This Adobe advertisement on forgot to photoshop something onto the screen....

This Adobe advertisement on forgot to photoshop something onto the screen....

If it's intentional it's really clever. I doubt it though.


Gotcha covered.

I think what happened is that the guy who made it just uploaded the wrong, unedited version.

It's likely intentional, as the Make It conference is a creators conference in Australia.

Or they did it on purpose so they could also post it here and people with adblock would see it. Then it would probably spread to people photoshopping their own versions and giving them even more free views. Then other people will post it bitching about their ad tactics causing even more people to see it.

We need to go deeper

That title /sub/faceplam

I got you bro.

edit: a word

No, the other way!

No he meant it like this

It's bright green. I think intentionally leaving a greenscreen in an ad about the Adobe suite is definitely more likely than missing that.

Except green is not a creative color

The bigger facepalm is /sub/sequelmemes existence.

I assumed that was intentional. Kind of a "you can make it whatever you want" thing. Its about creativity.

Holy fuck , i actually fell for a motherfucking rickroll.


yeah i mean it's a green screen. they don't have to display green on it to replace the image later. seems intentional to me.

unless they have a rule that in all images computer screens must display green so we know to replace it.

Needs more jpeg

There you go!

I am a bot

I think you missed the reference, mate

It's an ad for a "creativity event" so it would kinda make sense, but yeah I highly doubt it too...


How about we just all agree to never be creative again.

Shut up, bot!

It's Easter, man, come on.

Creatives don't typivally do that kind of work. Whoever trafficked this likely sent the wrong creative.

They should use some photo editing software for that, maybe gimp, or

Ironic. They could let others Photoshop their pictures, but not their own.

I thought we agreed never to be creative again

It's the only Adobe ad that caught your attention, so why should we believe this is an accident?

oh well that's just triffick

Triffickers don't typivally do that kind of work. Whoever created this likely sent the wrong traffick.


he has arisen

Sorry, I forgot that this is the time to celebrate when .

The title, the content... OP missed about everything. The true facepalm is the thread itself.

oh, nothin... Damn it!!

This OP on forgot a few words in the title.


[The comment above likely has (one or more) prank links]:

"Rick Roll"


/sub/hailcorporate and /sub/karmaconspiracy would have a field day with this.

Not only do you not have a clue what you're talking about, you're also coming off as a miserable dope.