This ad for an Arab online shopping website to buy stuff from US.

This ad for an Arab online shopping website to buy stuff from US.

I guess these people are not looking forwards to Amazon Drone delivery the same way we are.

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This is both sad and hilarious.

I used a service like this when I was in the UAE. You signed up, and you now had in-country shipping addresses for multiple countries. Buy something in Japan, have it shipped to a Japanese address, and the company would receive it, handle all the import requirements, and get it to you in the UAE.

I really wish something like this existed here in America. So much good stuff elsewhere in the world but the sellers won't ship international...

Edit - and now, thanks to Reddit, I know that they exist here and how to find them. Thanks everyone!

this feels like a 4chan greentext story making fun of MURICANS

Italicizing what is said in arabic.

Officer: So, what is the purpose of your visit Mr. Muhamed Elsayed?

Elsayed: My brother, we came to do some shopping, shopping

Women: Let him see these dollars (Thanks /u/R9-Devil)

Elsayed: Spend money!

Officer: Are you trying to bribe me sir? That's a federal offense.

Elsayed: What? No offense! I did nothing!

Officer: Oh you did nothing? Then why are so many people looking for you Mr. Muhamed Elsayed.

Women: Who is this Daeshi (Daesh is a word for ISIS)

Elsayed: What? This is not me!

Officer: Its not you? Sure looks like you to me. Yeah?

Officer2: Yup.

Elsayed: No! No! Its not me! No!

Officer: You are going to stay calm sir.

Elsayed: Okay I'm calm

Officer2: He said bomb!

Elsayed: AHHH (Thanks /u/agentcornman)

[...] Go on to and order what you want, from America, London and even China. And your stuff arrives to you. Ubuy, we Fly

Amazon drones are the bomb!

burger music starts playing

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They exist they are called freight forwarders

It's funny but... My syrian colleague shares a name with someone on a no-fly list. (it's a very common syrian name). He's about 5 foot 3, the guy in question is 6 feet tall and 20 years younger than him but every time he has to deal with it he gets "Matches your description". "2 arms, 2 legs- yup, it's him"

But mostly hilarious.

> take my wife on holiday to burgerland to shop burger stuff

> her persian bling sets off the metal detector

> end up in a US customs back room with two fat bald fucks

> get mistaken for a terrorist on the cia most wanted list

> all arab people are the same right?

> my wife and i try to diffuse the situation

> executed by the state of texas when they see the first letter of each sentence

Nothing like light-hearted humor to get me through work. Just 5 hours 59 minutes and 30 seconds to go!

"You buy, and we'll fly"

We know somebody (or should I say some company) in the Arab world was happy about Trump's Muslim ban.

Edit: added link for all the people who kept commenting "it isn't a Muslim ban" :)

They have a bunch of these services online

This is one specifically for Japan

Damn, his wife is a babe.

They blow away the competition!

The woman said: "Show him these dollars" [as to help him understand they're visiting for shopping]

Fidget spinners

Partially sad though

you woke up the money spending weeb inside of me just now bro why

The lady says a funny bit when seeing the mugshot: "who's this Daeshi?", arab AND derogatory term for Isis, imagine she said "who's/what's that hairy baboon/terrorist".

Edit : lots of controversy on Daeshi being just an abbreviation or also an insult, in the context of the ad, it was clearly meant as derogatory, language changes with culture, words have different layers, being anal about a lighthearted joke is not cool, Daechi, Kouraichi, Comie, Ze French... we all know those names are loaded, take a chill pill people.

be american get shot fin

Some one with my name is on a terrorist watch list. Everytime I travel through the US, I get sent to a special line then have the customs agent laugh at me for a few minutes because apparently this person looks very different from me, thank the universe, then either let me go or send me in for further questioning so that I don't have to go through this again. I go through it every time.

This isn't how you're seen in the Arab world. It's how you're seen in the entire world.

Mesopotamia has an abundance of untapped natural resources

Their packages are to die for.

Yep, and people often try using fake freight forwarders to commit scams. It's annoying when you disable international shipping on eBay but have a foreign scammer shipping to American FF addresses. ie: FlyBox for Columbia. I'm not convinced that's even a legit business.

Edit: Colombia*

this is how the US is seen now in the arab world. That failed travel ban that only affected innocent tourists and transit passengers has had a permanently damaging effect on the US's image and soft power.

I remember when my dad flew in from Finland and he was detained at O'Hare airport for hours because he had some presidential campaign pins and material of Martti Ahtisaari, the guy who brokered the Kosovo peace treaty, a Nobel Peace Price winner when it actually stood for something.

Martti Ahtisaari was running in the Social Democratic party, so they accused my dad of being a communist and almost didn't let him in the country.

This was in the late 90's. It's only gotten worse since then.

I'm Mexican and I used to travel to the US fairly often. Most of the CBP people are rude and/or outright aggressive and more than once they threatened to cancel my visa.

In 20 years only once an officer told me "Welcome to the United States. Enjoy your visit."

Out of being held at gun point, the guys in the ad are more corteous than the actual people in the border.

Once in the US I've never had any kind of problem with anyone, though.

Not enough tipping.

On a Saturday :(

Apply for a Redress Number. It's something that you can include with flight reservations that basically alerts DHS that you're a commonly confused person (name/DOB/whatever). It's supposed to help avoid this from happening repeatedly.

Sourced from China.

The service just blew their minds

FUCK . fuck fuck

Dedication deserves recognition.

I am an Arab guy. What should I buy from the US?

Sometimes to get to the sweet pear, you gotta eat a few stickers

be arab

get shot


She is from the Arabian Peninsula Habibi. Although Mesopotamia Girls are a class of their own too.

I died at "Hamburger music starts playing".

Like what the fuck does that even mean?

Made in China, assembled in Vietnam, shipped back to China then exported to the US then shipped to the middle east.

I'm here to remind you 35 minutes later

Top notch production value right up until the voice over.

Fun game for the whole family: Amazon or Predator.

Or random applause.

Efficiently executed!

That's because it's true.

My friend's cousin, rich guy who doesn't give a shit, who was coming for a visit to the US was asked by customs why he had so much cash on him. He doesn't speak English well.

His reply was "I come here to spend money. Your economy is shit. I can go to Europe if you want."

They let him through no problems.

who is "you're". I'm Norwegian.

Reply all just had a podcast about this and a company called meest. They're a legit freight forwarder but hackers often use them to steal goods. They forward to the Ukraine and Russia

Just take it and go ^

IIRC it came from a joke on /v/ about stereotypical music in video games. For example:

>ice level >Christmas music starts playing

which became

>American level >Hamburger music starts playing

making fun of how Americans eat a lot of hamburgers, even though 'hamburger music' obviously makes no sense.

Which is ironic because tattoos are haram.

When it's funny but exposes a serious systemic problem in your country that is the cause of many ...

Has your buddy tried losing an arm or leg perhaps

Constant delays and they treat international folks like me with contempt even though I speak perfect American English...

hey, hey, buddy, buddy, they treat us citizens like shit too.

How do I buy these globalism nutshells?

who is this Da'eshi

I eat stickers all the time dude!

You Norwegians never should've implemented that travel ban!

I havent even started yet. I have at least 10 hours to go

Full on circled the dude out like it was the end of a looney tunes skit

Ya, her voice is kinda drowned down. But I would expect nothing from an airport, sounds like one.

So many stuff from says "Doesn't ship to your location" mostly stuff like cellphones where the Canadian selection is garbage.

The look she gives when he says "no offense I did nothing".

globalism in a nutshell

Ahmed, you order something? ... Sumaira, did you order something? ... no, no? ... OH SHIT!!!

this is the shortest synopsis of The Stranger I've seen.

Made in China, not sold in China. Big difference.

The essence of comedy: pain + truth.

fuk u

Superbuy is a Chinese site that does this. Receives everything for you and then will ship it all to you at once.

I guess that'd be ironic in a different way? I meant to say it's ironic that the TSA pick someone out of a crowd because they associate Arabic tattoos with Muslim fundamentalism, when tattoos are forbidden in Islam and therefore actual Muslim fundamentalists are unlikely to have them.

Clearly a combatant.


Killing innocent people and doing drugs are also haram but Islamic extremists are known to do both those things.

and I'm here to remind you, of the mess you left when you went away.

Rep bois we out here

Fuck O'Hare, such a shitty airport. Constant delays and they treat international folks like me with contempt even though I speak perfect American English... can't imagine how they must treat the folks who can't

RemindMe! 2 months

Edit: fuck you people.

Yup it's both, as a white, Canadian male with an Arabic tattoo, I can tell you that the US Customs and border folks do not fuck around...

Amazon has this now - you can buy from regional Amazon sites (.uk, .in, .jp etc) and they'll handle all customs etc.


This is the , this version is missing the intro where this is supposed to be a random security check.

It was a big thing after 9/11. Everyone would clap when the plane landed and cheer, because they didn't land in an office building.

♫ I wish they all could be Mesopotamian girls..." ♪

Does that mean you get to skip the line? Nice!

It feels like almost any passenger feels when passing through TSA / (edit) CBP controlled borders when entering America. Many people are refusing to travel to the USA because of the intimidation.

Fertilizer and styrofoam

Uncalled for

God damnit Charlie

Someone said you were wrong, and then deleted their comment, while I looked up some sources.

I'm going to paste my reply to them, here, just to back you up, before someone else says something ridiculous.

Headline: Trump Slump: drop in American tourism is costing US Billions.

I've snipped the most important bits, and copied them here.

International travel to the US dropped 6.5 per cent in the eight days following the president’s proposed travel ban on January 27 when compared to the same period in 2016

Online searches for flights to America also dropped by 17 per cent the same week

a drop in bookings from Dubai by over a third.

estimated loss of $185 million in business travel bookings from January 28 to February 4

predicted to result in 4.3 million fewer visitors this year

loss of $7.4 billion in revenue for the US

(29 per cent) of Britons said they have been put off holidaying in America

UK flight searches to Miami [..] was down 52 per cent compared to last year.

CEO of travel intelligence provider Skift, told the Independent: “The US is screwed for the next four years. We are our own worst enemies these days."

Bucking the trend, New York has seen a surge in bookings this Easter. According to data from online travel agent, bookings are up 198 per cent compared to Easter 2016. However, this could have more to do with high profile deals offered by budget airlines such as Norwegian, rather than an endorsement of the new president.

There are plenty of other articles with similar news - both American and from other countries. Foursquare says that: " America’s share of international tourism to leisure locations has declined by an average of 11 percent since October 2016"

First blue jeans, then listening to their damn pop music. All of a sudden, you lose to a cultural victory, and ends up being 5 hours wasted in game when you need one more turn to launch your Mars Hydroponic rocket.

I have no doubt that they do... but y'all don't have to interact with US Customs Agents/Officers or whatever the fuck. This one officer was having a fit because a few of us international folk were using our cell phones while waiting in the godforsaken long line to get into the long line to get into the country. He literally told all of us to turn off our phones while we wait 2+ hours to just get our baggage scanned. This one Chinese girl couldn't understand what he was saying so he threatened her physically (WTF?).

Seriously, fuck O'Hare and all their power-tripping employees, bullshit delays and fucking terrible treatment of people. I've never had any problems anywhere else in the world as much as O'Hare, and I've been to 30+ countries. Look, i get that they face thousands of people a day and it gets tiring but would it kill to show some little respect to tired people wanting to get to their destination?

Prophets are going through the roof!

I'm American. I go to Canada and the Canadian CBP are the same to me. When I come back, the American CBP are the same if not worse.


You buoy, we fluoy

Somehow I imagine having spent so much time bombing them and overthrowing governments in that region had a tiny bit more of an impact than putting wealthy Arab citizens through the pain of DHS inquiries...

Everyone is American on Reddit until stated otherwise