw, now I'm thinking about him being in a Richard Scarry book <3

Aw, now I'm thinking about him being in a <3

Poor cat crashed his bike :(

I really hope it wasn't sneakily ran past the producers or director, but rather a room of forty people sitting and having this bit on loop, laughing, and hoping that the network won't catch it when it goes live.

this mama cat hugging her kitten

Hug it like :)

It's so funny but I want to hug it and just kiss it better... And give it a big bowl of tuna!

Freddy cougar got him

I shouldn’t have laughed so much at that..

Funny, but not nearly the funniest thing ever.

Nah, 8 lives left.

And that's why he makes the big bucks.


well, everyone will die at some point so I won't worry too much about it...

Not possible. OP told me the original post is the funniest thing ever.

I wake up from those dreams right before the bad thing happens, he apparently takes it like a champ..

Unicycle, obviously


I laughed so hard at this I cried a contact right out of my eye.

His pequeña bicycle.

Ah yes. I am a fan of the writings of Charles Dickins as well!

A bicycle made for mew

This is even better than the op

What the voice says makes it even better. It says "What surprise awaits our jury in the second bakery?" <BANG>. Poor cat definitely got a surprise.

OP does realize this is the internet, right? We have seen some fuuuuunny things in our time

Tastiest dream mouse ever

I feel like the title is also appropriate for /sub/forwardsfromgrandma

Goin down is something else entirely

Tbh I would've clicked, shitty title or not. It could have just said 'Cat' and you'd still have my upvote.

That’s Biscuit. His humans used to have tons of videos on YouTube. Not sure how he’s not [more] brain damaged by now. Poor doggo, though. In his dream he’s almost got the rabbit, then WHAM he wakes to head + wall.

That title is some fucking garbage.

Biking up hill, then he made it.

I watched this ten times now so I know for sure.

audience laughter

HOly shit i am seeing this after such a long time. This just makes my heart melt.


OP has some low standards.

If u die in the dream, u die in real life

I feel terrible every time i watch this. That has got to hurt :(

I've found an exclusive look into the Kitties dream.

...and the legacy you leave behind.

Said Bill Clinton to Monica Lewinsky's dress.

It's all about how you go down and what legacy you leave behind.

9 if they're eligible for their 10th life

Funniest thing ever? You must have never seen me try and get my life together.

overstatement of the day



You won't BELIEVE what happens NEXT

I dunno man, i think hes being chased by a vacuum cleaner. As it closes in on him, he tries to turn and bite at it. Unfortunate it didnt phase his pursuer so his only chance was to escape through the window.

Can we please not title things like a shitty facebook post?

I will decide for myself if it's the funniest thing ever. Don't cheapen that title. I once saw a dude use a springy metal horse playground thing to hit himself in the ballbag.

You can really see the part where he gets hit by a car. So dramatic. So sad.

Yea you’re right. Accurate af


My cat died today. :( Why'd I go on reddit..

They killed meow-meow.

I know Sorry. Sadly I can’t edit the title

I know my cats dream of this!

I am crying from laughter at this mental image combined with the gif.

Oh man, I needed that. Thank you.

Hey Monica, is that a sexy leg I see?

Come here and let me give you my legacy.


The body cannot live without the mind.

dreaming he's a human riding a bike, then he realizes his hands are paws and....splat.

Kitty squeezes mothers stomach Must see!!!

Funniest thing ever? It's cute.

humans have REM, rapid eye movement cats have RPM, rapid paw movement


It looks like he lost control of that bike at the end.

Ah, sweet kitty dreams of disemboweling his foes

"She's a maniac, maniac on the floor. And she's dancing like she's never danced before."

Sure this wasn't a seizure?