TheBlaze fires 20% of staff, winning.

TheBlaze fires 20% of staff, winning.

I wonder if he was one of the media members that Fusion GPS paid off....

He used to be heavy on the drugs and alcohol

Then he went heavy on religion and piety

I hear he’s going to give the booze another try

He made a good choice

I can't bash him, he taught me so much about soros, deep state, connections between valerie jarret and Government in general while he was on fox. I left him when he left Trump, really sad but there is a tape of him saying he had BIG announcement coming, way pre-pizzagate. Next day no announcement & Beck began meltdown. I think he was threatened big time, or his kids.

Trump Curse?

Back in 2004-2006ish between the booze and religion, he was actually fun to listen to.

I unfollowed his bitch ass on facebook after the election. Glenn Beck was something special 6-10 years ago, working with Project Veritas, helping expose ACORN, and calling out Soros regularly on live tv. He was involved with a large number of happenings.

Trump is doing all the things Glenn Beck of the past would cheer about, but now he's the epitome of a cuck. Sad he lost his damn mind.

Good fuck this cuck. He doesn't get enough shit here, although it might just be because he's completely irrelevant. Have an upvote, 'pede.

No, his pupper masters called him in. Makes you wonder what dirt they have on him

he's had a curse long before trumps curse

This guy used to be a bone fide government watchdog, but ever since he got a taste of celebrity (meeting with Zuck, and later, Handler), he has been the most wishy-washy, have-my-cake-and-eat-it-too, I-just-want-people-to-like-me asshole. Your 'principles' don't mean shit to the people who are getting fucked by their ineffectiveness.

He did, he uncovered everything that we see laid before us today. He was amazing, but now he's a nut. Not sure what happened to him. But I have to give him credit. Edit: Actually, I think the left found something on him from his dark past, maybe they blackmailed him?

Wait... This guy is still alive? I thought he committed suicide after the election.

Vivid memory for me was watching him and his stupid hat, caucusing for Cruz. Trump walks in the room and EVERYONE scatters away. He meekly ended his little speech and walked away like a bitch.

It’s a shame too; the Blaze was a great concept, but shitty execution.

I listened every day at that point. He just slowly turned into some kinda narcissistic guru charlatan. A mystic predictor that believes his own shit opinions come from god and thus could never be wrong. Sheltered by walls of money and yes men he totally lost control of his emotions. He will drive his entire ship into the ground and all the people around him out of work and conspire with enemies of freedom before he ever considers he might have become utterly self absorbed, delusional and totally full of shit. Sad.

All he did was rip off all of Alex Jones's research, but white wash it.

Meth and hookers. Allegedly.

Remember, he was on msnbc.

Glenn Beck is the worst. "Moral and ethical"?? What about when he he called his radio competitor on air to mock him about his wife having a miscarriage? Guy's the definition of a parasite, playing conservative at the height of the tea party movement, and now playing crying whiny baby boy trying to get liberals on his side. It's truly insane how this dickhead is relevant

moral, ethical choice

“Bill!!! He’s up to something! No one in the Democrat Party even thinks that about me”


He started getting new agey and behaved as if he's in a cult -- and I'm not talking Mormon because most of them are based.

Glenn beck is fucking cancer. My old boss used to listen to this moron drone on for hours hated his bull shit doom and gloom then and still do today.

Glenn beck is a lot like Alex Jones...if Alex Jones didn't know shit about what he's talking about and also took 2 cocks in the ass and one in the mouth during each of his broadcasts

Glenn Beck is a cunt.

I actually forgot about him. Hmmm.

F Beck

I've always been of the opinion that people who wear scarves like are Hillary voters.

He was great, but he has some sort of neurological disease that has turned him into a klinefelter syndrome douche sandwitch. I really think his has brain damage that has made him start to lean left. Poor fellah.

Glenn is an establishment whore. I occasionally listen to his show every now and then because I find his hypocrisy entertaining. Last week when Flynn's deal was made, he said that Trump was done because either Flynn would flip on him or Trump would resign because he'd get sick of seeing Mueller take all of his confidants down. Then they all laughed.

Glenn will be back on the bottle by this time next year. Sad!