There are no words...

There are no words...

Well, technically it's not wrong.

Hijacking top comment for the sake of my poor inbox.

It's not my rig, I didn't choose AVG, but thank you for the suggestions.

I have no idea why AVG flagged itself; my SO will be home soon and he's the IT graduate, it's his rig, and he's going to fix it. Until then I don't know if it's a virus or if AVG is having some kind of existential crisis.

Why is Spotify running antivirus checkups?

Funny, but why wouldn't a virus disguise itself as an anti virus program?

Where I work, before I was hired, they put AVG free on every computer they sold (we sell industrial machines with a computer for visualization and control attached to a PLC).

Well, I've only seen it fire up for one file, and that was the avg setup file. Needless to say that it only caused problems and I'm now actively uninstalling it everyone I can.

Uh, have you heard some of the shit kids call music these days?? It's very harmful!

I've seen multiple occurrences of exactly that. In fact, it was AVG that the virus disguised itself as. It wasn't just a temporary disguise meant to trick the user into executing the exe, but it completely replaced AVG with a mutated imitation. So, then you had what looked to be AVG telling you that you were infected and that you needed to call the number for support.

Or, may be AVG really is just a virus.

"What you need is the centurion package. That's where we delete all the software we installed and you never hear from us again".

Avgsetupx... The x on the end makes me suspicious.

The best antivirus software is keeping your OS up to date and not opening email attachments or going to untrusted websites. Edit: as said below an AD blocker is important aswell. Ublock origin or such for chrome.

IT Graduate.. Using AVG? Uhh.... that's interesting.

Understandable, but it's definitely a legit AVG file. It's been nearly 3 hours since it happened and I still can't even.

IT guy here. I would rather have the virus than AVG.

There is no "the best" but people make fun of AVG because AVG at one point WAS the best, but they now spam you as much and are as intrusive as the spyware they're supposed to protect you from.

Avg is fucking shit. Eset is the best

Good Guy AVG saving you from itself.

Beat me to it

So what's the top tier antivirus software? Everytime I see someone post "the best" someone else comes along and makes fun of it.

I use Malwarebytes, but I've heard thats supposed to be used in addition to something else.

cough cough lil pump cough cough Kodak Black

In order to see a virus, one must first be a virus.

Haha saw this episode yesterday.

Intellilink engineer: (rips out computers) "Here's a clipboard to sign up for appointments. Thank you for choosing Intellilink!" (shoots self in head)

Schrodinger's Malware

NOD32 is excellent.

Or it's the worst.

Not one virus found. Yet.

Windows defender is actually pretty good for free basic protection

And leave the computer off

AVG drives me nuts trying to block everything, but the rig it's on is my SO's baby so he gets to make the decisions :/

Came here to read this.

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Idk why I came here

I always just see people shitting on AV and never recommending one that works.

AVG is like, the only antivirus that will actually fuck off when you ask it to.

I still have remnants of McAfee on my computer and I had to practically fry it off.

I like malwarebytes

It's the perfect crime.

I know a quick fix for this:

Uninstall AVG

Dont trust anybody, not even yourself

Came here to say this

They all work, sort of. Behavior is the most important thing. However, look at the track record of AV software on the following site and make your own determination:

Personally, I use Bitdefender. I would have purchased Avira if it wasn't so expensive.

Also, avoid 'Suites'. Just get AV.

Good luck with that shit.

And only use plain text emails.

Yup, I had AVG for 2 or 3 years, it got uninstalled last month for that reason. I run BD on my laptop, and my gaming rig that I only, well, game on has nothing but Windows defender.

That's all you really need. Most, if not all, third party security software just creates a bottleneck which slows down your computer. Just don't download shady shit and you should be good.

Does this qualify as a software auto-immune disorder ?

What alternatives do you suggest? I just have the default Windows Defender

EDIT: So after a hour or so, I got a couple of suggestions for pretty much every software I've heard of before. So perhaps there's more of a personal choice in this matter than of a technical nature.

BitDefender is cheap and the best. Really low cpu usage, and awesome anti-ransomeware features.

Idk why I came...

I thought that looked familiar

Personally I've found that securing your browser, keeping Windows up to date, and using some common sense are a lot more effective than any resource-hogging antivirus solution. Use uBlock Origin and HTTPS Everywhere. Don't click on shady links. Delete your cookies often (multiple times a day if you can). Always keep Java & Flash up to date (or remove them completely). That's really all it takes to stay virus-free.

I came too fast.

Honestly I don't see much reason for paying for anti-viruses. As long as you don't do anything stupid: visit dodgy websites, open dodgy emails et cetra then you won't have any problem with Windows Defender and other native programs and MalwareBytes.

Good mention about only getting av and not the suites

Do you really not want to install WebShield, EmailShield, BluetoothShield, DiskShield, MemoryShield, Dexterity+2Shield, DesktopShield, WindowsShield, and CommandLineShield? The SearchShield will also replace your default search engine with helpful ads!

Sounds like a honeypot minus the networking aspect

South Park

Makes me think of this.

To be fair, printer drivers are actively hostile.

My personal favorite example of antivirus acting as adware/spyware was when I had avast installed on my machine and it would pop up about their premium private VPN service... but only when I went to a porn site.

Yeah, that's an uninstall.

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Hmm, McAfee the herpes of the antivirus world. You think you get rid of it, until you look closely at your services and realize you're already having another outbreak.

Slows down your computer a lot, or at least that's the problem I had. Also getting rid of it can prove to be difficult for some.

"... your humble spymaster, Roger A. Muirebe."

Personally, I think Kaspersky used with Malwarebytes is the best (reasonable) protection an average user can have. I could be wrong. But after how Norton fucked up last year with business customers, nope.

AVG is also the only one I've found to be actively hostile to printer drivers.

In fact just leave it unplugged

I have Avg, I don't know much about viruses/antiviruses and just picked one of the top ones that came up when I searched "free antivirus". Mind explaining why avg sucks or whatever


Ever since then, I have only streamed my porn.

inb4 someone recommends MSE/Defender.

Bitdefender is what I use personally.

"You don't need an antivirus, all you need is:

An antivirus"

I've used Malwarebytes for 5 years on the PC I built. I have never had any problems with Malwarebytes.

Controlled detonation in a remote area.

Sorry about the confusion:

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Free antivirus? Nice try, Russia.

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Ad-services also play a part in infecting computers. However, ad-agencies are doing a much better job than they have in the past.

An ad-blocker with a self managed white-list is a good extension to have in any browser. Chances are if a web domain is untrustworthy, the ad-service they use will be as well.

I mean, malwarebytesfree is antivirus software. That's pretty much all any antivirus does is scan incoming and outgoing files and present files on your system. Anything that says it does more than that is just trying to make a sale.

Isn't that hurting it?