There's always that one guy...

Please just eat me, end my suffering

It really wanted that window seat in the oven.

:) Please don't eat me

:) We love you

:| Just end it

:) Yeah, just eat that guy

that could be a fucked up holocaust joke.

edit: I guess every holocaust joke is a fucked up one...

Oh wow, I didn't know my old roommate was a fried patato. That explains his saltiness.

Hey I'm Grump.

Except the ash tray ones.

EDIT: Turns out those are fucked up as well.

Holy shit I loved these as a kid!!!!

But then they stopped selling them in Straya andI have t had one since. I mean you could make them yourself but like, it's not the same.

Well there's the shower ones, so there's that.

EDIT: Actually, you can add those to the fucked up list as as well

I’m Not-So-Gruuump

I made this :)

That’s gonna stay blue

aaaaand we're the Game Grumps!

The ones about mass graves are hilarious.

EDIT: Nevermind. Those are also fucked-up.

You made this? I made this. :)


Well, there’s also the chimneys!

EDIT: Those are also fucked up, just slightly less so

What about the trains?

EDIT: No, wait. Those too are fucked up.

Looks like someone has a case of the Mondays


We can tell jokes that have nothing to do with the Holocaust!

EDIT: OK a lot of jokes are fucked up.

We would get them from the school canteen and they somehow tasted even better! I was so sad when they stopped selling them and every few months I’d check every stores freezers just in case. All I want is to stuff some eye holes with peas and eat them again :(

Save on washing up by using parchment paper on your baking tray, or a silicone baking mat.

In Soviet Russia, pussy eats YOU!

Wanna hear a joke? My life.

EDIT: Eh, that was still slightly sad, but not to the degree of the previous posts.

It kind of looks like this :P

When I was at school, these were 5p each. So a quid would get you 19 and a ladle of gravy. Good times.

I don't know where this is going, but I like it.

EDIT: I'm pretty fucked up.

Did he happen to play League?

p = abbreviation for pence, the British equivalent of cents (100 pence in a pound)

quid = slang term for pound, much like "buck" is slang for "dollar"

This feels like a language barrier


What about the difference between a boy scout and a Jewish person? A boy scout comes back from camp.

EDIT: Starting to think these aren't getting better...

I'm sorry for your loss. They still sell them here in the UK and they just brought back turkey dinosaurs. As a 34 year old I can honestly say it's one of my fave meals to make. If I could send them to you without customs intercepting I totally would. Everyone deserves smilies.

This looks very interesting. What is this?

We made this.

I bet you that someone will made this post a reference in the grumps sub

No, that would be /sub/unbirth. Vore is, uh, strictly oral.

... I really hate that I know this distinction.

Nice meme

The other sheep lay smiling deliriously around me wearing that false grin not conjured of reason but adorned in empty hopes. Their ignorance is their bliss.

Can they not see?

The cunning machinations of man have so twisted their reality that they go gaily into their crumbly fate!

Not I. I’ll not wear the accoutrements that other men devise. I’ll not ignore the simple truth to seek the blind embrace of manufactured placidity.


You may tear my soul from its sugary vessel but you’ll never have the satisfaction of my acquiescence! Have at me you devil! Have at me!

They still sell them in the UK! I am totally an adult and I totally don't buy these for myself...

No-one likes doing the washing up.

They didn't just take his shins. They took the rest of his body too!


what's vore so i don't have to click

Don't make Holocaust jokes!

My grandfather fell from a guard tower. It was tragic!

EDIT: perspective jokes are also terrible.

I found them Friday night when I was grocery shopping! Sadly they didn’t have the cheddar ones but I bought myself 2 bags ! Felt like I was reliving my childhood!

Well I would actually call it greaseproof paper or baking paper, but I was catering to Americans.

But you still have to grease foil for most things, as they will stick. Unlikely these would as they get oily, but you can't bake cookies on foil and expect them to come off.

Someone has the case of the Mondays!

Me on an average day.

My understanding of Top Gear and Grand Tour have just increased significantly.

My primary school somehow made them in water. It was terrible :(

I believe you could get your ass beat for saying something like that.

That's the one that took the red pill.

Well I'd be grumpy too if I had some of me breaking up at the sides.

Moebius Syndrome