They didn’t disappoint

They didn’t disappoint

Who the fuck texts something like that at 5:00 AM though. The response just makes it that much more wholesome.

Drunk people?

I like wholesome drunks.

This number can not recieve text messages.

913 is the area code for Kansas City, KS, and 816 is the area code for Kansas City, MO, I used to live in KCMO so i still have the area code

You may be 913 but I’m 816 if you know what I mean

Actually I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Honestly didn’t realize this was /sub/wholesomememes and I apologize. My meme was wholly unwholesome

Better to be 816 than 660, if you know what I mean.

Much better than drunks ripped in half, that's for sure.

My text neighbors think im weird?? [Sends another unsolicited gif image]