There's never been a better representation of confidence in a film

There's never been a better representation of confidence in a film

You cut out the wink?!?! That's the best bit!!

That's the rule. The satisfying bit at the end of a gif must be cut out.

There's nothing like the swagger of a man who knows he shot first

Sorry man it's the George Lucas special edition

I tried!

I tried!

500 days of summer maybe?

... or does he?

... or does ?

If he is a young Solo in any spin off movie, I would be totally ok with that.

But, due to future magic and space medicines, he doesn't look as old.

I know.

Fuckin' hypocrite

Star Wars

Would it? Would it really?

What movies is this from?


That's early on-set Alzheimer's. He only gets it on the set of new star wars movies.

Except JGL is almost as old as Ford when he made Episode IV.

...its a movie

The sequence has Joseph Gordon Levitt feeling the best he ever has, confident as hell - and when his character looks in a reflection, he doesn't see himself, he sees his idea of the coolest, most confident person ever....Han Solo

I'd say Indiana Jones is at least as confident .

Just because Greedo didn't shoot in the original edit doesn't mean Han didn't shoot first. He shot first between the two of them even though Greedo didn't fire. Technically someone HAS to shoot first.

George Lucas disagrees.

George Lucas .

Unless it's a tumblr gif, then it's the bit at an awkwardly timed moment with the rest of the bit cut out. No exceptions!

Just because you are hopelessly in love with someone they have no obligation to love you back.

Historical documents

I still don't understand the whole "shot first" thing. I get it, in the edits Lucas adding in Greedo taking a pop at Han. But in the actual film, Greedo never fires at all. Han is the lone trigger man, solo even.

How can Han "shoot first" if he is the only one that shoots?

I feel like a dog that is constantly being shown a card trick.

I think you may have gotten the wrong message from the film.

Joseph Gordon Levitt. Idk about spelling on last name but it will work.

How can Han "shoot first" if he is the only one that shoots?

The same way America can claim to be the first manned mission to the Moon.

It's the best example of nerd sniping I've ever seen.

I'm sure I would feel the exact same way if I had just had sex with Zooey Deschanelsaslaalialchealanel.

Get ready to cry. A lot.

I think he completely forgot about anything in the Original movies by the time he got to work on II and III...


You mean the documentaries

you da real MVP

Because im an asshole

Its not a love story

And it also plays at 3 FPS!

Ironically you got the last name right, but misspelt his first name...

Pretty sure he started developing early onset Alzheimer's sometime in the late 80s.

I'd say Indiana Jones is at least as confident .

Pretty sure he's wearing it to poke fun at nerds like yourself.

It doesn't always have to be dickbutt. Dickbutt isn't the funny and "unexpected" image anymore, because we expect dickbutt. In fact, dickbutt is so overused, people like you actually have to comment because they're surprised and hurt when it isn't dickbutt.

By Grabthar's hammer... what a savings.

Look at his clothes. That's Han Solo.

It just means he also shot last.

I meant having the wink would be an improvement, which as we all know is not characteristic of the special editions...

Look at his clothes. That's Han Solo.