these misty white globes

these misty white globes

Called bubbles man.

That's some Willy Wonka factory level shit

"Mr. Wonka, what's in this room?"

Rush to close the door. "That's the avant-garde exhibit. It's not ready. Some local hipsters keep breaking in and trying to vape..."

HQ of Vape Nation is one floor up.


Plot twist.

Bubbles of mustard gas

"Mr. Wonka, why is it that every time we get into a vehicle, it has exactly the right number of seats for everyone who has made it through the tour so far?"

the kids do not question Mr. Wonka


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Can someone link the proper link and not the giant version?

Soap bubbles filled with dry ice mist would be my guess. It's pretty nifty looking and you can do it at home.

Bubbles of mayonnaise gas.

VN vape nation

He planned this whole thing! He's a murderer!






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They just stole the oldest Hookah/Vaping trick in the book. I'm not even mad.

The two girls acting like this is the most mundane shit they've ever seen

Papa Bless

So you're saying VAPE NATION?

more likely glycerine, you can find all kinds of cheap bubble foggers at your basic party store that do exactly this, minus all the artistic pretense. a central heating element is fed with some mix of glycerine+water, pumped through a soap dispenser. dry ice would be needlessly complex and not as dense or consistent at this scale

The newest collab by cos and swine is legit good for them

k but it's still a bubble regardless of what they want to call it lol


Wow it doesn’t look like a fucking potato dragged through a blizzard


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Mr. Wonka stared at Charlie with eyes wide like he was looking at a murderer. "I beg your pardon?" he said finally.

"What's your shirt made of?" said Charlie.

"C--c--cotton," said Mr. Wonka, backing up as Charlie advanced on him.

"Cotton candy," said Charlie.

"Yes, that," said Mr. Wonka, as Charlie backed him into a ten-foot peppermint stick.

It was quite ingenious, really. There was a room where Oompa-loompas spun cotton candy into cotton candy thread, and then wove it into cotton candy cloth, and then cut it up and made clothes out of it. The stuff was tough when it was woven, nearly untearable, but it dissolved nicely under a proper application of saliva.

The left side of Mr. Wonka's collar melted in Charlie's mouth.

"What are you--what are you doing?" Mr. Wonka asked.

Charlie licked around the edges. If he happened to lick Mr. Wonka's collarbone as well, no matter, he thought.

"I think you might had better stop," said Mr. Wonka, "before I have to find a new shirt for dinner."

Charlie reached the first button and started sucking on it. It was strawberry-flavored. He knew it wasn't an everlasting gobstopper, because the thread holes had been punched through it after it was cast. So Charlie sucked the button deep into his mouth, between his molars, and bit down.

The button cracked, and a large portion of the cotton candy shirt dissolved in Charlie's mouth as well. The shirt fell open over Mr. Wonka's chest. Charlie pulled Mr. Wonka's shirt open and gave his chest a sugary lick for good measure.

Mr. Wonka said, rather faintly, “You remind me of what my Oompa Loompa’s do for me..."

Charlie worked his way down the rest of Mr. Wonka's shirt. His buttons were all red, so it became a guessing game which flavor of red they were. Raspberry, Charlie guessed; apple surprised him, since Mr. Wonka liked to make apples green; cinnamon, he got because he could see the flecks of it in the button, just before he closed his mouth over it. The last was cherry, which Charlie figured out purely by process of elimination.

Then he started on Mr. Wonka's marzipan belt buckle. He was all the way to the licorice strands of the belt before Mr. Wonka's trembling hand touched his hair. Charlie turned his head to suck on Mr. Wonka's fingers. His gloves were made of the special unpoppable bubblegum, so there was no getting through them, and they tasted like grape. After a moment, Charlie looked up at Mr. Wonka and said, "Just try to stand still, all right?"

Mr. Wonka nodded nervously.

Charlie mouthed the crotch of Mr. Wonka's trousers, and they dissolved. Boxers, too, gone in a few licks. Then all that was left was Mr. Wonka's cock, and Charlie wrapped his fingers around his shaft and put his mouth on its head, and sucked.

Mr. Wonka let out a breathy little moan, a surprised, "Oh... You’ve found my golden ticket..."

Charlie slid his hand down and sucked in more of Mr. Wonka's cock. By now, the taste of all the candy clothes was starting to clear out of Charlie's mouth, and he could taste the actual flavor of Mr. Wonka's cock. It was not sweet, which was something of a surprise. Charlie had half-expected Mr. Wonka himself to be made out of candy, something milky like a coconut truffle or a marshmallow cream puff. But Mr. Wonka was made out of ordinary flesh, and his skin tasted like ordinary skin, which is to say, a little salty with sweat, but otherwise not like much at all.

And if Charlie had expected Mr. Wonka to be as hard as a peppermint stick or a lollipop, he was disappointed again. Mr. Wonka's cock was firm, yes, but as flesh is firm. Charlie had developed a bad habit of biting peppermint sticks, but he knew he mustn't bite Mr. Wonka's cock, because it would bruise, and it would hurt Mr. Wonka.

When Mr. Wonka came, it was a little sweet, because you are what you eat, and Mr. Wonka ate an awful lot of sweets, but mostly it was just sticky and thick and human. Charlie sat back on his haunches and looked up at Mr. Wonka. His eyes were closed and his mouth was open, panting.

Link calls them blossoms, not bubbles. RoseyWren is fake news

delicate mist-filled ‘blossoms’ that disappear on contact with skin, but can be held by visitors wearing special gloves

this explains why they weren't trying to catch any with their hands

Nah bro it's all vape. They have a crew in the back room blowing their vape into tubes to make bubbles.

Even as a web developer I can't figure out if that website's design is garbage, art, or both.

"Dynamic page generated in 2.010 seconds."

It's garbage.

Come right in 🎶

Put away the pen 🎵

Open your lungs 🎶

To pure inhalation ♩♩

Not to go off on a tangent, but I've been finding I really prefer what sin has been doing over cos.

vape nation

This is it. This is going to the be "rain" in my underdark campaign.


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"Oh... You’ve found my golden ticket..."

bubbles of man-aids gas

There's no bubble, dude. Market is solid as a rock.

More info here;

We get it, you meme.

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( ͡ಠ ʖ̯ ͡ಠ)

there's a kink for everything I guess

They're filled with water vapor. Apparently it's scented as well.

A source.

For those not in the field, 2-3 seconds is long enough to lose about 90% of your visitors based on data from Google.

They are actually just using a water atomizer so it's 100% water which is kinda neat.

That's because they used the MonsterTM HDMI cable

Ghost tears

Atleast one of them dressed for the occasion.

These look like hookah bubbles I would blow in high school for fun





Charlie was 12.

That seems a bit ridiculous. Maybe it's just because my Internet is slow as balls (7 mbps down), but I typically wait at least 2 seconds anyway. I honestly would have thought the cutoff would be anything that takes over 5-10 seconds. Some very popular news websites take at least 10 seconds to load or at least for me they do.

I don’t think Charlie is real... Some of you need to go chill and eat some candy.

Aww i just remembered Gene Wilder died :(

at least we still have Johnny D.... ehh, n/m

Well, the creepy guy who offers Charlie tons of cash in the Gene Wilder version was at the site where each ticket was found almost immediately, so......

put respect on Slugworth name


Well I'll never not know that story now...

I'm gonna go to therapy

These look like Hookah bubbles.

I would blow in high school for fun.

It's OK, the French spell it heaiouxqueais



A man, named Bubbles, with AIDS got gas.

I think Candy was also 12.

Ok, CO then.

Bubbles bubbles everywhere but not a drop to drink ...yet


At least it's not turbo-aids gas


What, filling the room with dangerous gas in an interesting manner?


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The perfect Wonka room

The 1s and 0s are more crisp and airy on expensive HDMI cables

That's why the report button exists.

Pearls before swine.

what did he say?

I think we discovered a new industry that'll put Vape Nation to work.

But we remember him - so he truly lives on.

Man, that is fantastic. Im gonna find a way to use it in one of my campaigns.

But have you seen bubbles........on WEEd!!!!!!

Surface Tension, mainly

lol wut they're standing in an art installation what do you want them to be doing? Skipping around and shrieking in delight?