Theresa May to trigger Brexit process next Wednesday

Theresa May to trigger Brexit process next Wednesday
Theresa May to trigger Brexit process next Wednesday

Theresa May will trigger Article 50 by writing a letter to the European Council

What if it gets lost in the post?

So, we are, in fact, going over. This is, as they say, it?

For anyone who is unsure what this means for the UK, just remember that Brexit means Brexit, and that we're aiming for a Red White and Blue Brexit.

Theresa: Hi :) I'd like to trigger Article 50 now

EU: new phone, who dis

Well the Tories privatized the mail, so don't know who they would blame.

Good luck everyone


Nationalism - the drug of choice for morons who have never accomplished anything.


Well, it's finally happening I guess.

Run down of possible times, keep in mind the time-frame allowed in Article 50 is two years - and this can only be extended by unanimous agreement from all EU countries. While they are guesses, it'll be 2 years before the UK leaves the EU.

29 March, 2017 - UK triggers Article 50

April - European Council president Donald Tusk expected to call an EU summit of the 27 leaders (without the UK) to agree to give the European Commission a mandate to negotiate with the UK

After the EU 27 summit - European Commission to publish negotiating guidelines based on the mandate the EU leaders give it. The EU might say something about possible parallel negotiation on a future EU-UK trade deal

April/May 2017 - Negotiations begin

23 April and 7 May - French Presidential elections

24 September - German parliamentary elections

Autumn 2017 - The UK government is expected to introduce legislation to leave the EU and put all existing EU laws into British law - the Great Repeal bill

October 2018 - Negotiations conclude (The Article 50 negotiations could be extended, but this is subject to the approval of the other 27 EU member states)

Between October 2018 and March 2019 - The Houses of Parliament, European Council and European Parliament vote on any deal

March 2019 - UK formally withdraws from the European Union


I think the phrase rhymes with "clucking bell".

Wait, did leave mean leave the EU?! When I voted leave I meant "leave things the way they are"

remain with the opinion that we should leave the EU.

Thanks for clearing that up.

Its kinda sad.

I know that the EU is far away from being perfect, but at laest we weren't moving backwards. Wish we could work together on the EU, to make it better, but you made your choice already :/

Anyway, hope we still gonna be good neighbours (except at football).

Good luck and all the best. Greetings from Germany

:( I don't want to leave.

Bless you

"Brexit means Brexit."

Jesus Christ. I still can't believe she said that.

Angela, holding EU phone: *tries to make a joke but is German*

Really Baldrick?

A cunning and subtle one?

As cunning as a fox who has just been elected Professor of Cunning at Oxford University?

No. Birth is nation specific. The nation of birth decides your nation status. EU status is only related to your nation status. When UK leaves the EU, UK citizens leave with it.

But they don't accomplish anything because all the foreigners!

I have a plan, sir.

Good, I was worried for a second that there was no Brexit plan.

April - European Council president Donald Tusk expected to call an EU summit of the 27 leaders (without the UK) to agree to give the European Commission a mandate to negotiate with the UK

This will be the most interesting time. Prepare copious amounts of popcorn.

One of the main things that made me vote remain was the moral ideal of a European union. I certainly realise it has its faults, inadequacies, inefficiencies, even corruption, but the fact that we are (or were) trying to work together by pooling our resources, helping one another develop infrastructure, trading freely and becoming a cooperative family of nations is something wonderful that I will miss very much. I hope to continue to be a part of Europe in every way I can.

What surprises me is that they aren't even saying, "Well we are leaving the EU and are currently negotiating trade treaties with countries of high importance to our economic continuation. We have done so by consulting economic, market and financial experts with a wealth of knowledge in our perspective markets. Special arrangements regarding X-pats and current inhabitants are going to be implemented over the next 3 months. We don't know everything that will happen, but we are making the arrangements for it to be as smooth and as strong as possible."

They are literally saying "We have not really got a clue and the bits we do know we aren't going to tell you anyway. It's going ahead so just deal with it!"

It takes a special kind of incompetence to wish that David Cameron was back with money grabbing Osborne by his side.

Soft boiled brexit.

It's almost as if the terms of Article 50 were written to discourage invoking it...

Theresa: It's me, Angela

Angela: How many Poles does it take to change a lightbulb? Ja, you should know since you have so many in the UK laughs in German

I... I'm scared, Sir.

How many Germans does it take to change a light bulb?

One, because they're very efficient and have no sense of humor.

and that we're aiming for a Red White and Blue* Brexit.

*Blue available for a limited time only.

Labour couldn't organise a dishwasher.

laughs in German

Translated to English: sound of machinery. Archaic usage: sound of a machine gun. Contemporary usage: sounds of drills and chainsaws and cash registers.

Still no word on what happens to ex-pats with British passports. Do I need to get another new one? Do I lose it entirely?

The whole thing is a giant fucking farce.

Well nothing has actually happened yet, let's wait and see what the long term economic effect on Britain is after a few years outside the EU.

As a Londoner I've heard of many companies closing shop here and moving to EU locations, not just banking. A lot of the talented people in my current company are heading to jobs in EU countries and taking their skills with them, a skills shortage in London will lead to high-tech companies moving to other European cities.

Goodbye to London as the financial capital.

Help me, I'm unsure if this means we are headed for a 'Hard' or 'Soft' 'Brexit'?

Negotiations can not happen until article 50 has been triggered. That's why there is no word, they are not allowed to formally discuss what can happen.

Ofcause off the record talks can take place but they are not formal policies. But basically all the talk is that EU citizens currently living in the U.K. could be grandfathered in but only as long as the same is applied to U.K. Citizens living in the EU. So yeah while nothing formal has been said yet it looks like it will be a case of both sides will grandfather in those who have already "rehomed".

^ This guy would make a great politician.

So we'll have 2 years to complete processes that normally take at least triple that, with hardly any leverage for negotiation. Regardless of your political views, that's pretty concerning

The great roast of 2017

I don't think that's strictly true, all the leave voters I know stand by their decision.

There was a bit of a panic immediately after the vote where people thought "shit, what have we done?" but that was largely down to the utter panic being stirred up at the time. Now we have a few months behind us and the sky hasn't to my knowledge fallen in, people are mostly happy to stand behind their choice.

Well, until Scotland leaves.

If you mean, "Are we all going to get killed?" Yes. Clearly, Theresa May is about to make yet another gargantuan effort to move her drinks cabinet six inches closer to Berlin.

I think it was fine initially to make a point, it's nothing unusual in the age of the political soundbite. It's the fact that she and other prominent Tories repeated it over and over, and over and over, to the point of parody, that was so frustrating. It became a reflex for them.

-Dr. Who

I highly doubt it. The city of London, is actually a semi self regulating government in itself. I cannot see the behemoth of the EU and its 27 members trying to agree on something, and out negotiating City of London Corp.

Yes, I’ve heard ‘women and children first’, but we do not employ children. We are not a sweatshop, thankfully. And women are equal in the workplace, by law, so if I let them out first… I have a lawsuit on my hands.

London was still a part of the European Single Market. It no longer will be, this will cripple inter-bank trading which drives London's position as a financial centre.

You don't need to take just my word for it, listen to actual industries and their projected job losses and costs:

Hey, German humor is no laughing matter!

Well, she's been very vague, which is the joke. It looks like we're going for a hard brexit, unfortunately.

EU citizenship is a citizenship that you obtain by having a citizenship of any of the EU members. It is linked to your nationality, you cannot have the last without the former.

Therefore, once the UK leaves, UK nationals won't be EU citizens anymore.

I work for a VFX house in the R&D department in London, we've lost quite a few of our EU programmers, many of them specifically citing Brexit as their reason to leave. There are disparate skills in VFX with some countries having clearly better knowledge in the area, the French with shading and rendering is a well known one, if we lose our skilled rendering programmers then we'll lose a competitive edge.

I quoted an article in a previous message, that goes into projected figures for job losses in the financial sector.

Brexit means breakfast

Because they can't do a lot until they trigger article 50. They can't negotiate new trade deals until this happens. They can't make those deals with the EU about current immigrants and expats.

This has been said countless times beforehand. It's been all over the news

If David Cameron, Tim Farron, Jeremy Corbyn or anyone were in charge none of these deals would have been made anyway.

Ah, gallows humour.

Then what did you think remain meant?

When your entire plan for Brexit consists of that 3 word phrase, it doesn't fill people with confidence.

Why? Shouldn't this be rather like a rubber stamping exercise?

The really drama should happen when the EU presents the UK officially the exit bill (about 40 to 60 billion EUR) and in 2018, when it is clear that no comprehensive trade deal will have been reached by then and the UK risks falling back on WTO trade.

Let's see what happens, I'm young, if this makes my life twenty times as difficult, the UK starts introducing its own labour laws that violate EU ones and start reducing wages I guess I'll have to eat my Brexit voting grandparents to survive.

And they can't afford anything because of all this healthcare!

But what about second Brexit?

But the thing is there is no plan.

Ooh, there's a nasty splinter on that ladder, sir! A bloke could hurt himself on that.

Michael Scott?

The Polish.

No. However if you where born in Northern Ireland you can get an Irish Passport, which basically makes you an EU citizen.

And Putin is laughing...

Every time someone says they know companies leaving, they never mention a company name?

There is the likes of Facebook [1], Google [2] and Amazon [3] all opening and expanding UK R&D post Brexit, so I am not sure I buy any of these tech exodus claims, especially without any data to back it up.




EDIT: Downvoted for posting facts. You can tell its mid working day in Europe.

Comma,comma and, in fact, another comma.

Do City of London have anything to bargain with? What are they going to do, prevent the EU from using their banks?

Please remain seated until the ride comes to a complete stop.

Edit: Apologies. I did not recognise the numerous Blackadder references in this thread. I'm going to go away and have a long hard think about some of my life choices.

Makes sense, but wow does that screw over people who made their life-long plans (career, housing, family) on the expectation that they would remain EU citizens. You could even have some immediate family members which will retain EU citizenship and some of which won't.

Man, those immigrants always trying to sneak through...

If you were born in the UK while it was part of the EU, do you get to stay an EU citizen?

They can't make their own trade deals as long as they are members of the EU as they have deferred that competence to the EU. A large reason for the whole EU existing in the first place is that a united Europe gets to punch in a higher weight class than a divided one when it comes to trade agreements.

Frankfurt is ranked 19th in the Global Financial Centres Index, London is at 1st place. Even Montreal has a higher ranking than Frankfurt. The EU has always tried to poach London business and they can't succeed, even for the simplest reason that different EU cities compete among themselves. Fundamentally, there aren't even the number of skyscrapers needed for office space.

The EU itself has realised that it will still be dependent on London's financial centre, which is.... This will give the UK some clout in Brexit negotiations. The EU knows it can't form its own financial hub.

So it's just a way of sounding cute and patriotic

A double privatization. Very sneaky indeed.

Also is it spelt with a z or s, or is it depending on location.

A soft Brexit requires us giving the EU plenty of concessions that were specifically part of why people voted out. Free movement being one, paying them like certain other countries being another.

Without those kind of concessions, we simply won't get the things WE want out of a soft Brexit, such as access to the single market.

As a result, the only other option is a hard Brexit.

EDIT: Schengen to free movement because I'm bad.

i gotta say, i thought article 50 would never be triggered. i figured they'd find a way to undo the will of people on this, in the name of business.

but still, the negotiations are 2 years long, and another gov't could be voted in by then.

No, wait. We do nothing... until our heads have actually been cut off.

Well, I'm afraid it'll have to wait. Whatever it was, I'm sure it was better than my plan to get out of this by pretending to be mad. I mean, who would have noticed another madman round here?

Always got me, that quote. And very aposite ...

I don't think they know about second Brexit, Pip.

They tried to start trade talks immediately, but everyone sent them away with a "get your legal issues sorted out first, we can talk later". Britain is expected to be in an isolated and desperately weak position after leaving the EU. The common perception is that the best time to talk trade with Britain will be then, not now. Unfortunately there's no way to sugarcoat this little oopsie for the nationalists, so the regime does the next best thing, it avoids the topic like the plague.

The regime had its expert consultations. The only arrangements it made afterwards were aimed at hiding the consultation results from the British people. And yet the nationalist fanboys seriously believe they could "win" Brexit. Get a better deal out of it than the current privileged EU membership. Because "Britain stronk!" and super shrewd 5d poker. The only leverage that Britain actually has is the threat to deport or otherwise mistreat EU citizens in the UK. Britain can't afford to guarantee the human rights of those EU citizens. This would cost Britain's trump card. Britain's only card. Britain's super secret victory strategy that must not be revealed.

so Labour need to get their shit together.

Next week: how to nail jelly to the ceiling.

I've got a question. It seems like many Brits seem to regret their decision to leave the EU.

This is just not true. The polls have consistently shown that people do not regret their decision.

The U.K. flag is also red, white, and blue.

It's justification after the fact. If 'Brexit means Brexit' and "we" voted for Brexit then whatever they do in the name of Brexit is what we voted for and they can point to that mandate.

European Council president Donald Tusk expected to call an EU summit of the 27 leaders (without t...

Well, six inches away from Berlin, to be accurate.

It's ok. Just move to America. We'll take care of you.

Edit: really guys? Do I really need /s for this one?

Let's... Let's do 50 USD

Too soon.

we're aiming for a Red White and Blue Brexit.

If Scotland leaves then then it just be Red and White Brexit

The next election isn't until 2020...

Yeah, I believe RevengeoftheHittites was making that comment subtly.

S if using UK spelling, Z if American.