They see me rollin'

Sick fuck just lays there as he rolls over all his entire family tree.

LEaf kiLS fELLow FamILY memBERS witHOUt ReMOrSE

Hope you all have a great thursday :) Version with sound


Wow, great motion tracking

the Weird Al parody

If you haven't seen you're in for a treat.

My brain inserted white and nerdy by reflex.

I can't believe I clicked that and watched it all, what the actual fuck is wrong with me

I️ think he means with the animation

I hope you don't 'fall'.

That was totally 'Autumn'.

I'll grab my coat.

What an asshole leafing them behind like that.

It's a bug with iOS 11.1. Apple released an update to fix it today. The letter "i" autocorrects to that mess. No idea how they managed that lol.

its great isnt it

Here it is

I saw a behind the scenes for this video a little while ago where it was just Donny Osmond dancing behind Al and it was as much if not more enjoyable than the actual video.


i never internalized that that was key & peele

best part of this is how impressed Chamillionaire was with Al

Just leaf already

The way he just leaves.. it's brutal. It's ashame when someone forgets their roots

What shoes are those?

For anyone interested in the board it looks like a Loaded Tesseract.


Idk why I️ love this so much