These kids lost their homes in the fire so I made a gaming area in the shelter for them.

These kids lost their homes in the fire so I made a gaming area in the shelter for them.

Hey, OP! This is super touching and ridiculously kind of you. I work at Harmonix and was here to ask if you'd like some song codes for that PS4. More songs keeps the kids less bored (and keeps the adults more sane so they don't have to hear the same two over and over!) and music's one of the great escapes. Feel free to PM me!

They didn't know how to play since they were too poor to afford anything but free phone games. At least they had fun. I'm going back today to play more and teach guitar to them before the shelter closes. I got the day off so it is fine.

These kids need hope and love. I gave them that and to everyone was happy.

This is wholesome as fuck but that kid has horrendous form on the drums. I call next.

I am in Ventura county in the middle of the Thomas Fire. My town is safe, but several houses have burned in town. More in the neighboring cities. After securing my own house I volunteered at the local shelter after hearing a whole community of trailers was wiped out. I have gone there preaching as a JW so I know these people. I knew there were kids living there and lost everything they knew.

I couldn't sit by thinking these kids, who had lost everything they knew, would be in a shelter with no way to distract themselves from the raging inferno so I did the first thing that came to mind. I got my two gaming pcs, ps4, and several board games, loaded them to my car and took them to the shelter.

After setting up with help from volunteers here the kids immediately played Rockband, sonic mania and classic, and several kids games they knew from Mobile but we're on steam.

The kids were so entertained and the adults played board games with me at another table near by. Everyone was distracted from the fire nd the other volunteers loved it.

Thomas Fire has burned down many homes, but at least these people won't go thinking they lost hope of being kids and having fun and neighbors didn't care. I'll see if I can host a regular game day in the center they are in soon after to just keep playing.

Stay safe and always volunteer. People need to know you love them and not show apathy. Be active in your community and help out on disaster.

u/seranikas Message this person!!

Good. Very wholesome. Very nice of you.

I still call next.

A reporter may stop by today to take pictures and record. I already got contacted after my post on pics. It is a bit awkward, but it is good to make good news rather than hear about trump all day.

Good guy Harmonix, giving songs instead of loot boxes that may contain songs.

That is some generous and humanitarian shit. I'm just drinking coffee in my underwear and now I feel all inferior and may go back to bed.

But what about the sense of pride 💰 and 💰 accomplishment?

Good guy :)

You're a cool dude. Also, as someone who enjoys playing rock band drums, thanks for putting out so much content when the Rock Band Network was active, I bought so many songs and learned how to play the drums by playing rockband; I eventually bought an ion kit and upped my game. You guys did a good job with RB3 :)

I also just want to point out that what you might be doing has even longer lasting impact with their mental health

There have been some good (albeit a little preliminary) studies showing that after traumatic events playing Tetris can significantly reduce the formation of PTSD down the road. What is basically happening is after trauma a great thing to do is to distract the brain to disrupt traumatic memory reconciliation and formation. If the brain isn't distracted it will start to ruminate on the traumatic event and really solidify those memories. The thought here being that with Tetris the brain is busy focusing on something else and can't focus as hard on the trauma.

So by giving these kids something to do and distract them after what was probably some traumatic experiences (having to flee their home, potentially witnessing their home on fire, having to leave important things behind, etc.) this might be providing a distraction that down the road stops them from developing problems into the future. So good job and wonderful idea!

I wasn't always, unfortunately, but i do what i can. When the fire started i was helping neighbors evacuate, guiding them to safe areas, and stayed behind hosing down houses so they won't spark up. I may be a paranoid, bipolar JW, but I have my heart in the right place.

Hmmm do you not see the quarter there? Get in line

OMG, those kids playing Rock band are reversed from the side of the screen they're playing on.... Absolutely horrifying.

You are a wonderful person.

If you want to send supplies, games, consoles, and computers, send them to 530 main street Santa Paula California 93060. It is the community center and labor donations for kids in Thomas Fire.

Thank you for your support. The city of Santa Paula and all of Ventura county and southern California thanks you all.

Sonic and Knuckles? Good choice.

Move the table over a bit. Bad idea to restrict access to that fire extinguisher....

They kept disconnecting the controllers. Don't blame them. They're kids. Most haven't played the game before.

Or, if you wanna help the families caught in these fires, leave your three bucks here -

It's a fund that has been set up by United Way in partnership with the American Red Cross of Ventura County and the Sheriff's Office of Emergency Services.

paranoid, bipolar JW, but I have my heart in the right place.

Prince is that you?

Me thinks you're taking my joking comment a little too seriously.

I have the the main sonic games, sonic adventure 1 and 2, and sonic mania. Sonic was my whole childhood. These kids chose it themselves without me telling them I had it. They saw it in my steam library and told me to put it on.

Deserved attention. And good on ya.

Never forget.

I'm an old and I remember this. Have an updoot.

You're a good person.

Really? If this comment was serious then you don't have any idea how bad poverty can be

Human first, religion later.

Awesome. I bet more ppl will volunteer and/or donate now. Good job.

The level of ignorance is incredible

What's your steam ID ? pm if you like.

Until the next EA game comes out and everybody preorders it anyways and the circle of rage continues.

Stuff like this could inspire people like me to help out in a similar situation.

At the least, it brought a nice warm spin to my usually unpleasant morning.

Bam. Two examples that have nothing to do with OP expecting anything in return and they took me no time to think of because they are true.

This place never fails to amaze. So many people over the years that have been helped via Reddit pairing up people in need with people who can help. I wonder if there's a way to find out how many times this has happened...

I live in the heart of this fire, we haven't had rain in months and the Santa Ana winds helped this fire spread over 40k acres overnight.

Yeah, maybe! But if that angle's attempted, it'll happen with or without me helping the kids, so I'm certainly not going to blacklist this just because they're a Witness. My actions won't be affecting the adults' actions, but they will affect the kids' well-being. Kids come first.

It helps in the short term, but without proper counseling and psychiatric care, PTSD can still ruin your life.

Source: Myself. Had what turned out to be a stupidly tragic childhood, played tons of Tetris and other puzzle games throughout my life, then at 34 had a major panic attack followed by a series of minor attacks that I still suffer from 2 years later. Ultimately cost me my career and everything that goes with it (home, car, etc). Now living with family going through disability litigation while finally dealing with the tragedies and the impact they've have on my adult life.

That's amazing you are a real hero. 🎅

If any of you guys would want to play hero to some families in need right here on Reddit, please head over to /sub/santaslittlehelpers and /sub/randomactsofchristmas They help give kids a Christmas they wouldn't otherwise have. The posters circumstances may not be as dire as these poor kids, but they are struggling nonetheless. Just wanted to throw that out there. Cheers and Happy Holidays!

I actually had second thoughts about posting it. I feared someone would say exactly what you said. I'm not a bad person, anymore. I want to be useful after so much time feeling useless. That good feeling is actually helping fight my depression that has haunted me for decades. It looks wrong and I feel it may be bragging too, but when I see all the good things on Reddit when I want to avoid all the Trump and death of net neutrality posts I feel better. If I can evoke that feeling on people like it does to me I'm happy to do my part. I'm sorry if it feels like bragging, I just want to bring good news in this horrible world.


Same as my username here. It is my personal online name. Look it up and you will find me everywhere.

Do you have Rocket League? That'll keep them going for weeks, hah.

Bungie is trying to help people forget about EA, though.

I have gone there preaching as a JW

Haven't they suffered enough?!?

Though I cannnot condone the use of AOL, by gawd did my whole work place have a laugh and some nostalgia about your username. Godspeed time travelled.

I went to a party and I had literally never played the drums on rockband. I was baked as fuck and I imagine that everyone around me was saying that exact same thing.

God I love Harmonix. I've been living in the Boston area for a while, and gotten to go to a couple of your events, like the Beatles Rock Band Hard Day's Night thing some years ago. Thank you for all your great work, and thank you for looking out for these kids.

As someone who knows /u/seranikas I can say that he is a genuinely good person and that the post is a way of spreading awareness. I myself would never have thought about doing something like this to help, and I am sure there are many people who have not either. Everyone thinks to donate items to help people who are in unfortunate circumstances like this, but not everyone thinks to help by providing entertainment to those same people. Memories will live on a lot longer than a lot of the emergency supplies donated.

Maybe this post will lead to more people providing help in this way in addition to the normal help with replacing stuff.

Is a reporter also going to the other guy's house to take pictures and record him drinking coffee in his underwear? That would also be a bit awkward

I work full time and saved for years to get where I am.

Big fan of charity donations! Just make sure to research and give to those that use the money well!

Edit: Oh cool, you even offered one!

Edit 2: Since I already had Gold, I donated $4 (I don't know if some of the donation vanishes to card fees or something)

Lol (I actually giggled I didn't just exhale air)

Reddit is interesting - on one hand you have places that are absolutely dripping with vitriol and the worst of humanity, and then on the other hand you have places and people who are absolute shining beacons of what makes humanity great.

Where else can I get 56.6kbps for under $250/month?? You people...

(56.6, not 28.8!!)

Not just from the 70's. I was born in the 80's and was still putting quarters on machines in the mid 90's.

Thank you Harmonix! You are the best! /u/seranikas LOOK! ^

Also, in areas where people are thinking "there has never been a fire here" that is a big reason. The longer brush is unburned, the higher the fire risk becomes during dry times. Add in areas that haven't burned in decades, with dry climate and strong winds, one small spark becomes what we have today.

Thank you for doing something good for the community. I notice that you mentioned being JW, and I want to thank you for not making this a religious issue with the kids and their family.

You’re a good person. :)

Friend invite inbound (captnshiner)

You first.

During the really awful brush fire in northeast San Diego County in 2003, a friend of mine and his parents narrowly escaped their house before the fire took it. They lost almost everything. The dad was a landscaper, and had all of his tools in the bed of his truck, but apart from that, they had nothing.

Once my parents and I were able to go back home (our house was saved at quite literally the last second by CDF firefighters) my dad spent a couple hours calling around to see if any of our mutual acquaintances could get a message to them. We finally tracked them down and invited them over to our house.

They pulled the landscaping truck into our driveway, and without saying a word, my dad started loading up the bed of the truck with everything he could get his hands on. Clothes, shoes, a TV/VCR, bottled water, canned food, an old cell phone we weren't using, a couple sleeping bags, some pillows, you name it. With the truck packed to the gills, my dad and my friend's dad just hugged and cried. These guys had really only spoken to each other a few times, but there they were, hugging like family.

To me, being a part of a community means taking care of each other. Good on you, OP. You're helping to give these kids a bit of relief from the stress and the anxiety from the world they live in right now. You're a good person.

Thats awesome you’re a great person

That's what I was thinking. They may feel awkward about news showing up but it could turn out better for the kids and families. :) just takes 1 kind action to start.

Why are the so many fires happening?

That pc had issues and I was fixing it so they could play on it too. They are both Windows 10.