there is no stopping this prankster

there is no stopping this prankster

thank god I don't live in California or Delhi

Absolutely polite. Arrest this madlad.

You will be contacted by the Tagpro police department.


The most mad thing about this picture is how many notifications you got!! Close out some mang

Don't freak out it's just a prank

This Reddit Police your pun is too mad for lads under IPC 69

I will be harassed for harassment? What kind of justice system is this!

Ever have someone show you something on their phone and you see that every app is running and they don't know how to close them.

It's 2 steps, same with notifications but it evades some people.



Eye for an eye, criminal scum


Its ok dont freak out I was trying to prank.


On my phone at least, closing them actually uses more resources than having them open. Unless they are actively doing something, they won't be draining any battery in the background. Closing them forces them to start from scratch again which is more intensive than returning from "sleep".

I still close them all just cause I only like to have the last one or two that I'm actively using in my recents screen to swap easily.

Hide your women! Hide your children! NOWHERE is safe until the jokester is apprehended!


Not at all- still spreading this nonsense. modern phone operating systems handle memory extremely efficiently. They'll swap things in and out as needed- unused memory is wasted memory.

Nope, that's untrue. Actually, the phone runs on magic

Fuck u cop

Good thing I don't live in California or Delhi nor play Tagpro.

Actually, this is untrue. Today's programming technology still relies on low-bandwidth punch cards, but they are just very, very small and located within the processor.

Joke's on OP, there's a town called Delhi in California

by the California branch of the Delhi police, no less


Its ok dont freak out i was trying to prank


You will be contacted by the Reddit police department.

Reposting from /sub/indianpeoplefacebook? You madlad.

Edit: Here's the original post.

Don't freak out it's just prank

Its ok dont freak out i was trying to prank


the /sub/tagpro mods are total pricks

You prankster! Reminds me of this:

You prankster! Reminds me of this:

We did it reddit!

Cannot hide from Delhi police.

Dont freak out its prank


No, he's not. That's been the case for every android phone for a while, same with iPhone.

I like how polite he is to reassure the guy twice that it's just a prank.

There actually is a Delhi in California but its pronounced dell-high Delhi, CA 95315

It's just a prank he was only having funwaa


Battery usage is one thing, but having all those applications open must be awfully hard on the phone's memory.

Its ok don’t freak out I was trying to prank

Hello this is Dinesh from IT department. I hear you need to get to Delhi. Happy to assist. What? No, I am the supervisor. What is your taxi number?



This should become the next big copypasta.

EDIT: I guess it already is, at least in the comments of this post.



Don't "close" apps on your phone... Why are people upvoting this? The only apps you should worry about closing are things like Waze that use your GPS in the background- and these will have a persistent notification to let you know they're running.

the absurdity of the content seemed to do it just fine

Its 0 steps to leave apps open. Closing apps only has negative (small but they are there) effects.


You're under harassed, put your hands where I can see them

'You have been harrased for pornographic content' and so I have to go to jail ? Legit madlad.

On a fresh install of Android 7.0 you'll get notifications throughout the first couple of days that "x # of apps have been optimized". The phone is regulating the resource allocation based on your usage.

Here's an article on Verizon's website:

And here's a quick screenshot explaining the idea from within the battery tab of my phone's settings:

Have a good day!

So press "clear"

unused RAM is wasted RAM. on ios and Android the OS will close Apps when they need to be closed for the memory to be used.

Online 4v4 capture the flag game

Stolen from /sub/indianpeoplefacebook , you mad lad.

i too have difficulty with these "jokes"

It’s okay don’t freak out I was trying to prank

I was looking for this, I used to live there haha


The fuck is tagpro?



It's that new scroll screencap thing that most flagships have nowadays.

clear your notifications